Vaccine Age Minimum Drops to 30 on Tuesday; All Adults Can Sign Up Starting April 6

A vaccine site. Photo via NYC Mayor’s office.

New York will lower the age for people to sign up for vaccine appointments to 30 starting on Tuesday, and will make all adults eligible starting April 6, Gov. Cuomo said on Monday.

The move comes after New York had been lagging other states in announcing when all adults would be allowed to start signing up — as of Sunday, it was one of only three states where people didn’t know when they would become eligible.

President Biden had said that states need to give all adults the chance to sign up by May 1 the latest (that doesn’t meant they get the vaccine by then, just that they have the option to sign up by then).

The number of sites to get the vaccine has expanded considerably, although there aren’t yet enough doses for everyone to get it immediately. One good place to start looking is

There are also homemade sites that amalgamate the various vaccine options like

And remember: it takes weeks before the vaccine kicks in and keep wearing a mask!

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    1. Paul of NYC says:

      My vaccine appointments keep being canceled

    2. jms says:

      How fortunate we are that, as of yesterday, all New Yorkers age 50+ have either been vaccinated or received appointments for inoculation, and that between today and April 6 all New Yorkers ages 30–50 will likewise be covered! Surely by May 1 everyone (except of course the hold-outs, AKA the mutation-breeders) will have had their shots! The system is running like a well-greased politician!


    3. jms says:

      All I know is that I’m 60+ and still waiting, after well over a week, for notification from my provider of choice that I am ELIGIBLE to make an appointment. Appointments themselves are booked up through April. Check elsewhere, you say? fails to load on any of my three installed browsers, all of which date from the 2nd half of the 2nd decade of the 21st Century and work properly with roughly 23 gazillion other sites. Thankfully, the person(s) who designed and/or coded the site weren’t tasked with anything really important….

    4. jms says:

      (Evidently the comment system doesn’t like angle brackets. What “fails to load” in my note above is , the NYC COVID-19 Vaccine Finder website.)

      • lynn says:

        I also struggled with using various websites to get an appt, but a friend in another borough called and told me to register with Walgreens immediately (while she was looking at the list of open appts) and I was able to book a 1st and 2nd appt in less than a minute in my own area. They are very and organized, and since they seem to be in every neighborhood this might be a good choice for some of you.