Photos: Demon Dogs, Ghouls and Frankensteins Haunt the Upper West Side

Upper West Siders don't mess around on Halloween, and this year the decorations have been particularly over-the-top. Check out a few of our favorites b … Read the rest of this entry >>

Pet-Spotting: Chicken on a Leash Takes a Walk in Central Park

We have seen a horse at Starbucks and a parrot perched on a table at Pier I Cafe. But a few days ago, a new animal strutted into view -- Sammi the Chicken, … Read the rest of this entry >>

How A Bountiful Garden Grew On the Upper West Side

Nestled between apartment buildings and in the middle of an ordinary city block lies a serene, colorful and momentary respite from the urban landscape of the … Read the rest of this entry >>

Midwestern Grain is Latest Random Upper West Side Plant

For some reason, the Upper West Side has been particularly fertile this year, growing melons, poisonous weeds and other delights. The latest flora to take … Read the rest of this entry >>

New Workout Area and Half-Court Junior Basketball Court Open; Community Can Vote on More Projects Like It

A new recreation and fitness area intended for tweens and younger adults opened in Riverside Park at 76th Street this week, and it’s just what the neighborhood ordered — liter … Read the rest of this entry >>

Missing Parakeet ‘Bluu’ Responds to Kissy Noises

A parakeet has gone missing from 97th and Amsterdam and its owners have been circulating a poster about how to coax it … Read the rest of this entry >>

Mystery Cantaloupes Growing In Parking Lot Between 2 Dumpsters; ‘Nice to Have NYC Kids Get to See Plants Growing.’

Cantaloupes are growing in a weedy parking lot behind 792 Park West Village on the side of the building facing West 100th St … Read the rest of this entry >>

Cat Stuck In Tree on 89th Street for Several Days, Evading Capture and Police; Dog May Be to Blame

A tuxedo cat has been stuck in a tree on 89th Street between Columbus and Amsterdam for at least three days -- and possibly … Read the rest of this entry >>

Verdi Square, Once Known for Rats, Now Has a ‘Meadow’ and New Benches

Verdi Square on Broadway between 72nd and 73rd Streets has been known for lots of things over the past few decades, from heroin to rats. But a comm … Read the rest of this entry >>

59-Year-Old Man Stabbed Thursday Night in Riverside Park

A 59-year-old man was found with a stab wound in his neck in Riverside Park around 83rd Street on Thursday around 8:25 pm, police … Read the rest of this entry >>

Central Park’s ‘Monumental Women’ Receive Community Board Thumbs-Up After Historians Question Design

By now it isn’t news that there are 23 statues of historical figures in Central Park and not one of them is of a woman. (Alice, Mother Goose and Juliet are fictional.) Tha … Read the rest of this entry >>

Upper West Sider Will Unicycle 100 Miles Around Central Park on Saturday to Raise Money for Art

Upper West Sider John Stone plans to unicycle 100 miles around Central Park on Saturday to raise money for arts organization The Paper Bag Players, … Read the rest of this entry >>

Little Shop of Horrors: Is Toxic Jimsonweed Taking Over, Or Are We All Just Overreacting?

To paraphrase Mark Twain, the reports of New York City being invaded by a toxic, hallucinogenic weed are greatly exaggerated, according to Crystal Howard, assistant commissioner, communications, NYC Parks … Read the rest of this entry >>

Before-and-After Riverside Park Photos Show That the Goats Didn’t Just Nap This Summer

Sometimes it seemed like the goats brought to Riverside Park this summer mostly spent their time napping. Maybe that's be … Read the rest of this entry >>

Plant Known for Hallucination Causes Consternation; City Chooses Remediation

The deadly hallucinogenic plant that flowered inside a concrete pedestrian island on 93rd Street and Columbus Avenue was ripped from its roots on M … Read the rest of this entry >>

Deadly Hallucinogenic Plant Blooming in Columbus Avenue Bike Lane Divider

If the line at Trader Joe’s doesn’t blow your mind, the plant across the street could—and kill you, if you ea … Read the rest of this entry >>

20th Precinct Combines Legwork and Technology to Locate Missing Tourist With Alzheimer’s

The first tweet was sent by the NYPD 20th Precinct at 2:11 p.m., Thur … Read the rest of this entry >>

Photos: A Sunset to Remember

Thursday night's sunset was a stunner, and Upper West Siders caught it from several an … Read the rest of this entry >>

As Goats Prepare to Leave, Sendoff Planned For Wednesday

The Riverside Park goats were leaf-chomping champions this summer, clearing a hill between 119th and 125th Street. But their city sojourn is about t … Read the rest of this entry >>

Long-Delayed Riverside Park South Playground and Plaza Expected to Open This Month, Without Bathroom Building

A playground and plaza expected to open a year ago in Riverside Park South should open in the next month, the parks department tell … Read the rest of this entry >>