Newly Spruced-Up Verdi Square Hosting Summer Programs

Verdi Square, the mid-block park on 72nd and Broadway, has received tender loving care over the past two years from community me … Read the rest of this entry >>

City Will Vacate Boat Marina By November Due to Deterioration; Major Reconstruction Planned

The city says that the Boat Basin at 79th Street has deteriorated so much that it will have to be vacated by November ahead of a $90 million pr … Read the rest of this entry >>

Ethan Freckles’ Possessions Removed From Columbus Avenue Sidewalk; He Explains His History and Intentions

Ethan Freckles, 29, is not your average person experiencing homelessness, in fact, he would debate whether he’s experiencing homeles … Read the rest of this entry >>

Never Fear, ‘The Pickle Guy’ is Back!

Upper West Siders, rejoice! WSR can confirm the return of Pickles Olives Etc., a.k.a. “The Pickle Guy,” at the Grand Bazaar flea m … Read the rest of this entry >>

Marathon’s Return Means a ‘Big Party’ for Some Local Businesses

The 2021 New York City Marathon is on, and the Upper West Side is excited. For many years, the Marathon has been like a second New Year’s Ev … Read the rest of this entry >>

Jocks With Rocks Get Ripped In the Central Park Pines; But Why Are the Rocks Disappearing?

The great thing about stones is how uneven and awkward they are – two identical looking ones can have entirely different masses and compos … Read the rest of this entry >>

2 Local Restaurants Make List of City’s Most Pet-Friendly Spots

With outdoor dining having expanded throughout the neighborhood, there's more space for your pooch to join your al fresco p … Read the rest of this entry >>

Children’s Workshop in Central Park: A Hat for Every Head!

SPONSORED: How do you like to accessorize? What do your hats say about who you are or what you like to do? Join us as we investigate … Read the rest of this entry >>

Photos: Central Park Bursting With Music and Movement

Jeff French Segall caught lots of happy moments in Central Park yesterday, as people gathered together or played music and en … Read the rest of this entry >>

UWS Gets Two Car-Free ‘Open Boulevards’ and a Sunday Outdoor Restaurant Street

Columbus and Amsterdam Avenues between 106th and 110th Street will become car-free "Open Boulevards" on wee … Read the rest of this entry >>

First Look: Lincoln Center Reimagined With Grass and New Performance Spots

Lincoln Center is preparing for weeks of outdoor concerts and performances in a prpgram called Restart Stages, and artist Mimi Lien has co … Read the rest of this entry >>

City Invests $348 Million to Rehabilitate Riverside Park’s Flood-Weakened Core

Riverside Park is getting a $348 million investment from the city to shore up its infrastru … Read the rest of this entry >>

A Rare Dinner Out, With the Roar of ATVs and Motorbikes On The Side

It was only our second time out to dinner in the city in more than a year. We stepped from our apartment building like two time trav … Read the rest of this entry >>

Look Who’s Baaaaa-ck

The Riverside Park Conservancy says it will be making an announcement on Thursday, and the announcement of the announc … Read the rest of this entry >>

The Tulip Festival is Back, and It’s Looking Amazing

The annual Tulip Festival at the West Side Community Garden is back, and it's looking amazing! The garden is off of 89th Street be … Read the rest of this entry >>

Lincoln Center To Be Filled with Grass-Like Carpet That People Can Chill Out On

Lincoln Center is slowing reopening to the public, even if most of its famous indoor performance spaces remain closed until the … Read the rest of this entry >>

Central Park Conservancy Fights for Control of Wollman Rink and to Eliminate For-Profit Contracts

A tug of war is taking place between the two powerful stewards of Central Park over one of the most popular places within it: the Wollman … Read the rest of this entry >>

HBO Filming ‘The Gilded Age’ In Central Park, Written by Downton Abbey Creator

Film production is back, and a new HBO show set in the 1880s is shooting in Central Park. The show 'Gilded Age' was filming a … Read the rest of this entry >>

Open Your Windows! Broadway Violinist Suzy Perelman Will Play an Open Concert for the Neighborhood Tonight at 6 PM

From her courtyard at 149 West 85th Street, Suzy Perelman, who has played in numerous Broadway shows, including My Fair … Read the rest of this entry >>

Elected Officials Push Again to Curb Helicopters as UWSer Says She ‘Literally Cannot Get Any Rest’

Elected officials are still pushing for liftoff on helicopter safety legislation that would make the skies over New York City safer and qui … Read the rest of this entry >>