A Local Podcast Finds Its Voice in Troubled Times, and Will Pass the Mic to the Community

Forty years ago, Upper West Siders Rebecca McKean and Alan Winson became partners in marriage. One hundred episodes ago, they b … Read the rest of this entry >>

Community Board Debates How to Help Restaurants Handle Outdoor Dining and Stay Safe, But Comes to Few Conclusions

At the Community Board 7 Business and Consumer Issues Committee meeting on July 8, the committee discussed the current safety hazards posed to communities by resta … Read the rest of this entry >>

Budget Cuts Make Rangers an Endangered Species in City Parks

As calls to “defund the police” hit a fever pitch last month, the city’s Urban Park Rangers — unarmed peace officers who focus on education — suffered a far greater workforce cut than the … Read the rest of this entry >>

Hudson River Fish Die-Off Was Exacerbated by Climate Change, Scientist Says

It was hard to bear: the sight of hundreds, maybe, thousands, of dead fish floating in the Hudson River for the past week, an … Read the rest of this entry >>

Updated: Dog Runs Will Reopen ‘Sometime This Week’; Here’s Where to Find Them on the UWS

Some readers went to the 87th Street Dog Run in Riverside Park on Monday morning, June 6th — the start of Phase 3, when dog runs and … Read the rest of this entry >>

Hundreds of Fish Die in Hudson River, But It’s Not an Ominous Sign, State Agency Says

In the last week, large numbers of dead fish were seen floating in the Hudson River alongside the Upper West Side. On Wednesday, A … Read the rest of this entry >>

Video and Photos: Hail Storm Rat-a-Tat-Tats the Neighborhood, Knocks Down Trees

A hail storm on Monday a little after 6 p.m. was the latest shock to hit the … Read the rest of this entry >>

With City Budget Cuts Looming, Riverside Park Conservancy ‘Will Do Our Very Best to Fill in the Cracks,’ Director Says

New York City faces a $9 billion dollar loss in tax revenue this year, which will result in massive cuts to city services in fiscal year 2021 when the … Read the rest of this entry >>

With a Little Help From Her Friends, a Community Artist Crochets a ‘Yarn Bomb’ For a John Lennon Tree

There’s not much to smile about these days, but the John Lennon Tree on 79th Street between Amsterdam and Broadway brings smiles to a … Read the rest of this entry >>

One Set of UWS Tennis Courts Has Reopened, Before Others in the City

Tennis courts are expected to start opening next Monday, but one set of courts on the Upper West Side got a head start. The Riverside Clay Tennis Association, … Read the rest of this entry >>

A Big Day for Rainbows

Rainbows stretched across the city on Sunday night, and Upper West Siders got shots from some nice vantage po … Read the rest of this entry >>

Community Board Raises Alarm About Child and Youth Programs ‘Falling Through the Cracks’ of NYC’s 2021 Budget

Committee Co-chair Catherine DeLazzo kicked off Thursday's virtual Community Board 7 Health and Human Services meeting with a call to a … Read the rest of this entry >>

Video Shows Bombastic Size of Recent Fireworks

No, it's not quite the Macy's July 4 show, but the recent fireworks over the Upper West Side are pro-level stuff, and that may be why they're i … Read the rest of this entry >>

At Spot Where Bus Destroyed Bikes and Plants, a New Garden Grows

In January, a bus driver careened over the curb at 95th Street and Columbus Avenue and smashed a garden bed, a tree and a Citi Bike stat … Read the rest of this entry >>

City Debates How to Change Central Park’s Traffic Signals to Smooth the Flow of Pedestrians and Cyclists

With cars having been banned from Central Park, the traffic signals that were placed there to manage traffic make less sense -- and may be m … Read the rest of this entry >>

Community Board Calls on City Agencies to Enforce Dog Leash Rules, With a Special Well-Known Guest

The Community Board 7 (CB7) Parks & Environment Committee called on Central Park Police and the city Department of Parks & Recreation to add more resources for enforcing and educating park visitors about dog-related … Read the rest of this entry >>

Police Fence Off More Monuments as Daniel Webster Statue is Vandalized

Monuments throughout the neighborhood have been blocked off with metal barricades in recent days as some activists have called for them to be torn d … Read the rest of this entry >>

The Tension Between Birdwatchers and Dogwalkers Was Simmering Even Before the #AmyCooper Incident

On May 25, a video taken by Chris Cooper went viral. Chris Cooper, who is Black, was out birding in the Ramble, in Central Park. Amy Cooper, who is White, … Read the rest of this entry >>

On the Last Night of Curfew, the Curious and the Restless Convene; An 82-Year-Old Tends His Orphan Tree

We wanted to see how curfew-ignoring locals and the NYPD were doing after a tumultuous week and a wearying three months of Covid-19 isolation.  … Read the rest of this entry >>

Board Wants More Enforcement of Cyclists Breaking Central Park Traffic Rules

Tuesday’s community board meeting also hosted debate surrounding a resolution addressing pedestrian safety and cyclist and vehicle activity in Central … Read the rest of this entry >>