34 Local Restaurants Make Eater’s List of Tops of the UWS

Happy Hot Hunan at 969 Amsterdam Avenue between 107th and 108th streets made the list.

It’s been a very rough year for restaurants on the Upper West Side. Of the 35 restaurants on a list of the best spots in the neighborhood published a year ago, 12 have closed, according to Eater.

But some new restaurants have opened since, and the foodie-friendly website has put out a new list, with 34 places to choose from.

Like all Upper West Side food lists, this one is worth debating. So if your favorite is missing let us know in the comments. Read more on each entry at Eater.

108 Food

Bombay Frankie Roti Roll

Happy Hot Hunan

Thai Market

Banh Vietnamese Shop House



Curry King

Yu Kitchen

Naruto Ramen


Holy Schnitzel

Barney Greengrass


Jacob’s Pickles

Jin Ramen

Land Thai Kitchen

Two Wheels

Nice Matin


Jing Fong

Red Farm

Chirping Chicken

Amsterdam Ale House

Playa Betty’s

Viand Cafe

Freddie & Pepper’s

Gray’s Papaya

My Pie Pizzeria Romana

Seven Hills Mediterranean Grill

Pastrami Queen

El Mitote

Epicerie Boulud

Rosa Mexicano

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    1. Frank Hallett says:

      I’m surprised Fred’s (476 Amsterdam) didn’t make this list but like any list, it’s subjective.

    2. Shirley Luban says:

      Please add Bella Luna on Columbus Avenue to your list. This is a favorite, stalwart and excellent local restaurant,
      I would be heartbroken if it disappeared.

    3. Blair says:

      Au Jus (99th and Broadway) which opened right as the pandemic hit, has fabulous ribs and great sides. The staff is lovely.

    4. bonny finberg says:

      Chirping Chicken made your list but Cafe du Soleil didn’t? Your list maker(s) get no serious creds with that fail.

      • Bill says:

        Agree. Cafe du Solei has been always good, but especially now. Heated Bubbles are teriffic. Was there with pooch for dinner.. food and service were outstanding.

      • Sid says:

        Cafe du Solei has never been that good in my opinion, and people get hyped over the bubbles to the point they are not actually tasting the food. Le Bonne Soupe (midtown) better french restaurant at similar price point.

    5. Francesca Vollaro says:

      An great UWS resturant list is not complete without Ella Social. It is my absolute favorite for dinner and brunch. The food is always delicious and the owners and staff are the best!

    6. Marie Bissmann says:

      List Cafe 82

    7. Lisa Shatz says:

      Sadly I think seven hill closed. We also LOVE Miznon North and Tessa.

    8. Andrew Besch says:

      BIN 71. Great food, natural wines, staff, prices. Has to be on this list.

    9. Catherine Holmes says:

      Where’s Fred’s Amsterdam and 83rd???

    10. Patricia Gilman says:

      OMG what a terrible list

    11. LarryK says:

      Tri Dim West makes great Peking Duck. Delivered, with all the fixings, was crisp and delicious.

    12. Mark Moore says:

      Needs more Kouzan.

    13. Pappardella
      Amelie’s Wine Bar

    14. Bonnie says:

      I can’t believe that Friedman’s isn’t on this list!! It’s consistently delish with fresh organic ingredients. Best fish tacos EVER. And the prices are reasonable.

    15. Janis says:

      I don’t see an Italian restaurant on the list, so if I may, I’d like to add Copolla’s West, on 79th St.between Amsterdam & Broadway.
      Their food is amazing and plentiful and their prices are reasonable.
      The staff is friendly, attentive and the same folks have been there since we started going there back in 2008.
      We’re so looking forward to their indoor dining opening up again on Valentine’s Day.

      • Marcia says:

        I agree Coppolas West is our favorite Restuarant. The staff is wonderful including the terrific busboys. I like so many of their dishes that it is very hard to choose. I especially like the dishes that have the home made pasta. My favorite dish however is the linguine with clam sauce.

        • janis says:

          I’ve never tried the linguine with clam sauce but I definitely will.
          The staff is so friendly that two of them have become FB friends. One of the busboys and the manager.
          Now THAT’S a friendly staff. LOL

      • UWSWhino says:

        Celeste is an Italian resto….although not that great. Where the hell is Gennaro’s on this list!

    16. Steve Zuckerman says:

      Henna to!!!

    17. Jack says:

      Mama’s Too

      Best pizza in NYC

    18. grayson says:

      Cafe Luxembourg!

    19. Chocolate sugarqueen! says:

      Hey they left off Bodrum! Fabulous MiddleEastern food and best pizza!!! Cotta fir pizza, Bettola’s for pizza… Junzi , The Mill, so many have done an outstanding job!!!

    20. Tamara says:

      Maison pickle is great too!

    21. BV says:

      Also Lokal on columbus, delicious and fresh turkish/mediterranean food, nice service, great bar and good people.

    22. Z Perez says:

      The list needs some Latin flavor. I offer Bodega 88, the best sports bar in the neighborhood, small but packs a punch for constant customer service, food drinks, music and crowd, with an amazing owner! AND all with affordable prices.

    23. Sandy Mitchell says:

      Missing so many: Trattoria iL Gusto, Bella Luna, The Mermaid Inn, Bodrum, French Roast…just to name a few neighborhood favorites.

    24. Best Pizza Evarrrr says:

      This list is not real. You know why? Sal & Carmine’s isn’t on it. Any list without Sal & Carmine’s is a total waste of typing. This is a confirmed fact.

      • Paul says:

        True. Best slice in the hood.

        • JL says:

          Really? Better slice than Mama’s Too 3 blocks north? Okay, I’ll try them out. Agreed the list is not very useful.

          UWS Pizza has been underwhelming since Rigalettos, and Lenny’s (both in the w70s) closed years ago. Mama’s Too is very good, $4 for a plain slice. I’m old enough to remember when a slice was 25cent in the burbs back in the 1970s.

          • Best Pizza Evvarrrr! says:

            Yes—better than Mama’s Too. Better than anywhere. Sal & Carmine’s was a key reason why I hated having to leave the UWS for Queens due to housing costs. So much history & so much taste in that modest little space, & the only crust on earth that isn’t tasteless. The only dough w no dry, crunchy parts. Wait till a fresh pie comes out—it’s worth it! Been a Broadway fixture since I think the 50s. Still owned by same family.

            • JL says:

              Better than anywhere? Alright, now you’re losing some credibility. I will travel to hunt down good pizza, and Brooklyn’s been where it’s at for a long time.

              Paulie Gee’s in Greenpoint is exceptional to the point where it’s a snooty place with many unusual pre 2020 “rules”. Like not opening for lunch !?, NO delivery pre-pandemic ??, and NO takeout ???, They didn’t want their product getting cold.

              I don’t know what the current rules are but they opened a slice shop that’s more like a regular pizza joint.

      • Paul says:


    25. MQue says:

      The list was created by Eater, even though they’re the number 1 food blog they always have the worst list. Nothing like a kid from Brooklyn trying to tell us what’s the best eats in our neighborhood.

    26. Alice Gingold says:

      Seven Hills Mediterranean has been closed for a couple of weeks.

    27. Cage says:

      Cafe Luxembourg
      La Boite en Bois

    28. Jay says:

      Tacombe is great!

    29. Jay says:

      Also Hari!

    30. Kathy says:

      Can’t believe Gennaro isn’t here.

      Also Tartina !

    31. Elizabeth Inserra says:

      Pizza Collective

    32. Ken says:

      Any night Wed-Sat when Miguel is cooking at Da Capo.

    33. marci says:

      La Sirene for French food is tops

    34. Rich Meyers says:

      What about Gebhards Beer Culture? Best burgers and beer on the UWS!

    35. INANNA DONNELLEY says:

      Lokal and Gennaro

    36. Roger says:

      Jacob’s Pickles has some of the worst food in all of NYC!

    37. Risa says:

      Love Han Dynasty.

    38. Mr. Mxyzptlk says:

      To all of you foodies and list adders. If you are going to promote a restaurant, please add the address cross streets so others, who may not be familiar with it, can try it too! TYVM

    39. Georgette says:

      Don’t forget FRED’S!!! the best!!!!

    40. Steven says:

      Good list but how could you have missed, Pappardella at 75th and Columbus?

      It’s been a neighborhood cornerstone for over 30 years with excellent and consistent Italian food.

      And even in the current COVID environment still open everyday with outdoor seating!

    41. Richard Fraser says:

      Telio/Perfecto (92/Bwy)

    42. Martha says:

      Delicious Indian food.

    43. ccharada says:

      WOK CITY 153-155 Amsterdam Ave (66&67thSt.) After 4p when you order over $20, free can of soda or cold sesame noodle dish). 212.496.9714/9078 Fast, friendly & efficient take-out, good prices, good portions, tasty too. Min $8 order for delivery & limited area.THEY WERE ALWAYS OPEN SINCE MARCH2020 pandemic&still are. Pls support them 😋❤️

    44. Carolyn says:

      Hi Life is the best!! Why was that left out?

    45. LongtimeNYer says:

      Pomodoro Rosso (Columbus Ave. at 71st Street) is my go-to place for more upscale Italian food. They also send out cocktails with their food.

    46. Deb says:


    47. John says:

      Motorinos has the best pizza on the UWS.

    48. Chrigid says:

      Arco Cafe 886 Amsterdam

    49. Donna says:

      Please add Telio Greek Cuisine (Telio’s). Delicious and the nicest people!

    50. Annie says:

      Shinbashi 72 at Broadway next door to Joseph’s Pharmacy has great Japanese comfort food for takeaway dining.
      Mermaid Inn has wonderful staff and excellent menu for Happy Hour (pre-COVID) and dinner.
      Bodega 88 is an absolutely wonderful place for its Latin-inspired food and its super friendly and efficient staff! I miss it as it’s closed during winter lockdown.

    51. Joan Paylo says:

      I agree that many restaurants listed by local commenters were left off the list. May I add
      V&T Pizza and restaurant across from the Cathedral (BEST cheese!) With traditional Italian favorites.
      El Malecon at 97th & Amsterdam (Dominican)
      Noche Mexicana II a few blocks north.
      All are reasonable with extremely generous portions and good delivery service.

    52. D says:

      Joe’s Steamed Rice Rolls is one of my new favorites

    53. Vito says:

      La Piccola Cucina
      964 Amsterdam, the best veal scaloppine in the UWS

    54. Karen says:

      Marlowe Bistro at 110th & Amsterdam
      Fumo at 108th & Broadway
      Awadh at 97th & Broadway

    55. Jeanne Pape says:

      You forgot Elea! It’s a superb Greek restaurant – imaginative food, beautirul and warm outdoor addition to elegant interior, friendly and accomodating staff. On 85th Street just east of Broadway.

    56. Maxine Bukszpan says:

      V and T Italian Restaurant on Amsterdam and 110 across from St John the Divine

      • Marie says:

        AWASH 107th & Amsterdam
        Great Ethiopian— esp. vegetarian plate & esp. when Bogue is working her magic in the kitchen

    57. Andrea says:

      Cafe du Solei has never been great and eating in the bubbles are dangerous just like eating inside a restaurant.
      French Roast has better food.

    58. UWSMama says:

      Leyla on 74th and Crave Fish Bar are consistently amazing. This list is questionable to say the least!

    59. CarolineH says:

      What a strange list! So many places are missing like, Sushi Nonaka, Motorino, Bustan (!), and Mermaid Inn.

    60. Lili says:

      Ashford & Simpson sugar bar on 72 makes incredible fried catfish and fried chicken and waffles deserves a mention. Also excellent: Boka Korean fried chicken in the same restaurant as the high end Japanese restaurant sushi nonaka.

    61. Tam scott says:

      Not one shout-out for Red Farm? Probably the best Asian and certainly dumplings on the UWS. Jing Fong still getting better and waiting for Vanessa’s.

    62. charles becker says:

      On the UWS it is better to argue over restaurants than politics. Then again many readers of West Side Rag would probably disagree.

    63. UWSWasp says:

      Gennaro!! Come on.

    64. dang! says:

      The UWS, for all the money up here, has the most mediocre, if not lamest restaurants around! And that’s been the case for years!! One of the only ones worth a damn is Malaysian Grill on 104th. Such a shame too!

      • PastramiBliss says:

        I stopped going to Malaysia Grill two years ago when they refused to give me a cup of tap water on a sweltering August day while I was waiting for an order to take out. Cafe Du Soleil is the only French restaurant that does not use lardon in their coq au vin (for me, that’s incredible). No matter who I deal with there, they’re always polite and sometimes very friendly. That they are not on the list is baffling.

    65. Martin says:

      Anar, an Indian restaurant on the northeast corner of Amsterdam & 106th that just opened a couple of months ago. Excellent food. Try the Tandoori chicken, Tandoori fasal, crispy okra, and ginger gobhi.

    66. Todd S. says:

      While I know many on the list and agree with most of those selections, I am really at a loss to understand how Maison Pickle was missed. It is the higher-end cousin of Jacob’s Pickles and offers some similar as well as many higher end plates and specials which are excellent. Most very well priced and good portioned- and it’s always crowded as well!

    67. Jordan says:

      Wok City b/t 66 and 67 on Amsterdam. Best Chinese food around.

      Olympic Flame Diner on 60th

      La Dinastia on 72nd

      Barney Greengrass on 86 and Amsterdam

    68. Nick R says:

      1) Saiguette Vietnamese Food

      2) Sun Chan Japanese – what it lacks is missing in quality (not too much) it more than makes up for in authenticity.

      3) What are the best pizza places?

      4) I haven’t yet had excellent Hawaiian food in NYC, and Rainbow Drive In’s Loco Moco is a low bar (in terms of simplicity, not taste) to get over.

    69. Nick R says:

      Also, please keep Sushi Yasaka off any future list. If word gets out about the excellent quality and value I’ll have to wait even longer for a seat.

    70. Lynne Allen says:

      My all-time favorite is Flor de Mayo – best peruvian chicken and special fried rice in the world. I go there on my birthday – it’s my favorite place! Amsterdam and 83rd St and Broadway around 101 St.

    71. BronxBoy says:

      Seconding nominations for Boit en Bois and Pappardella.

    72. Sense says:

      What a pathetic list

    73. geri sloan says:

      Ella -Columbus between 71 & 72