Tuesday Night: Government Bigwigs Will Explain What’s Next

State Assemblymember Linda Rosenthal, US Congressman Jerry Nadler, NYC Comptroller Scott Stringer and State Senator Brian Benjamin will hold a Virtual Town Hall Me … Read the rest of this entry >>

More Local Streets Closed to Traffic

A few more locations were blocked off this weekend to give people space to walk in the street without fear of being hit by vehicles. The city has gradu … Read the rest of this entry >>

Traditional Memorial Day Ceremony is Canceled, But A Covid Memorial Vigil Will Be Held

On Memorial Day every year, veterans and political leaders gather at the Soldiers and Sailors Monument in Riverside Park on 89th Street for a cere … Read the rest of this entry >>

A Young Quarantined Artist Draws the View Outside His Window, Then Imagines the Same View in 1940

A 21-year-old Upper West Side artist named Benjamin M. has been home during the quarantine and he decided to draw the view outside his bedroom wi … Read the rest of this entry >>

A Bagpiper, A Cantor, Dancers, and Sky-Writers are Bringing Life Back Outside

Musicians and other creative people are bringing new life to the sometimes-empty streets of the Upper West Side in the coronavirus … Read the rest of this entry >>

Free Covid-19 Testing and Antibody Test Center Opens Up on UWS

For the first several weeks of the coronavirus pandemic, city officials urged people who had relatively mild symptoms of the virus to stay home and not get tested. That advice has cha … Read the rest of this entry >>

Another Perspective: Sheltering Out of Place, Missing My People and Tuna Fish

I miss the city. I’m 71 years old and my husband is 75, so we, our dog, and our pre-existing conditions rushed out of Manhattan more than two months ago, urged on by surprisingly insistent younger pe … Read the rest of this entry >>

New City Stats Show 258 Upper West Siders Have Died of Covid-19; Overall Case Rate is Relatively Low

The Upper West Side has suffered devastating losses during the Covid crisis, new city statistics show. In the neighborhood's four zip codes, a … Read the rest of this entry >>

Pandemic Nights: March-April, 2020

If you stand near Wollman Rink at the southern end of Central Park at 7 p.m., when New Yorkers throw open their windows and applaud the health … Read the rest of this entry >>

Magnolia Bakery Installing a ‘Cleanse Portal’ and ‘Troffers’ to Keep UWS Store and Facilities Clean

Magnolia Bakery on Columbus Avenue and 69th Street is instituting a new technology to try to reduce the risk of employees and customers contracting Covi … Read the rest of this entry >>

‘Trump = Plague’ Graffiti Shows Up on More Boarded-Up Buildings

A graffiti phrase that landed a writer in jail is showing up in more spots in the neighborhood and beyond. 'Trump = Plague' was spray-paint … Read the rest of this entry >>

Photo of the Day: Getting the Weekend Started Early

A section of West End Avenue has been closed to traffic and two neighbors took advantage of the change to set up a pool in the middle of the block on Fr … Read the rest of this entry >>

Police Will Limit Crowds at Sheep Meadow, Mayor Says

The weather is expected to be beautiful this weekend and that's good and bad news in the age of the coronavirus. The city wants to … Read the rest of this entry >>

Contact Tracing is Crucial to Reopening New York; Experts Explained How It Works

A key part of reopening New York City will be isolating people who have coronavirus, and keeping it from spreading in larger clusters. Key to … Read the rest of this entry >>

12 UWS Blocks Go Car-Less; One Guy Even Has a Lawnchair

Twelve blocks of the Upper West Side were closed to traffic on Thursday, allowing people to walk, bike and scooter without worrying about cars drivin … Read the rest of this entry >>

More Quarantunes Offer Laughs and Thanks

Musically inclined West Siders have been posting more songs to keep their neighbors entertained amid the quarantine. We posted one batch of "Quarantunes" a few … Read the rest of this entry >>

Store Warns of Nationwide Bicycle Shortage Amid Coronavirus

With many New Yorkers nervous to take public transportation, bicycling has become a more appealing alternative. But getting your hands on a … Read the rest of this entry >>

Latest Garbage-Collection Data Shows a Big Drop for the Upper West Side — But Not as Much as the Upper East Side

Data from the Sanitation Department on residential garbage pickups show that the Upper West Side is producing much less garbage than it does … Read the rest of this entry >>

Part of West End Avenue Will Be Opened Up for Pedestrians and Cyclists Starting Thursday

The city has been gradually closing a few streets off to cars so that people can walk outside without worrying about traffic. But the f … Read the rest of this entry >>

Robert Stevens, Loyal and Loving Bookseller, Dies of Covid-19

Robert Stevens, known as Steve, sold books outside the subway station at 96th Street and Broadway for years. On April 21, he died of Covid-19, acco … Read the rest of this entry >>