Openings & Closings: Mimi Cheng’s, My Gym, Tartinery, Atlantic Grill

Mimi Cheng’s has opened its doors at 309 Amsterdam Avenue, between 74th and 75th Streets. Mimi Cheng’s, named for the owner’s mom, is known for its handmade Taiwanese dumplings. “We use pasture-raised pork, organic chicken, organic and/or local vegetables, extra virgin olive oil, and non-gmo sunflower oil. Mimi taught us to never take shortcuts.” It’s open from 1-9 p.m. every day. See the menu at the 2nd Avenue location here.

My Gym, a children’s fitness center that caters to ages 6 months – 8 years, opened on 79th street between Amsterdam and Columbus in the fall (we missed it at the time!). “The owner had plans for a grand opening last spring but due to the pandemic that couldn’t happen and we were able to open in the Fall with COVID cleaning and safety protocols in place,” a rep tells us. See the website here.

Tartinery, a Parisian cafe, has opened indoor dining at its new location on the third floor of The Shops at Columbus Circle.

Atlantic Grill at 49 West 64th Street has been closed for several days, and it’s not clear if or when it will reopen. “I noticed Atlantic Grill was closed over the weekend—even though OpenTable showed reservations available, etc.,” wrote one tipster. “Many signs removed/ no menu posted and no one picks up the phone…” wrote another. Phone and email messages to the restaurant and its parent company have not been returned. The Lincoln Square Business Improvement District also did not immediately have an answer. There appears to be a new owner for the space, and a brochure marketing it said the restaurant’s lease ends in June. A liquor license is pending for the space, and the applicant is named 49W64 RESTAURANT LLC & MC HOSPITALITY GROUP LLC. Thanks to Upper West Sider, Robin and Neil for the tips.

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    1. Uwsmom says:

      Oh no! Atlantic Grill such a great spot!

    2. Robert Sheridan says:

      Before that location became “Atlantic Grill” and before the interim building project that produced it . . . that was O’Neill’s “Gingerman.”

      It had a (gas-powered) fireplace in the bar – same location on 65th Street side (was then the only side).

      It was WONDERFUL on rainy/snowy days whether staying for refreshments or simply to stop in for a few minutes doing chores to warm up by.

      Sadly disappeared in the renovation of a dozen or so years ago.

    3. Citygirl says:

      So sad to see Atlantic Grill close. One of the nicest restaurants in our area. Great food and great atmosphere.

    4. Leon says:

      I think the MyGym is between Amsterdam and Broadway, next door to the Lucerne.

    5. WH says:

      My Gym must be between Amsterdam and Broadway, not Columbus, right?

    6. Charles says:

      The 65th St. side was once our favorite spot when it was known as Sfuzzi. We liked it so much that we got married there.

    7. Ann Lurie Berlin says:

      From Gingerman to Atlantic Grill O’Neill’s was overtime one of the only restaurants to be a place of value. Sad day.

    8. Noemie Zysermann says:

      Mimi Cheng’s is so good!! So glad they’re in the neighborhood.

    9. Deri says:

      Is no one going to mention that Mimi Cheng’s dumplings are $13 (for what looks like to be an order of 6 dumplings)? I can’t believe they are any better than—much less twice as good as—Vanessa’s, seven blocks north, which go for $6 (for 8 dumplings).

      • Eric says:

        Deri writes “Is no one going to mention that Mimi Cheng’s dumplings are $13 (for what looks like to be an order of 6 dumplings)?”

        A quick read of Mimi Cheng’s menu shows that their pan fried pork dumplings are $13.15 for 8.
        While at 75¢ apiece Vanessa’s is certainly an excellent deal, Mimi Cheng’s is not completely out of line with some of the other prices found on the UWS and around town …

        Tim Ho Wan $13/6 = $2.6/dumpling
        Jing Fong $5.50/3 = $1.83/dumpling
        Mimi Cheng’s $13.15/8 = $1.64/dumpling
        Xian Famous Foods $9.75/6 = $1.63/dumpling
        Happy Hot Hunan $8/6 = $1.33/dumpling
        Ollie’s $8/6 = $1.33/dumpling
        Nom Wah $9/8 = $1.13/dumpling
        Grain House $9/8 = $1.13/dumpling

        Prices may vary based on delivery method.

    10. John says:

      This is such a great location for My Gym! We used to have to go down to the Lincoln Center location – so glad it’s here. My 2 year old has been going regularly and it’s amazing

    11. ben says:

      Vanessa’s > Mimi Cheng’s all day!

    12. chris says:

      I’m glad we have both a Mimi Cheng’s and a Vanessa’s. For those who balk at the higher price, it’s a different quality of ingredients (ie grass-fed beef) so I guess it’s like the difference between McDonald’s and Shake Shack? Both can hit the spot depends on what you are in the mood for.

    13. david natoli says:

      Salumeria Rosi has been closed for a few days. Permenant?

    14. Stefan Seccombe says:

      I am very excited for Mimi Cheng’s. I love this place! I used to go once a week or so to the East Village location when I lived downtown and am so happy to see a location open up here.