Comedian Gives Local Waitress a $7,000 Tip, and $6,000 to Other Employees

A waitress at Lilly’s Cocktail & Wine bar at 50 West 72nd Street near Columbus Avenue got a pretty thrilling tip on Friday — a $7,000 check, courtesy of a comedian who had raised the money from her large social media following.

Robyn Schall, who has more than 140,000 followers on Instagram, live-streamed her meal at the wine bar on Thursday. She had raised $13,000 total, so she handed checks to various people who work there, explaining it was from her followers.

The waitress was 24-year-old Ulyana Hruschak.

“I still feel like it wasn’t real,” Hrushchak said in a phone interview with Bloomberg on Friday. “It’s one of these pinch-me moments.”

Schall said she wanted to spread the love, after donations have helped her stay afloat during the pandemic.

“Everyone’s struggling right now, and people just wanted to do something good,” Schall said in a phone interview, adding that she didn’t expect such a huge response. “I was so overwhelmed.”

As a stand-up comedian, Schall has relied on donations to support herself during the pandemic. She started performing more on YouTube and Instagram, but things really took off in November when a video about her 2020 goal list went viral.

See the full (hour and a half) live-stream:


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    1. Dom says:

      Congrats Ulyana. Don’t blow it all on Prada purses and caviar.

    2. NotImpressed says:

      I don’t see what’s so great about giving one person over half the money that she raised from other people and then spreading the rest around. It’s not like it was her money. What did this particular server do to deserve a disproportionate amount of other peoples’ money? I’m certain the server would have been happy with a few hundred dollars with the rest being spread out over many more people. There are plenty of organizations raising funds for NYC hospitality workers who could make good use of that pool of money. Sure, I understand how shocked and ecstatic the server must have been, but it comes off as somewhat intended to achieve another goal. Guaranteed publicity? I am glad, though, to see other people open their wallets to benefit others who are struggling.

      • Farnham says:

        The heavens decided she Needed it..Who are we to decide who should be the beneficiary of great good fortune..

      • Ish Kabibble says:

        You seem fun.

      • Tussa McGinn says:

        Agreed, @notimpressed. Does the article writer know why one waitress got so much of the crowdsourced money? Extra fries?

      • Oh please… didn’tcha ever hear the one about not looking a gift horse in the mouth?

        My only concern would be, if she’s a comedian, I hope it’s not funny money.

        Otherwise, recall the Bard: All’s Well That Ends Well.

      • John E. says:


        Wow, nice post Debbie Downer! Why don’t you raise some money and do what you please with it?

        Kudos to Robyn!

      • lwnyc says:

        Just because she didn’t do it the way you would have done it doesn’t mean it wasn’t a lovely thing to do. Maybe she has known this waitress for a long time? Whatever–it came from the heart. I guess there are always going to be judgmental people who don’t know the whole story yet see fit to criticize. By the way, what have you done to help others during the pandemic?

      • nemo paradise says:

        If instead, she gave 13,000 servers in NYC a dollar, think of how many lives she could have enriched. Or maybe 1300 servers $10 each. Because no matter what good you do, there is always a group of people who will tell you that you did it wrong.

        Because every act of charity is suspect in their eyes, and no motive is pure, they answer to kindness with anger, and attack virtue with venom.

      • Burt L Kozloff says:

        Actually, it was her money.

      • i'm impressed says:

        First of all, the wonderful thing is she’s been struggling herself and still wanted to give donations for other people. Speaks a lot to her character as she’s just starting to get big and I’m sure could have used the money herself. Second, if you watched her live stream throughout the day, she started with thinking it would be cool to leave like a $100 dollar tip for her waiter that night and people loved the idea and within minutes she was at like $500….. by the time the money got to even more she had to decided to spread it through the whole restaurant. Speaks well about her character and even more about the people who follow her. Well done Robyn so proud to have you as an UWS resident (and a fellow HHS alum)

      • Kat French says:

        Just stop! Someone else’s generosity is not your business.

        And how about learning economics 101? The economy gets better when money moves around. If people who have a little to spare want to move it along, that’s good for everyone.

      • Steen says:

        Ah, the old, “This person didn’t use their generosity in the exact way I would, so I’m going to denigrate them and feel self-satisfied while contributing zero to others.”

        We see you.

      • Ted says:


        “Or why didn’t she send the check to a famine struck nation or give it to the American Cancer Society or to an animal rescue fund”, said I from my cozy lounge chair lined with inertia.

        Enjoy sitting back and criticizing others as a hobby? It’s endemic on the internet. I am so sick of people who render judgement of others innocuous actions on line.

        PS The first paragraph is sarcasm not judgement. The second paragraph is an entreaty to endeavor to be less of a jerk.

      • Sam says:

        What a good gesture.

      • Sam Katz says:

        I am not sure what the exact answer is to your very bizarre question, but if I had to make an educated guess, I imagine the waitress who received the large tip was the waitress who waited on the comedienne who LIVESTREAMED her meal. Because … as the old public service announcement used to say … “reading is fundamental.”

      • Tim says:

        Look, don’t sweat it. Your first sentence sums it up… You don’t see it. There’s not much to add to this. Yer not likely to either. So move on. Nuthin’ to see here. No need to comment. Ya didn’t see it

    3. nemo paradise says:

      Brava! No conditions, no questions, no bullspit. By your deeds shall ye be judged.

    4. Farnham Maxwell says:


    5. Mark Moore says:

      This may be the only time it’s appropriate to livestream your meal in a restaurant.

    6. Pat says:

      Don’t take it: It is funny money!

    7. LL says:

      That is so so lovely. Make a me happy happy. Congratulations!!

    8. Robbie says:

      Lovely thing to do!!! I’m sure it will make a difference in their lives in more ways than one! Wonderful to hear about people spreading good cheer and happy acts!!

    9. Ian Alterman says:

      To those complaining or criticizing Ms. Schall, she gave $7000 to one person and $6000 to others. It is up to THEM if they would like to share it further. If the waitress feels she got “too much,” she can always spread it around.

      Stop judging!!

    10. Liza Persky says:

      This is AMAZING!! I want to do it. And how great is that? That Robyn’s act of kindness could inspire OTHERS do what they can. I’m blown away and reassured by the goodness in people.