A Local’s ‘Covid Stories’ Show the Neighborhood Throughout the Pandemic

Bob Leonard is a street photographer who lives on the Upper West Side and is a member of the Soho Photo Gallery. He’s been taking pictures of the neighborhood and city through the year as Covid changed how we move, dress and act. He presents the photos in groups of four, with connections between the images in each quadrant.

He explained how the project progressed:

“The onset of Covid-19 in the winter of 2020 limited my movement, initially restricting me to my neighborhood on the Upper West Side of Manhattan. As the year progressed, I was able to expand my range in the city and beyond. These composite images tell my story of the pandemic through artifacts and portraits of my neighbors.”

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    1. NYYgirl says:

      Wonderful photos. Thanks for sharing them.

    2. bill says:

      Great Photos Bob. Thanks

    3. lynn says:

      Excellent photos, thank you for sharing! I’d almost forgotten that we used to cheer out of the windows at 7:00 pm every night. Does anyone remember when/why we stopped doing that?

      • ben says:

        Where I’m at (Columbus in the 90s) they are still doing it. Every. Single. Night.

        • lynn says:

          I had no idea! Thank you for doing that. On occasion I would hear a trumpet that was once part of the regular celebration, but I haven’t heard a peep since January. 🙁

      • Lauren says:

        Our block seemed to stop around summer time when lockdown was easing up, our case numbers were dropping, and our ac units were running consistently enough to drown out the sound of people cheering.

    4. Ellen Jacob says:

      Wonderful images, Bob. And I love how you present them in fours!

    5. Stryker says:

      Nice work. These photos should go in empty storefront windows along Broadway.