Wollman Rink’s New Prices Criticized By Local Leaders; ‘What Will a Hot Dog Cost’?

It was never a bargain to skate at Wollman Rink, the iconic ice skating rink at the southern end of Central Park. When the Trump Organization ran it — before i … Read the rest of this entry >>

Park Film Fest Starts Friday, July 9th, With a Twist

The French Embassy is sponsoring films in city parks this month, with the option to watch them in parks or at … Read the rest of this entry >>

Turtle Teaches Woman That Sometimes What Seems Stuck Is Not

Being stuck feels all kinds of terrible — you know it, you’ve been there. For much too … Read the rest of this entry >>

SummerStage Offers In-Person, Outdoor, Free Central Park Concerts Starting This Month; Check Out Some Acts

SummerStage, New York City’s largest, free, outdoor performing arts festival, is coming back this season -- live and in person -- beginning on June … Read the rest of this entry >>

Jocks With Rocks Get Ripped In the Central Park Pines; But Why Are the Rocks Disappearing?

The great thing about stones is how uneven and awkward they are – two identical looking ones can have entirely different masses and compos … Read the rest of this entry >>

Photos: Central Park Bursting With Music and Movement

Jeff French Segall caught lots of happy moments in Central Park yesterday, as people gathered together or played music and en … Read the rest of this entry >>

Central Park Conservancy Fights for Control of Wollman Rink and to Eliminate For-Profit Contracts

A tug of war is taking place between the two powerful stewards of Central Park over one of the most popular places within it: the Wollman … Read the rest of this entry >>

HBO Filming ‘The Gilded Age’ In Central Park, Written by Downton Abbey Creator

Film production is back, and a new HBO show set in the 1880s is shooting in Central Park. The show 'Gilded Age' was filming a … Read the rest of this entry >>

Tavern on the Green Will Reopen on April 29th, and a To-Go Window Is Coming Too

Closed for more than a year, Tavern on the Green, one of New York City’s most storied restaurants, located inside Central … Read the rest of this entry >>

38-Year-Old Asian-American Man With His Family Punched in Central Park; Investigation Ongoing

A 38-year-old man, who preferred to go unnamed, was punched in the face by a stranger in Central Park last Saturday afte … Read the rest of this entry >>

Shakespeare in the Park Will Return This Summer With ‘A Celebration of Black Joy’

A key element of a normal New York summer is coming back in just a few months. Shakespeare in the Park will return this summer, with an adaptation of Shakespeare's Merry Wives of Windsor t … Read the rest of this entry >>

The Ice-Man Sculpteth

A shout-out goes to Phil from the Central Park Conservancy who smashed the icy walkways in Central Park's North Woods last week, allowing people to enjoy the area without slip … Read the rest of this entry >>

Central Park’s Two Skating Rinks to Close for the Season after Sunday As Trump Contract Expires

Central Park's Wollman Rink and Lasker Rink will close after Sunday's skating sessions, according to the Trump Organization, which operates both r … Read the rest of this entry >>

Coyote Pretty: Photographer Gets a Close-Up View of the Central Park Canine

Ben Shyman was planning to photograph birds in Central Park on Friday morning when he came across something else entirely -- the coyote that's been living in the … Read the rest of this entry >>

Central Park’s Snowy Owl Drawing Huge Crowds, Even Celebrities

Central Park's Snowy Owl is the hottest attraction in the city right now. The bird is drawing crowds of more than 100 even when temperatures have f … Read the rest of this entry >>

Central Park Coyote Spotted; Is It Our Old Friend or a New One?

A coyote was spotted several times last year in Central Park, and even became something of a muse during the early days of the pandemic. On Saturday night, … Read the rest of this entry >>

Two Chariots and 58 Painted Horses; Central Park Carousel Seeks A New Concessionaire

Here’s a chance for a change of career and childhood fantasy rolled into one: run the Carousel in Central … Read the rest of this entry >>

Photo of the Day: New York is the City That Never Thaws

Winter ain't going anywhere, and some New Yorkers are embracing it fully. Jonathan and Dorota Cooper and their son built this homage to the … Read the rest of this entry >>

Floral Heart Placed in Central Park to Remember Covid Victims

It has been difficult to memorialize people who died from Covid-19, in part because of the restrictions on gathe … Read the rest of this entry >>

Central Park Changes One Key Rule When Snowfall Is Over 6 Inches

The snow's a-falling and forecasters think it could pile up to more than a foot. That's good news for people who like to play in Central … Read the rest of this entry >>