City Invests $348 Million to Rehabilitate Riverside Park’s Flood-Weakened Core

Riverside Park is getting a $348 million investment from the city to shore up its infrastru … Read the rest of this entry >>

Look Who’s Baaaaa-ck

The Riverside Park Conservancy says it will be making an announcement on Thursday, and the announcement of the announc … Read the rest of this entry >>

Sculptures and Other Installations Coming to Riverside Park Starting June 5th

Beginning on June 5th, the Riverside Park Conservancy will host a summer-long event celebrating its 35th annive … Read the rest of this entry >>

Photo of the Day: Lost Winter-Wear Waves Hello and Tips Its Cap in Riverside Park

Jane Margolis sent the collage above of lost gloves -- and three lonely hats -- she has seen this year in Riverside … Read the rest of this entry >>

Cherry Walk in Riverside Park Reopens After Extended Closure

The Cherry Walk section of Riverside Park from 100th to 125th Street has reopened after being closed since late September. The area had … Read the rest of this entry >>

‘Done’ Graffiti Sprayed Throughout Riverside Park, Even on a Tree

Graffiti scrawls of “Done” and “Done with Life” have increasingly appeared in Riverside Park over the past few … Read the rest of this entry >>

Saturday: Join the Riverside Park ‘Leaf Lift’

Do you envy those suburban people with their big piles of leaves in the yard? This weekend, you can emulate them, raking the leaves in Riverside Pa … Read the rest of this entry >>

Reconstructed Section of Riverside Park Opens With Playground, New Entrance and Other Amenities

A section of Riverside Park that had been closed for restoration for years reopened on Thursday. Riverside Park South from West 65th to 68th Streets inc … Read the rest of this entry >>

Riverside Park Detours Cyclists on Another Section

Construction in Riverside Park has caused a new detour for bicyclists, forcing them to ride on the path right next to the Hudson River instead of … Read the rest of this entry >>

Dog Run in Riverside Park at 72nd Street Closed for Six Months for ‘Reconstruction’ to the Dismay of Some Pet-Lovers

Once again, a lack of communication by the city has caused a kerfuffle on the Upper West Side. Recently, the Riverside Park Conservancy anno … Read the rest of this entry >>

Sports Leagues and Parents Push Back after City Says Field Access Will be First-Come First-Served

A new city policy about reserving fields in public parks threatens the ability of local sports leagues to play this fall … Read the rest of this entry >>

Riverside Park Opens New Basketball Courts and Bathrooms

Riverside Park has completed work on a new basketball in the park at 102nd Street, alongside a field house with new bathrooms … Read the rest of this entry >>

With City Budget Cuts Looming, Riverside Park Conservancy ‘Will Do Our Very Best to Fill in the Cracks,’ Director Says

New York City faces a $9 billion dollar loss in tax revenue this year, which will result in massive cuts to city services in fiscal year 2021 when the … Read the rest of this entry >>

Riverside Park Free Summer Activities Going Virtual: Yoga, Pilates and Even Shakespeare Workouts

Summer on the Hudson, Riverside Park's signature festival of free outdoor fitness, kids and art events, will become Summer in Your Living … Read the rest of this entry >>

Tree Falls On a Group of People in Riverside Park, Causing Multiple Injuries

A tree fell in Riverside Park around 92nd Street on Wednesday around 6 p.m., hitting at least three people and causing serious injuries, according to two witnesses and the … Read the rest of this entry >>

Deer Reported Running Through Riverside Park Before Being Hit on the Highway

West Side Rag reader Jeff Cohen was walking his dog in Riverside Park before 8 a.m. on Wednesday when he said he saw something surprising -- a … Read the rest of this entry >>

Pier i Reopens for Takeout, A (Restrained) Sign of Spring

Pier I, the cafe in Riverside Park around 70th Street that's always bustling in the summer and spring, has reopened, but without the large gatherings … Read the rest of this entry >>

Community Board 7 Approves Skate Park Naming After Local Skateboarding Pioneer Andy Kessler

Community Board 7, elected officials, and the skating community came together to support the naming of a renovated skate park in Riverside Park after beloved skateboarder Andy Kes … Read the rest of this entry >>

At ‘The People’s Garden’ There is Splendor in Every Season

Riverside Garden in the park at 91st Street, may appear dreary but a closeup look reveals some intriguing transitions to spring. Some yellow aconites are po … Read the rest of this entry >>

CB7 Pushes Back On Plans To Close Cherry Walk For Hurricane Sandy Repairs

Community Board 7 is pushing back on possible plans to temporarily close Cherry Walk, a section of Riverside Park and a major thoroughfare for cyclists along the Hudson River Gree … Read the rest of this entry >>