The Ice-Man Sculpteth

A shout-out goes to Phil Croteau from the Central Park Conservancy who smashed the icy walkways in Central Park’s North Woods last week, allowing people to enjoy the area without slipping.

And then he created some very cool ice sculptures with the pieces, showing all of us that a “whistle while you work” attitude can bring other people joy.

So follow Phil’s example this rainy Monday, even if it sometimes feels impossible!

Thanks to Sheila for the photos.

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    1. Shannon says:

      Thank you Phil!

      Love the features like this that makes our neighborhood blog feel extra-neighborhoody.

    2. tim says:

      very cool, thanks phil and conservancy

    3. Suzanne Barraza says:

      Having had worked for the Conservancy both as a volunteer and on staff, I’m surprised to see that creativity on the job is being encouraged. What I observed during my tenure there is that the employees who worked outdoors are given less leeway than those who worked indoors. The gardeners and maintenance workers were always under the gun time wise and weren’t encouraged by their bosses to make art works; quite the contrary! I’d guess Phil’s boss is the exception to the rule.

    4. Emine says:

      Bravo and thanks, Phil! I so appreciate you making our paths safe and clear, and really like your ice cake cairns.

    5. Erica says:

      I was in the ramble last weekend and it was treacherous. Good to know the North Woods got cleaned up…and some ice sculptures! Well done, Phil. Thanks for reporting, WSR.

    6. Linda says:

      Cool! Thanks Phil!

    7. Westside neighbor says:

      Love it!
      Thank you!

    8. Emilie Klagsbrun says:

      Love the photographs of Old New York UWS
      Growing up on 93rd street Iremember the Trolly cars, they were just great and of course the El train on Columbus avenue
      Any photographs of that?