37-Year-Old Shot Dead on 107th Street; Corrections Officer Charged With Murder (Updated)

A 37-year-old man was shot and killed on 107th Street and Manhattan Avenue on Wednesday night, and a corrections officer was charged with the mu … Read the rest of this entry >>

Burglary Spree Hits the West 80s; Police Searching for Team of Four Who Travel On Rooftops

A rash of burglaries has spread through one section of the neighborhood in recent days, and police sent out images of people wanted in connection with the crime s … Read the rest of this entry >>

Famous “Virginia,” as in “Yes, Virginia, There is a Santa Claus” was an Upper West Side Girl

This neighborhood never ceases to amaze. It turns out that “Virginia,” as in, “Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Clau … Read the rest of this entry >>

New Restaurants: Sapphire Indian, Two Wheels Vietnamese, and Gyu-Kaku Japanese Barbeque

Indian, Vietnamese and Japanese restaurant openings should get your mouth wate … Read the rest of this entry >>

An Upper West Side Toy Store-y That Will Warm Your Heart (And Maybe Get You Offline!)

Hanukkah is here and so is Christmas. If you need a present or simply a pick- … Read the rest of this entry >>

Walking Back Calls to ‘End Free Parking’, Community Board Committee Now Wants City to First Study Curbside Use

Parking rules on the Upper West Side have inspired some of the most intense debates in the neighborhood over the past couple of months -- and now a local comm … Read the rest of this entry >>

Some 24/7 Pharmacies and Grocery Stores Start Closing at Midnight; But Why?

The Upper West Side is experiencing an epidemic of empty storefronts. But in the past year, a new trend has emerged: essential hubs like pharmacies and supermarkets are cutting back on h … Read the rest of this entry >>

A Guide to Upper West Side Holiday Craft Fairs and Markets

Holiday craft fairs are happening now and for the next few weeks from one end of the neighborhood to the o … Read the rest of this entry >>

Rash of Break-Ins Hit Cars Parked in the 80’s and 90’s

Several cars had their windows smashed in recent days in the neighborhood, with readers pointing out break-ins in the West 80s and … Read the rest of this entry >>

Community Board Split on ‘End Free Parking’ Resolution at Heated Meeting; Debate Will Continue

A proposed Community Board 7 resolution requesting a city study on curbside usage was sent back to the Transportation Committee during the December full board mee … Read the rest of this entry >>

Affordable Housing Lottery Opens on West End Avenue for People Making as Much as $124,930

A housing lottery just opened for spots on the waiting list to live at 75 West End Avenue, a luxury rental building at 63rd Street. The housing lo … Read the rest of this entry >>

Thursday: Meeting to ‘Save Our Stores’ on the UWS

A grassroots group called UWS Save Our Stores is holding its first Town Hall Meeting on Thursday and local politicians will explain their plans to … Read the rest of this entry >>

If You’re Tasting ‘Mildew’ In the Tap Water, It’s Not Just You

Anecdotal reports from local residents about a "mildew" taste in their tap water turn out to be relatively widespread in the city right … Read the rest of this entry >>

Two Iconic Upper West Side Holiday Decorations Are Up

It may not be Thanksgiving yet, but holiday decorations are popping up in the neighbor … Read the rest of this entry >>

UWS Encounters: A Found Phone and an MTA Miracle

In the early years of the 21st century, cell phones were rarely password protec … Read the rest of this entry >>

‘Creatives’ Have Fled the Upper West Side, Report Shows

A new report from Comptroller Scott Stringer confirms what many Upper West Siders may already suspect: many people in creative professions have left the neighbor … Read the rest of this entry >>

Steam Pipe Leak Sends Vapor High Into the Air, Impacts Dozens

A faulty steam pipe at 82nd Street and Central Park West shot vapor high into the air late on Sunday night, bringing a large emergency resp … Read the rest of this entry >>

Restaurant Updates: Hotel Belleclaire Adding a Bar, The Wing Takes Flight, Ramen & Sushi Coming

A women-focused club spread its wings, a historic hotel ended its prohibition, and a new fusion restaurant stepped in after the chicken crossed the … Read the rest of this entry >>

Openings & Closings: Calle Ocho, Madewell, Sapphire, Eyelash Studio

Latin food and new clothes are on the … Read the rest of this entry >>

Halloween Events on the Upper West Side: Dracula, Kids Stuff, Funny Dogs, and a Drag Show

There are lots of events in the neighborhood this year for people and animals of all ages, so get dressed up and out of the h … Read the rest of this entry >>