Stop Work Order Issued for 200 Amsterdam Avenue

On Wednesday afternoon, the Department of Buildings (DOB) slapped a “Stop Work Order” on the construction site at 200 Amsterdam A … Read the rest of this entry >>

Nature’s Bounty is Revealed on the Great Squirrel Hunt

The hunt for the great Sciurus carolinensis, otherwise known as the Eastern Gray squirrel, is in its final week in Central Park. The folks b … Read the rest of this entry >>

Videos: New Spooky-Amazing Light Show Over the Hudson River Starts Wednesday Night

A very unique show called "Tear of the Cloud" opens tonight. The show by experimental artist Tony Oursler uses projected light cast against the Hudson … Read the rest of this entry >>

How a Citizen Scientist Found a Rare ‘Pumpkin Ash’ Tree Growing in Central Park

Broadway, the spine of the Upper West Side, is the neighborhood’s hydrological divide: water on the west side flows toward the Hudson, … Read the rest of this entry >>

Squirrel-Spotters Wanted for Special Census in Central Park

The Eastern gray squirrel is an integral part of Central Park's ecosystem, but we know so little about these cute varm … Read the rest of this entry >>

October Events in Central Park Are The Hot Fall Ticket

Central Park in October is a land of enchantment celebrated in romantic comedies and advertisements for pumpkin-based food prod … Read the rest of this entry >>

UPDATE: Young, Homeless Man “Stephen” Who Died in Riverside Park Identified; Family Found by Local Journalist

His name was Neil Harris, Jr., 32. He loved animals, cooking, video games, horror movies and reggae music. He hated crowds and feared cha … Read the rest of this entry >>

Sickly Riverside Park Raccoon Tests Negative for Canine Distemper

A raccoon spotted stumbling around outside a playground in Riverside Park a couple of weeks ago has tested negative for canine diste … Read the rest of this entry >>

How the ‘Garden People’ of Riverside Park Grew a Community

It is always a joy and often a surprise to stumble upon a quiet place where nature abounds in the midst of New York City. Such is the 91st Street Community G … Read the rest of this entry >>

Sisyphus Stones Creator Pledges to Keep Building After ‘Taliban’-Like Destruction

Uliks Gryka, the artist who has been constructing stone sculptures by the Hudson River for the past year, posted a sign next to the … Read the rest of this entry >>

Councilman Wants to Evict Trump Organization from Central Park Attractions

Local City Council Member Mark Levine has been determined to get The Trump Organization out of Central Park ever since Donald … Read the rest of this entry >>

Creator of ‘Sisyphus Stones’ Says His Odyssey is Over

Uliks Gryka, the artist who has been building a series of stone sculptures along the edge of the Hudson River since last year, said he was sto … Read the rest of this entry >>

Distemper Deaths Among Central Park Raccoons Reach 149; Leash Advisory Remains in Effect

As of Wednesday, August 22nd, the Parks Department has “collected” 149 raccoons with canine distemper in Central Park, according to Kelly K … Read the rest of this entry >>

After an Official Warning, A Dog Longs for an Off-Leash Romp

“Why are you keeping me on the leash? Hey! Wake up! This is the spot where you always let me off. We avoided the maniac cyclists. We’re safe now. I’m not movin … Read the rest of this entry >>

Central Park Raccoon Distemper Deaths Climb; Did They Get it from Unvaccinated Dogs?

The number of raccoons found dead or dying of canine distemper in Central Park has risen to 69, up from 26 just two weeks … Read the rest of this entry >>

NYC Parks Celebrates “Pooper Scooper” Law Anniversary with 1,000 Canine Waste Bag Dispensers

It’s the 40th anniversary of NYC’s “Pooper Scooper” law, which mandates that New Yorkers pick up after their pups. To honor the glorious occasion, NYC … Read the rest of this entry >>

UWS Gets Flower Flashed With Huge Garbage Can Bouquet

A huge floral bouquet magically appeared Thursday morning, plunked into a trash can on the southwest corner of 73rd Street and West End Avenue, delighting passersby who wondered:  What? … Read the rest of this entry >>

Outdoor Movie Nights: Five Local Spots Showing Free Films in August

Put on the bug spray and bring a picnic! The Upper West Side has lots of outdoor movies showing this m … Read the rest of this entry >>

Photo of the Day: A Perfect Picnic Spot in Riverside Park, With Its Own Chandelier

A tree in Riverside Park has a fancy accoutrement: a chande … Read the rest of this entry >>

Veterinarian Raises Alarm By Saying Woman is ‘Stealing Dogs’ in Central Park

A local veterinarian's office sent out a notice to clients on Friday warning them that a woman is luring dogs away from their owners in Central Par … Read the rest of this entry >>