Lincoln Center to Start Holding Outdoor Events With a Unique Format

Illustration by Ceylan A. Sahin Eker.

The biggest performance spaces at Lincoln Center won’t be holding indoor performances until at least the Fall, but the performing arts center will be holding shows and events in a different way starting in April.

Lincoln Center’s initiative is called “Restart Stages” and it will include outdoor concerts, ceremonies and even blood drives on its 16-acre campus.

Restart Stages venues will include:

It all starts on April 7 with a special concert for healthcare workers.

Lincoln Center started experimenting with outdoor performances last year.

The program’s website is here, and should soon include a schedule.

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    1. Susan Cooper says:

      Fantastic…applause for the creativity of all involved…and thanks from your public

    2. Lilia Morsellil says:



    3. Sandra says:

      LC should have been doing something like this for years, rather than being force to by the pandemic. And it should continue permanently. As it is now (or before) this new initiative) the plaza is mostly, except for performance times, dead space, devoid of interest or activity. See the Met Museum plaza for contrast. Not only is the empty plaza bad urban space in itself, but it loses the opportunity to attract new people and audiences to Lincoln Center venues and to the cultural activities they represent.

      • Citygirl says:

        Agree completely! However…. I suppose the adage Better Late than Never is quite appropriate in this case!

        • Tom says:

          Plaza should have tables and chairs. Maybe big screen with speakers playing past performances. Totally wasted and uninviting space.

      • JMC says:

        Sandra, Lincoln Center DID do things like this for many years: Lincoln Center Out of Doors, Midsummer Night Swing, the Met’s opera screenings on the plaza, and performances around the pool and on the lawn. Where were you?

    4. Zoomed to Oblivion says:

      Such great news for the culturally starved and Zoom-overloaded! I’ll be there for sure at the UWS’s crown jewel!

    5. Kayla Gluck says:

      GREAT!!!!!! And thank you so very much! K

      • Beverly Bartner says:

        Many years ago there were outdoor events on the plaza , SESEME STREET, Chinese New Years, all kinds of Music for dancing etc . Yes it’s a fantastic idea . Best idea

    6. Dr. James Epstein says:

      It is time to reopen LC fully inside. Florida and 16 other states are fully open with no masks anywhere. They have low positivity rates so let’s get NYC open again. Open all eateries 100% and no more masks. Please. My kids are all servers and they need to get back to work. Open LC 100% and Broadway and let’s get back to normal ASAP

      • EdNY says:

        And you really think people will rush to pack themselves into theaters and restaurants? I’ll pass, thank you.

      • Visitor says:

        Where we are in Florida servers are masked in restaurants.

      • wbmultimedia says:

        Hmm. Methinks you may not be a doctor of medicine.

      • Wage says:

        Florida is hard to get nationwide standard wage. Employer assumes no income tax so it won’t be the same as NYC. I hope many theaters pop-up, attendees pay generous tips to servers.
        Florida residents need their local WSR. Why are they still looking at NYC WSR?