Updated: Openings: Simply Noodles; Kamin Testing Center; Community Food & Juice

Simply Noodles is located at 267a Amsterdam Avenue. When you ask part-owner Joanne what that is between, she says “Utopia Diner and Chipotle” (the streets are 72nd and 73rd.) Joanne is delightful to talk to. She told us that Simply Noodles, which opened its doors on December 28th, is still in the “soft opening” phase. “We’re testing the waters,” she said. “We’re not good enough yet.” For one thing, they are redoing the menus, which came in the wrong color, but also because customers are misunderstanding. “They ask for rice and noodles,” Joanne explained, “but what we have great experience with are ‘rice noodles’ which are very popular in China, but relatively new to the UWS.” Simply Noodles serves them in “special bowls” that keep them warm as you eat. It is open daily, from 11 am to 9 pm, for dining in, pick-up, and delivery through outside services. 212-721-1000.

Photograph by Scott Etkin.

Kamin Health, 105 West 72nd Street, between Columbus and Amsterdam. Try as we did, we could not reach a human at Kamin to tell us when their new UWS location is opening where Canine Retreat used to be — but the sign makes clear what is coming. Though Kamin is known for its urgent care facilities, it also has a string of “One-stop COVID-19 testing centers,” according to the website, offering Rapid, PCR and Antibody tests. “Please contact your insurance to confirm what they will cover for you. If you do not have insurance, you can provide your social security number, State issued ID, or passport to have the government pay for your test, as per the CARES Act. Finally, we also provide Antibody tests. This test will confirm whether someone has had COVID-19 in the past and whether they have antibodies. Daily: 10AM – 8PM. Last COVID test – 1 hour before closing.” We’ll provide you with an opening date as soon as someone answers the phone. 877-525-2646.

Photograph by Scott Etkin.

Community Food & Juice is opening a second UWS location at 50 West 72nd Street, between CPW and Columbus, where Le Pain Quotidian used to be. The first location is on Broadway between 112th and 113th, and offers “hearty American food, with a preference for organic ingredients.” Check out their menu here. The owner of Community, told us they are “shooting for a February 10th opening for the 72nd Street location, but that could change.” We’ll keep you posted.

Update, Sunday Morning: We just received an email from the owner of Community Food & Juice with more input. “Community restaurant is and hopes to be exactly as the name states: a restaurant with excellent food in an environment that welcomes our Community; that spot where we know the people at the next table and get a “Welcome back” upon entering. We are planning to open February 10 & 11 for dinner only. February 12 & 13 we will be serving brunch & dinner. We will be putting together a special Valentine’s Day menu for the community.”

Thanks to Scott Etkin for the tips.

    1. rteplow says:

      Is anything happening that is NOT around 72nd Street?

      • lynn says:

        Hmm, keep in mind that before all of these new places opened on 72nd that the original businesses were forced to shut down. It was desolate around here for the past 2-3 years. The area around Grey’s Papaya needs some work but the rest of the street is starting to shape up nicely.

      • GG says:

        Yes! The 96 st area needs some interesting stores and shops. The 72 st area has plenty, I say!

    2. Dave says:

      Blows my mind a noodle spot let alone just about all the restaurants in my neighborhood close at 9pm

      • ajiv says:

        soft opening phase, per article

      • Cato says:

        — “Blows my mind a noodle spot let alone just about all the restaurants in my neighborhood close at 9pm”

        Welcome to life in a family neighborhood. Did you think you were moving to Billyburgh, Toots?

        • LL says:

          I have lived here literally my whole life. Places used to stay open a lot later. It started PRE Covid but COVID really ramped it up

          • gh says:

            I agree with Dave and Lynn, places use to stay open a lot later, and diners all night. The culture of New York did begin changing pre pandemic with even bars closing by midnight instead of 2 or 3 a.m.

            • Bronx Boy says:

              72nd Street used to have several late-night and 24-hour spots. To the best of my knowledge and memory:


              Little Italy Pizza


              2 Duane Reades (the one still there on Amsterdam and the one on Broadway ~ 70th)

              Deli at Amsterdam & 71st

              O’Hurleys (late)

              Emerald Inn (late)

              Malachy’s (late)

              Cafe Luxembourg (late-ish)

              Freddy & Peppers (late-ish)

              Dark Bullet (late-ish)

              Dakota (late-ish)

              24-hour fruit stand on Amsterdam and 74th (still there)

              24-hour fruit stand/mini supermarket at 72nd and West End (still there)

              24-hour fruit stand on Columbus and 71st (no longer 24 hours)

              Fairway (24/7 at times)

              There were more when I moved here in the 1990s, and the restaurants typically closed later than they do now.

              Considering it’s an express stop on the 7th Avenue line and a local for the A/C at night and that there are five bus lines on Broadway/Amsterdam/Columbus, the big Loew’s theater and proximity to Broadway there’s really no reason why this shouldn’t be late-night area with significant 24/7 service.

    3. Erika says:

      the community food & juice up near Columbia is amazing. people will love it.

    4. Larry F. says:

      …does anyone know what’s going on with the opening of Charles’ Chicken on 72nd St.

      • geoff says:

        i live close by. i know the joint from 145th Street, then 130 (whatever) street. one day, mid december, walking by the 72nd street location, door was open. workers inside. ‘when are you opening?’ i ask. ‘Soon’, the answer.

        the big deal is i saw people, working, building stuff.

    5. Ethan says:

      “… a restaurant with excellent food in an environment that welcomes our Community; that spot where we know the people at the next table and get a “Welcome back” upon entering.” I’m down with the excellent food part, but knowing the people at the next table? Lord no! I prefer to be left alone when I’m dining out, usually with my head buried in my New Yorker magazine…yes,I’m that guy.