Pet-Spotting: Chicken on a Leash Takes a Walk in Central Park

We have seen a horse at Starbucks and a parrot perched on a table at Pier I Cafe. But a few days ago, a new animal strutted into view — Sammi the Chicken, being led around on a leash by his owner Dave.

“Dave said that Sammi is well traveled and enjoys sightseeing,” Lisa Kava wrote. “They are visiting NYC from Florida. I asked him why a pet chicken. ‘I had a dog who passed away at 17 and I wasn’t ready for another dog. I’m not a cat person so I figured why not a chicken.'”

Sammi has an Instagram account of course.

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Grand Central Station is quite beautiful. I feel it needs extra protection that only I can provide.➡️ Therefore I have enlisted as the newest member of the @nypd finding and eradicating the tasty creatures that hide in the shadows.➡️I take my job very serious Dave. No time for pictures. . . . #grandcentralstation #grandcentral #nypd #counterterrorism #newyorkcity #nyc #chickenofthesea #beachchicken #sammichicken #chicken #todayfanphoto #peoplepets #thedodo #ladbible #9gag #unilad #weeklyfluff #dailyfluff #9gagcute #picoftheday #iamatraveler #chickensofig #chickensofinstagram #igdailypic

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    1. Judy Bonkers says:

      Pretty fine for a chicken to be in a park, just keep them off my flights!

    2. LL says:

      Sammi is very cute and a much needed addition to the NYPD

    3. Lord Of The Slice says:

      If you own a chicken in NYC and didn’t name him “Little Jerry,” or “Little Yerry” you should not own a chicken in NYC.

    4. R&B Girl says:

      Oh, the new Sam & Dave duo! Hold on, I’m comin’!

    5. She writes says:

      Am I the only one who thought this was going to be a picture of Toby Burch’s recently-found pupper?