Here are Some Restaurants and Bars That Have Reopened Indoor Dining

E’s Bar is one of the restaurants that’s open for indoor dining.

Governor Cuomo let restaurants reopen indoor dining at 25% capacity on Friday, and some Upper West Side eateries have begun serving inside again.

The Lincoln Square Business Improvement District put out a list of restaurants that have reopened or plan to do so soon. Some restaurants have said that they’re delaying reopening in case Cuomo reverses course, or because opening at 25% isn’t worth the cost.

The decision has also been met with some criticism, given that some public health experts say indoor dining involves too many risks at a time when the pandemic continues to rage. “We could have offered massive financial assistance to help struggling restaurants,” wrote Councilmember Mark Levine on Twitter. “Instead we’re letting them reopen indoor dining today–at a moment when there are 4-5k cases/day in NYC, 3,700 hospitalized, and rising # of variants here. The next few weeks will be perilous.”

Here are the restaurants in Lincoln Square that are reopening:

Friday, February 12:
Atlantic Grill
Bar Boulud
Café Fiorello
The Empire Rooftop
Le Botaniste
Nougatine at Jean-Georges
Rosa Mexicano
The Smith Restaurant

Saturday, Feb 13:
Noi Due Carne

Sunday, February 14:
Per Se

Monday, Feb 15:
Le Pain Quotidien

Tuesday, Feb 16:

Wednesday, February 24:

In addition, here are a few more we’ve heard are open:

Banh Vitenamese Shop House

Dublin House

E’s Bar


Feel free to list more in the comments.

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    1. Cordcutter says:

      The fear mongering needs to stop and our service industries need to open at a larger capacity, with reasonable and achievable safety standards, and not continue to be threatened to be shuttered by lockdowns again.
      I’d like to see this upward opening trend continue so that people can get back to earning a wage and provide for themselves and their families again.
      And if one is still concerned about catching covid, we all have the choice to stay in or go out.

      • Lauren says:

        Agreed! What is “perilous” is 11 months of isolation, fear and loneliness. Bars and restaurants need to open and people need to get out and be reminded there are good reasons for living.

      • Truth and Reason says:

        I’m immune compromised which has made me one of the stricter people I know throughout this entire thing, but I have to agree with you, Cordcutter. It’s hard to lend any credibility to Councilman Levine’s words when everything is “perilous.” Opening outdoor dining was supposed to be perilous. Opening the schools was supposed to be perilous. Thanksgiving was supposed to be perilous. Christmas was supposed to be perilous. What exactly is not perilous? I won’t say the guy is crying wolf because covid is very, very real. But it makes it awfully hard to understand what measure of caution is truly needed when every single action on the planet just gets played up to such hyperbole. Indoor dining didn’t kill us the first time, dude. It won’t kill us this time either. Pick your battles, maybe?

      • David Freid says:

        Agreed. The consequences of the lockdown are worse than the risk of Covid-19. If in the target group for this pathogen and concerned stay home.
        All others need to get back to work and 25% capacity is arbitrary nonsense with absolutely zero scientific basis.

      • your_neighbor says:

        Well said Cordcutter

      • Susan Hochtman says:

        Sadly, if we’re concerned about “catching COVID,” we often don’t have the choice of whether or not we come into casual contact with people who are not so concerned. My daughter is an essential worker. She shouldn’t have to risk her life when she goes to work just so you can enjoy brunch. Similarly, I can make the choice not to eat in restaurants, but I don’t have the choice as to whether or not I stand near you in the grocery store. When it comes to this disease, we are our brother’s keepers.

      • Ford says:

        Totally with you. By the States own numbers, indoor dining is not a significant source of spread. NJ has found the same thing. Either we’re going to follow the data, or we’re going to politicize the pandemic. Our governor has chosen the latter at the expense of 140 thousand service workers.

      • no nonsense says:

        And this attitude right here: “And if one is still concerned about catching covid, we all have the choice to stay in or go out.” is why we are still in the predicament we are in. It’s not just about what individuals are concerned about. It’s everyone. Covid keeps spreading, the more it spreads, the more it changes, the longer it lingers, the longer we need to be shut down.

      • Cristo says:

        Your comment implies that this historical moment ultimately comes down to given individuals “concern about catching covid” so that they can “earn a wage” when it is actually about our collective effort to save lives and control the virus. We are stronger when we think collectively. We don’t need to center our analysis on the ability to earn a wage at a time like this. We need to focus on keeping people safe and healthy. Our economic system was designed to operate besieged by a highly contagious virus. Think outside the box.

      • chuck d says:

        “And if one is still concerned about catching covid, we all have the choice to stay in or go out.”

        You know, I feel the exact same way about driving drunk. I do it all the time! It is no big deal! If you don’t want to be run over by a drunk driver, stay home. Common sense.

      • Peter says:

        While I myself am not afraid of indoor dining as long as proper distancing can be maintained, I do worry for restaurant staff. Remember, they don’t have a choice about showing up for work if they want to get paid, and unlike customers, waiters have to go from table to table and talk to people. It’s great they all qualify to get vaccinated now, but it’ll be a long time before they can all get appointments, and even longer before they get both injections.

    2. Liz says:

      Taralucci e Vino, Columbus at 83rd

    3. Mary M UWS says:

      If we all do our best to get vaccinated as soon as possible once eligible, then both problems are solved — infections rate will drop and restaurants will not be threatened with repeated closures

    4. Catherine Holmes says:

      Don’t forget FRED’s 83/Amsterdam ❤️🐾🐾

    5. Doe says:

      Malachi’s! 103 W. 72nd. At last.

    6. cated says:

      Though not much in the way of “dining,” The Dead Poet and its incredible bar (and Kevin, its incredible bartender) on Amsterdam between 81st and 82nd Streets has finished “fishing” and reopened, much to the neighborhood’s delight.

    7. Linda says:

      Wonderful dinner last night at MANNY’S BISTRO (Bistro Cassis). So glad it’s open. A favorite.
      The people who were sitting inside applauded its’ return.
      Beautiful outside seating as well.

    8. GertieUWS says:

      West side restaurant at 69th and Broadway has a sign that says it will be open on the 15th

    9. Mr. Mxyzlptk says:

      If you’re going to list a restaurant, please also list the cross street, so I can enjoy it as well. I am much too lazy to go find it by searching for it. Thanks

    10. Raja Hun says:

      Even MamasitA bat & grill, Inti Peruvian restaurant and also Gardenia a Hookah bar on tenth Avenue opened their doors. As 25% seating is available. We saw gardenia and MamasitA bar & grill also had nice warm outside seating. Please enjoy them as well .
      God Bless.

    11. Write a book says:

      Indoor dining isnt changing the numbers. Because the same people, myself included, who are willing to eat indoors are also willing to have dinner parties etc. if you close dining, you just have people going to each others apartments instead. You arent changing the risk factors – people have to get out & see friends. Thats happening one way or the other. With that said, let these restaurants survive…

    12. Keith Marder says:

      The Owl’s Tail is back after its six-week hiatus for indoor and hrated outdoor imbibing and dining.

    13. Gretchen says:

      Maison Pickle on Broadway & 84th St.

    14. rteplow says:

      Nice Matin, Amsterdam & 79th. We had a lovely Valentine’s Day dinner there. My husband wanted to eat indoors but I really wanted the full pandemic experience.

      By the way, although they are located in the Hotel Lucerne building, our waiter told us that they have had no problems with the homeless residents.

    15. LonglivetheUWS says:

      Does anyone know what’s happening with Vanguard on 69th and Amsterdam?? Haven’t seen any sign on reopening since before the pandemic…was such a great spot!

    16. Laura says:

      DIVE BARS!!

    17. Rebecca says:

      Bella Luna at 88th and Columbus and Bodrum on Amsterdam between 88th and 89th are both open inside!

    18. RobbieTheK says:

      Edgar’s on Amsterdam and 92nd, needs all our support!