11 Pharmacies on the UWS Will Give Vaccines Under New Federal Program; How to Sign Up

By Carol Tannenhauser

Pharmacies throughout the nation and New York City—including 11 on the Upper West Side—began giving COVID-19 vaccines on Friday, as a result of a Biden administration program that ships the vaccine directly to them. The vaccines are only for those 65 and up.

“In New York City, that means an initial shipment of 26,000 doses, with 500 each going to 250 Duane Reades, Walgreens, Rite Aids, and Costcos,” according to abc7ny.”The doses are in addition to the allocation that has gone out to states — which many local officials have said does not yet meet their demand.”

But, the CDC cautioned, “While the program will ultimately expand…it is important to know that early on, when vaccine supply is still limited, many pharmacies may not have vaccine or may have very limited supply.”

With that in mind, here is a list of the 11 UWS pharmacies currently participating in the program, as first reported by Patch:

1. Walgreens/Duane Reade at 4 Amsterdam Avenue (59th Street)
Vaccine Type: Moderna
Schedule An Appointment

2. Walgreens/Duane Read at 1889 Broadway (Between 62nd and 63rd Streets)
Vaccine Type: Moderna
Schedule An Appointment

3. Rite Aid Pharmacy at 210 Amsterdam Avenue (Between 69th and 70th Streets)
Vaccine Type: Moderna
Schedule An Appointment

4. Walgreens/Duane Reade at 2069 Broadway (Between 71st and 72nd Streets)
Vaccine Type: Moderna
Schedule An Appointment

5. Walgreens/Duane Reade at 380 Amsterdam Avenue (78th Street)
Vaccine Type: Moderna
Schedule An Appointment

6. Walgreens/Duane Reade at 609 Columbus Avenue (Between 89th and 90th Streets)
Vaccine Type: Moderna
Schedule An Appointment

7. Walgreens/Duane Reade at 700 Columbus Avenue (94th Street)
Vaccine Type: Moderna
Schedule An Appointment

8. Walgreens/Duane Reade at 2522 Broadway (94th Street)
Vaccine Type: Moderna
Schedule An Appointment

9. Rite Aid Pharmacy at 741 Columbus Avenue (96th Street)
Vaccine Type: Moderna
Schedule An Appointment

10. Walgreens/Duane Reade at 2683 Broadway (102nd Street)
Vaccine Type: Moderna
Schedule An Appointment

11. Walgreens/Duane Reade at 2760 Broadway (Between 106th and 107th Streets)
Vaccine Type: Moderna
Schedule An Appointment

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    1. PerledesAntilles says:

      I received a shot today at the 102nd St Duane Reade. I was early for my appointment and they took me right away. Not busy at all. Be sure to fill out the consent form before showing up for the injection.

    2. UWSider says:

      Tried signing up for both vaccines but Walgreens indicates it’s only giving shot 2, presumably because they can’t guarantee 2nd dose in a month. Very frustrating to go through entire registration process only to find they won’t commit to both shots. But probably the responsible thing to do—just wish it were stated at outset.

    3. JanH says:

      Thanks for the info, but it’s still an iffy situation. I already made an account at Walgreen’s a few days ago. At 2:30 today I clicked on “Make an appointment” under the 609 Columbus location and then got a calendar for next week on the next page but it said “no appointments available”.

    4. Sue Llewellyn says:

      Just randomly checked 3 (different chains) from the list. NONE is currently scheduling appointments. How does this help?!

      • Preschool teacher says:

        You can’t just “randomly check” once and call it a day. As with anything highly coveted (concert tickets, interview slots) you need to refresh the website every 10 minutes or so for a few hours until something pops up. You should also be willing to look outside your neighborhood. I got a spot for my aunt for a vaccine this Monday by doing the above from 9am until 11am this morning. I don’t understand why people are giving up after checking once?

    5. Well, I clicked on the link above, under 5. = 380 Amsterdam

      “Let’s check COVID-19 vaccine availability in your area:


      Appointments unavailable

      COVID-19 vaccination appointments are not available within 25 miles of New York, NY 10024, USA for next 3 days
      New York, NY 10024, USA

      Enter your locationSearch”

      So much for that. PS- I’d previously signed up to get daily email updates from NY State
      about a week ago… I’m still waiting to receive email #1. I signed up again today, but I’m not holding my breath… maybe by July?

    6. diane carol charlap says:

      please advise when you will accept appointments at Duane Reed/ Wolgreen at 63 st. and B’way. I am 85 yrs. old. thank you.
      my zip code is 10023

    7. jody greco says:

      Can’t get an appointment…very frustrating

    8. EBarbara Hariton says:

      I’m computer savvy but couldn’t get the sign up process to work. Very frustrating!

    9. Fadedc says:

      I managed to get my father an appointment using Walgreens’ sign up just yesterday. My best advice is to keep going on and searching different neighborhoods that your willing to travel too. New appointments are popping up constantly but they are also being grabbed quickly too.

      You can also try going to nyc vaccine list for an overview of places with openings. This can help you know which neighborhoods to search on Walgreens.

    10. Santy Colon says:

      How this help seniors that have no access to the internet?

      • helpmehelpyou says:

        Seniors without internet access can call any Walgreens or Duane Reade store and follow the menu path for Covid-19 vaccine appointments. You may spend a lot of time on hold, but the call goes to a call center with visibility into appointment availability at all stores in the city.

    11. Dancer's Mom says:

      The Duane Reade on Broadway and 137th St also has the vaccine… but I didn’t know which one I got until seeing it here! It’s stressful: an additional thing for the pharmacists to cover, with no additional assistance, not even enough chairs for those waiting to use. Right after I had scheduled the appointments (I sure hope I can get that 2nd shot!)the whole system crashed… it’s really not well thought out, just like the rest of the roll out. Abominable is to kind a word.

      • helpmehelpyou says:

        The vaccination card you received upon getting the vaccine should say what vaccine you received. Alternatively, you could have asked during your appointment.

        I agree with you that this is not easy for anyone, staff and patients alike. I hope everyone interacting with pharmacy or vaccination center staff is kind, patient, and appreciative of all their efforts.

    12. Ethan says:

      I am eligible to receive the vaccine, in more than one category. I would rather wait (months? a year?) until there’s a relatively reliable booking system for the covid vaccine (like there is for flu shots, shingles vaccine, et al.) than go through the stress and likely disappointment of playing the ridiculous game of chance that others here, and all over the nation, describe. In other words, I will risk my life rather than be humiliated by this messed up system. (“Messed” is a euphemism of course.)

    13. Irena says:

      This information is misleading. When you go to schedule an appointment, very little if anything is available

      Worse, you cannot complete the request online.
      It stops after you pick a location. NEXT goes NOWHERE.

      Then text says: Don’t call us. Use this site
      and takes you to a link to a state site that is USELESS.

      So much misinformation in a country that is supposedly the best in technology.


      Also: Some of us are in wheelchairs and at great risk (so we are NOT getting in a cab or taking a bus) so we need locations withing wheeling distance.

      I’ve been inside for a year and am not about to risk exposure via public transportation at this juncture to get a shot. This is something people who set all this up simply DO NOT GET. Also, others who are frail and cannot travel beyond their neighborhoods.

    14. Susan says:

      Had a relatively simple time signing up last week. Had my first shot on Friday at Duane Reade on Broadway at 102nd. When you book your first shot they automatically book your second shot. You can only book online so get someone to help you if you don’t have access (but I presume you do since you’re reading this online). Very smooth process. Sorry so many are having trouble. Javits also is giving shots as is the Armory at 169th.

    15. fellow westsider says:

      For those fortunate to have successfully booked appointments:

      1. Is it helpful to register online at the site first? Is there any benefit to doing this?

      2. When you managed to find an appointment, was it held for you for any length of time (5 minutes, or whatever) or was it a mad rush against the clock, as you were competing with others to try to confirm the booking? Just trying to determine in advance the degree of frustration I should be prepared for!

      3. It seems like people are booking at Walgreens/Duane Reade, but if people have also had success with Rite-Aid that would be helpful to know.

      Thank you.

      • Fadedc says:

        1. You can’t search for or book appointments without signing up first. Signing up is very easy.

        2. Once I found an appointment I just clicked book and I got it. Took me a few searches to find one, but once I did I had no problems booking it.

        3. I haven’t seen appointments pop up yet for pharmacies other than Walgreens on the website that scans for openings.

        • fellow westsider says:

          1. Thank you. In my case I was able to search, but in order to book I needed to sign up first. As I was trying to help others to get appointments, rather than book for myself, I wanted to avoid the need to register if I could avoid it. I agree, though, very easy to sign up.

          2. I successfully booked this morning. I was trying to secure appointments for both doses, but once I picked the date for the first dose and went to select the date for the second, I wasn’t able to actually make the booking, I think because the first date was probably no longer available. Fortunately, I was able to find two open slots and book both dates successfully, but it seems that the system doesn’t hold things for any length of time. Just mentioning this in case the information can be helpful to others. Namely, have all the information at the ready (name, address, date of birth, phone number — I think that’s it?) and try to work as quickly as possible.

          Good luck.

          • fadedc says:

            Yeah I was also using it to sign up somebody else (though I’m in education and had previously gotten my own shots as well). It would have been much easier if I could have done it without an account, we definitely missed a few other appointments while we were coordinating. Still this is definitely the best way to find appointments for 65+ people at the moment.

    16. 10M people, 300K shots says:

      As of this past week all retail pharmacies are only serving people 65+. I am fine with that, I think the older folks should definitely go first. Just letting everyone know to save their time and energy if you are not in that age range. Unless something has changed in the last few days… I signed up for an opening at Walgreens last week and got confirmation only to be called on the phone by them one hour later canceling because I am not in the age range. Even though their system knew my age they still went forward with the vaccine but the man who called me said all retail pharmacies are only vaccinating people 65+. Just FYI. Good luck everyone!

      • lynn says:

        I think it’s hit or miss at this point. I qualify for the shot, I’ve always been registered at Walgreens, I have to fill out the form each time I sign on, and I have yet to find an appt. I’m sure by the time I finish filling it out each time more time slots are being filled. Very stressful.

      • Sarah says:

        Yes. Not sure why that is. I could understand if they were, e.g., restricting it to all 1As, but why just seniors?

        Please note that rather than telling you this, the sites now just say that you’re ineligible, which is wrong. You may well be eligible for other reasons (e.g., health condition) and CAN (if you can get an appointment) get the vaccine…just not from the retail pharmacies.

        What a cluster-bleep.

    17. Sberman says:

      I highly recommend:
      It showed all the appointments available in the area. Also I read that Tuesday night/Wednesday morning is when they post new appointments.

      • Peter says:

        Yes, http://www.turbovax.info is fantastic. Last Wednesday they listed many available times and locations, and I and half a dozen other people I know all got appointments for the next day. No frustration, no confusion, no humiliation. Bless Huge Ma, the man who created it.

    18. Donna D Brown says:

      It’s impossible to get a vaccine appointment, this is a disorganized mess nationwide. The vaccine appointments should be done in a way similar to voting.
      If people don’t get vaccinated It’s because they don’t trust the vaccine or are frustrated by the disorganization of distribution.

    19. FYI says:

      There are vaccine appointments available (10:28 am on 2/15) through Walgreens.

    20. helpmehelpyou says:

      Feb 15, 10:56 am: Walgreens has just released a bunch of new appointments. If you’re eligible, go sign up!

      • lynn says:

        Could I ask which location you used? I just went to pick up a prescription at Walgreen’s, fully expecting a long line, but I thought it would be worth it if I could speak to someone in person. I’ve been trying to get an appt since the 65+ group was eligible. Not only was there no line, but I was one of only 3 customers in the entire store and they had no knowledge of receiving or dispensing the vaccine.

        • helpmehelpyou says:

          Lynn, last week I was able to get appointments for two people in their 90’s at 106th and Broadway.

          Please note that you can call any Walgreens to sign up for an appointment over the phone.
          Following the phone menu path for COVID vaccine appointments will get you to a call center for scheduling appointments, and the call center representatives can view availability of appointments at all Walgreens and Duane Reade stores in the city. The downside of doing this is that it takes a lot longer than signing up online, so appointments might disappear by the time you actually reach a person to talk to. Overall, I think your likelihood of getting an appointment is better online.

          If you sign up online, you should be able to choose your preferred location from a list of stores with available appointments. You’ll also be able to manage your appointment from your computer, which is not possible if you make an appointment over the phone.

        • fyi says:

          When you sign up and search through the Walgreens website it asks for your zip code and gives options within a few miles. This morning, most of the locations were in the 50’’s to the 20’s. There were a few hundred appointments spread out over three consecutive days.

        • fellow westsider says:


          I was able to book appointments online this morning at Walgreens’ 1627 Broadway (~W 50th St, I believe) location.

          I was searching for stores in zip code 10023. Apparently nothing was available, but the Broadway location, which is in zip code 10019, was taking appointments so I worked to book that location.

          As others have posted, one just needs to try periodically throughout the day (and evening) to look for openings. I had tried off and on for the past couple of days, and, eventually, something materialized.

          Hoping you, and others, will be able to get a vaccination appointment soon.

          • lynn says:

            Thank you everyone who responded to me with so many specific details. I really appreciate it and I will keep trying. 🙂

    21. Helen says:

      It’s because of ‘services’ like this that seniors are frustrated about the registration process. It has nothing to do with being computer literate!

      TurboVax Update (2/15 9:38AM): NYC H+H bot is now back online. NYS Dept. of Health bot remains offline. People aged 65+ can book appointments at pharmacies.
      Updated at: Feb 15, 2:19PM

      Appointments: Not Available ❌

      TurboVax has not detected availability

      There’s an added note to sign up on Twitter for updates. Not helpful!

      • helpmehelpyou says:

        I get that it’s frustrating, but the guy who created TurboVax did it for free in his spare time. It’s a completely volunteer effort that has helped a lot of people to date, not a “service” per se. According to the TurboVax twitter feed, the issue is that the state-run registration site is having trouble handling the amount of traffic it’s getting, and TurboVax is trying not to add to the problem, so it disabled pulling data from it. The Turbovax twitter feed is manually showing new appointments for the hospital system as they are added.

        You might also try https://nycvaccinelist.com, another vaccine availability aggregator created by unpaid volunteers. If you’re over 65, I think pharmacies are your best bet since there will be less competition for appointments with people who are eligible for other reasons. Also, if you don’t see appointment availability on the pharmacy sites, don’t give up. Stay on it and keep refreshing every 10-15 minutes.

        Disclaimer: I have no relationship with any of these sites. I spent a week fruitlessly trying to help some elderly friends get appointments before finding out about these aggregator sites, which were an enormous help. I’m grateful to these smart and talented volunteers who saw a really kludgy system and spent their own time and resources finding a way to make it better.

    22. helpmehelpyou says:

      Appointments for April currently available at Javits, 8:48 am on 16 February.


    23. fyi says:

      9:25 am 2/16

      1251 Avenue Of The Americas
      New York, NY 10020

      has appointments available for Friday 2/19

    24. Kevin says:

      Why don’t the pharmacies’ websites say upfront that they ARE NOT covering underlying conditions for those under 65?

      NOTE: If you are under 65 with an eligible condition you CANNOT get a vaccine from any pharmacy anywhere in NY state.

    25. Marilyn Peguero says:

      Need appointment

      • helpmehelpyou says:

        Are you over 65? If not, do you have a qualifying comorbidity?

        If you’re over 65, I recommend either looking for appointments on walgreens.com, or calling any Walgreens store and following the menu path for vaccine appointments. You may spend a lot of time on hold, but the call eventually goes to a call center with visibility into appointment availability in all stores. If you are using walgreens.com, don’t give up if there are no appointments available. New appointments are released through out the day, so stay on it and keep trying.

        If you are under 65 and eligible because of comorbidities, I would suggest using https://nycvaccinelist.com to find a state site, or follow turbovax on twitter (https://twitter.com/turbovax) for new releases of appointments on hospital/clinic sites. Be sure to look at the responses on the turbovax twitter feed, as there is often helpful information there as well. Please note that you will have to prove comorbidity eligibility via a doctor’s note or documented diagnosis. You may be able to use a self-affidavit instead, but I don’t know how reliable that method is. Good luck.