West Side Rag Is Looking For Writers

Fun fact: Founding father Benjamin Rush wrote for the Rag in the 18th century, back when it was literally printed on rags and mostly covered farming techniques. Painting by Charles Wilson Peale.

There are so many intriguing stories on the Upper West Side right now, and too few people to write them. So we’re looking for writers. We can assign the stories, or you can pitch us. Some stories involve attending and reporting on meetings — those may take just a couple of hours. Others involve a little more legwork.

Importantly, West Side Rag pays for stories, and we’ve worked with people who have varying levels of experience. If you’re interested, email westsiderag at gmail dot com with the subject line “I’d like to write for the Rag!”

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    1. Molly Connelly says:

      I’d like to write for the Rag!

    2. Shy Yellin says:

      Speaking about WS stories… I am the president of The Carlebach Shul, off West End Ave. With many of our members and leadership out with Covid symptoms, this past Saturday, we were struggling for a quorum (minyan) of 10 men for our afternoon service. Around 4:30 I saw our honorable Congressman, Jerrold Nadler walking down West End and asked him if he would like to help complete the quorum. Without missing a beat, he said yes and spent the next hour with us! It is rare that you have a civil servant so willing to pitch in without alternative motives. A real mensch. Thank you Congressman!

    3. Dudley D says:

      If you make your inquiry/pitch here, you’ve already failed to make the grade. The instructions for applying are clearly detailed above.

      What I appreciate about the Rag is its professionalism. Though written by locals, it’s obsessed over by pros who care about getting facts right. Thank you!

      • Robin says:

        Dudley D, That comment was a bit mean. For shame. No way to treat a fellow UWSer.

        • Andrea says:

          Gotta say, I’m with Dudley D on this one. When a Help Wanted ad gives specific instructions for applying, best practice if you actually want the job is to follow those instructions.

        • terry says:

          Dudley is right!

      • Bronx Boy says:

        “Though written by locals, it’s obsessed over by pros who care about getting facts right.”

        Bit of a non-sequitur there. Upper West Siders and professional journalists are not mutually exclusive categories.

    4. Kathleen says:

      Jerry Nadler joining in is no surprise. He’s an honorable, respectful guy. And he works
      hard for us every day of the year.

    5. Tipping Point says:

      It’s fascinating to learn about the role that Benjamin Rush played in the storied history of the Rag. I had read about Rush’s conflict with George Washington and resignation as Surgeon General, but never knew the Rag connection. Great stuff!

    6. Sam Katz says:

      I’d like to take over the farming beat. No — I’m just kidding. However, someone really should cover the farmers’ markets.

    7. NewYorkerUWS says:

      West Side Rag is a great community resource!

    8. Ellen Pall says:

      HI, are you interested in a one-off, maybe an essay about vanished businesses on the UWS? I’m a novelist, many books, and wrote about culture for the NYTimes for 10 years. And a big fan of the Rag. I’d love to do this.