Openings & Closings: Hachi Maki, Le Pain Quotidien, HSBC

Japanese restaurant Hachi Maki is planning to open on Tuesday at 522 Columbus Avenue off of 85th Street. It  will be open daily from 12 p.m. to 9 p.m. with 19 seats indoors for 25% capacity and 40 seats outdoors. Hachi Maki is named for the headbands that sushi chefs wear. The two-story restaurant is meant to have the energy of a Tokyo street market, and will serve sushi, ramen, and other delicacies. “Served in sets, or a la carte, the maki are open-faced and top-loaded with condiments to bring out the umami in each bite,” a rep tells us. “Hachi Maki is led by twenty-something sushi wunderkind Max Zumwalt aka Sushi Max, alum of Michelin-starred Satsuki, and Usumoya; and owned by Jeremy Wladis of The Restaurant Group, whose other eateries include Good Enough To Eat and Harvest Kitchen.” See the menu here.

Le Pain Quotidien is planning to open in the former home of Maison Kayser at 2161 Broadway (76th Street). Their LLC was filed last month and work has already begun according to a Landmarks permit database, tipster Upper West Sider tells us. Le Pain Quotidien and Maison Kayser both filed for bankruptcy and were acquired by a company called Aurify last year, with plans to place some LPQ’s inside former Maison Kayser.

HSBC may be closing a prominent free-standing branch at the intersection of Broadway and Amsterdam at 70th Street. A real estate listing says it will be available as of July 1. The corporate office did not respond to a request for comment. Thanks to Upper West Sider for the tip.

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    1. Truth and Reason says:

      I feel like LPQ is the Chi-Chi’s version on Maison Kayser, so why wouldn’t it go in that space?

      • ElianeVdB says:

        Quite the opposite. Maison Kaiser was more elevated than Le Pain Quotidien. Just by its farm-look and with its tables commune, LPQ is meant to be more casual/rustic. So happy that this Belgian brand will prevail in NYC! 🇧🇪

        • Verdi Square says:

          Wait, I thought they meant that LPQ was like “Chi Chi’s,” the “Mexican” chain restaurant that serves margarita pitchers and fried ice cream and whatnot. So, a tacky version of MK, not a “chichi” version.

          Now I’m curious!

          • ElianeVdB says:

            Aha! Now I am too – Mexican Chi Chi is unknown to me. I will have to explore! As for LPQ, it is not chichi, nor tacky. It’s a nice casual convivial place that serves good simple (sans chichis😉) food.

          • ElianeVdB says:

            Well I learned something! 🙂 And I learned you put an iphen and in French we don’t.

    2. David Morris says:

      HSBC is, without a doubt, the worst bank ever. The greeter on 96th St. didn’t know what euros were. But quelle dommage about Maison Kayser. They were lovely places, here, in Paris, and even Phnom Penh.

      • ElianeVdB says:

        Quel dommage, en effet! They had the best baguette in town. Period. And, surprisingly, one of the cheapest.
        I cannot vouch for Maison Kaiser’s consistancy geographically. I’m always very surprised when I stop by the one close to my parents in Nice. It doesn’t look one bit like the NYC and Paris ones, nor does the breads and pastries.

        • geoff says:

          indeed and their buckwheat baguette, available here and in Paris was unique amongst all patisseries.

        • Terry says:

          Maison Kaiser’s baguette was my daily bread. Probably wishful thinking, but would be nice if their baguettes were added to LPQ’s offerings.

      • Crank E. Guy says:

        Re: “HSBC is, without a doubt, the worst bank ever….”
        Lousy interest rates, unpleasant attitude by staff, and NOT a domestic bank!
        It is owned, sayeth Wikipedia,by Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation Limited (hence HSBC).

      • NYC'r says:

        NY won’t be the same without Maison Kayser. Far and away the best baguettes (of all stripes) and croissants in NYC and terrific pastry. I will miss it, even if my waistline won’t.

    3. Laurem says:

      HSBC which is my bank is closing this location In april according to what they say inside the branch. They also closed the one on columbus and 74th. I guess we are not interesting to them. The closest location will be on 57th street. How convenient..

    4. Mark Moore says:

      So how many pieces in a “set” of sushi from the Hachi Maki menu? And are the other prices per individual piece? Prices don’t tell you a lot if you don’t know what you’re paying for.

      • Mark Moore] says:

        Actually I think I figured it out — never mind thanks. They’re hand rolls, so one of each listed below in a set.

      • RWC says:

        I expect it will cost at least $75.00 ( not including liquor ) if you want to walk away full.This is not a restaurant for people on a tight budget .
        It certainly looks beautiful and the menu sounds delicious .

    5. Kim M. says:

      These are serious times, and not a time to eat uncooked animal protein in a former bank.

    6. NYYgirl says:

      Please, LPQ, come farther uptown than you had been previously! Please!

    7. Marianne says:

      Oh no! I was hoping la Maison Kayser would reopen! Great brunches, the best bread in all of NYC. We’re going backwards.:-((

      • Maison Peasant says:

        All the good bakeries are gone. I’m ready to bring out dusty Bread Machine from my kitchen cabinet. I would be hearing complaints about noise of the machine from upstairs downstairs of my apartment. I can use fresh butter, flower, egg, nuts, corn like middle age.

      • Ko says:

        I really miss Recolte–that place was amazing