Photo of the Day: Has Anyone Seen This Pigeon?

A sign taped to the fence outside of Spector Playground inside Central Park at 86th Street features Yudy, a two-year-old pigeon that has apparently been "missing" … Read the rest of this entry >>

Saturday: Free Roller Skating in the World’s Largest Cathedral

The Cathedral of St. John the Divine is building a temporary roller-skating rink in the nave of the cathedral to host a roller-skating party on Sat … Read the rest of this entry >>

Sunday Rush at Both Trader Joe’s Locations is Enormous; ‘Are We Selling Crack?’ Asks Employee

Trader Joe's has always drawn large crowds, but the lines on the first Sunday of 2019 showed just how badly Upper West Siders need their … Read the rest of this entry >>

Squirrel Answers Age-Old Question: How Does a Rodent Eat an Oreo Cookie?

A squirrel outside the Cathedral of St. John the Divine binged Thursday on one of the great human inventions: an Oreo co … Read the rest of this entry >>

The New King of Late-Night Drops into UWS Comedy Clubs, Cracks an Anne Hathaway Joke

John Oliver made a surprise appearance at the Westside Comedy Club on 75th Street on Saturday night, slipping in before the openin … Read the rest of this entry >>

Hawk Rescued from Central Park Reservoir After Having ‘Too Much to Eat’ and Given ‘Rigorous Blow-Dry’

A hawk that appears to have eaten too much on Christmas Eve ended up in the Central Park Reservoir, where he was fished out by police and taken to a bird rescue organiza … Read the rest of this entry >>

Top Stories of 2018: A Shuttered Cinema, Sick Raccoons, and a $10,000 Surprise

It seems like 2018 is just getting started, yet suddenly we’re making plans for New Year’s Eve! On the other h … Read the rest of this entry >>

A ‘Mrs Maisel’ Star Likes to Hang at UWS Hardware Store

Tony Shalhoub, who plays Mrs. Maisel's father in the hit Amazon show The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, is a longtime Upper West Sider. And like many locals, he … Read the rest of this entry >>

Westside Walker: Fido Rains on the Holiday Spirit

“Excuse me sir!” Nothing shocks you back to reality quite like a stranger shouting those three words at you, but, hey, maybe he’s got good … Read the rest of this entry >>

The Bird Bulletin: Giving Thanks for the Mandarin Duck and My Fellow Birders

On October 10, 2018, I heard the first reports of an exotic duck in my backyard thanks to a tweet from Manhattan Bird A … Read the rest of this entry >>

Embracing the Madness of Thanksgiving Eve, for a Moment at Least

I was trying to walk my dog, fighting a torrent of tourists who had come to my block to view the inflation of the Thanksgiving Day parade bal … Read the rest of this entry >>

UWS Mystery: Who is the Ice Cream Tagger of Columbus Avenue?

Someone has been spray-painting a ice-cream-looking shape on buildings throughout Columbus Avenue in recent days. What's the deal? … Read the rest of this entry >>

Funniest Costumes: Fake Domino’s and the Seven Ginsburgs

Upper West Siders went big for Halloween this year, and two costumes we saw were particularly … Read the rest of this entry >>

Uh-Oh, Part of the Upper West Side is a Now a ‘Top-Trending’ Millennial Destination

Millennials have long shunned the Upper West Side because it's both un-hip and too expensive. But that may be changing, according to … Read the rest of this entry >>

Raccoon ‘Suspect’ Was Napping When Officers Approached; Critter Allowed to Remain Wild Following Police Surveillance

After a raccoon was accused (falsely, it seems!) of attacking humans on Columbus Avenue between 71st and 72nd Street around brunch time on Sunday, we had many quest … Read the rest of this entry >>

Counterpoint: Alleged ‘Attacker’ Raccoon Was Peaceful Even as Humans Freaked Out Unnecessarily

I left my apartment around 9 a.m. to procure a bagel at Muffins Cafe on Columbus Ave between 70th and 71st Streets. Upon exiting the premises of the … Read the rest of this entry >>

Cynthia Nixon’s Order at Zabar’s is the Talk of the Town; Cinnamon Raisin with What?!?

Cynthia Nixon is hoping New Yorkers are looking for someone with new ideas to come in and change the corruption and stagnation in Albany. Bu … Read the rest of this entry >>

Don’t Call 911 If You See Nude People Being Painted on Saturday, Says NYPD

The NYPD has an important message for people who may be upset at seeing nude bodies while they are simply trying to walk to the bus … Read the rest of this entry >>

Comedy Gone Wild on the UWS: Roseanne Sings Hava Nagilah, Seinfeld Goes Clubbing

The Upper West Side has a few comedy clubs, but it's never quite been the center of the New York scene. On Tuesday night, though, local … Read the rest of this entry >>

Mannequins Want Tips for Promoting Unrealistic Body Shapes

It's tough to make a living these days, even if you're a piece of plastic trying to dangle clothes effortlessly off of your extremely skinny … Read the rest of this entry >>