Restaurant Openings: Broadway Family Mart, Miss Saigon, Chick Chick, Anar, Pastrami Queen

Broadway Family Mart has opened on Broadway and 108th Street, the former home of a newsstand that closed about a year ago. (The seating is for Fumo next door.) Thanks to Roadskater for the tip.

Miss Saigon, a Vietnamese restaurant, has opened at 928 Amsterdam Avenue, near 106th Street, the former home of Uncle Luoyang. They have all sorts of pho just in time for winter. Check out the menu here. Thanks to Kimberly for the tip.

A chicken restaurant called Chick Chick is opening at 618 Amsterdam Avenue, at 90th Street next to Edible Arrangements. It’s listed on Yelp as an Asian fusion restaurant. The super in the building says it will probably open in a month or two. Tipster Rachel says she had heard from workers that it will have ramen. Thanks also to Judith for the tip.

Indian restaurant Anar has opened in the former NY Brat Factory at 933 Amsterdam Avenue and 106th Street. Right now, they’re serving food inside and doing takeout and delivery. Anar means pomegranate and the chefs say that that fruit inspires their cooking. Check out the menu here. Thanks to Kimberly for the tip.

Pastrami Queen is now set to open at 138 West 72nd Street, the former home of Fine & Schapiro, on December 1, according to the website. We last wrote about it here.

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    1. Miriam says:

      Is that a new restaurant next door to Family Mart on the right? Where Westside Diner used to be? Looks like it might be, anyone know?

      • Daisy says:

        That restaurant is Fumo on Bway between 107th and 108th. They’ve been there for a few years, previous occupant was another Italian restaurant. Fumo has been doing a great job during the pandemic — happy to have them there.

      • Daisy says:

        Confirming it’s Fumo and they are doing a great job.

      • Joe R. says:

        I think you’re thinking of the other side of Broadway. This has Cascabel Taqueria to the right (which I believe has closed), and Fumo to the left.

        • Rich says:

          Cascabel closed a few months ago and Fumo has taken over the outdoor seating in front of the empty space. They’ve done a very nice job, my wife and I had a very nice anniversary dinner there a few weeks ago.

          • Tom D. says:

            Cascabel closed more than a few months ago. They haven’t been open since well before the pandemic shutdown in March.

    2. Dan Zweig says:

      Don’t miss Anar! A new star for our neighborhood.

    3. Deanna Greenwood says:

      The seating you see at Broadway Family Mart is Fumo’s I believe…

    4. Martin F. says:

      Broadway Family Mart doesn’t have seating. The table in the photo is seating for Fumo.

    5. Sheila Palevsky says:

      At the site of Artie’s deli, there is apparently a new Stage Deli going in – a neon sign is in the window

      • Beth says:

        I think the Stage Deli sign is left over from Mrs Marsala filming. Wish it were true as the space has become a homeless encampment but don’t think so

        • Leon says:

          Is Mrs. Marsala Mrs. Maisel’s Italian friend? LOL.

          I am really surprised that the police have let people set up residence in the space in front of Artie’s. I’m not sure what the law is but I am pretty sure this is not kosher (pardon my pun).

          I feel bad for the people who are living there but there are basic laws that we need to enforce to have a normally functioning society.

    6. ben says:

      can’t wait for the pastrami queen!!!

      • SNY says:

        You’d think Pastrami Queen would have opened sooner during milder weather…with an inviting outdoor dining deck space!
        With December cold weather, who’s going to eat indoors with COVID-19 infection rates rising in NYC?
        A Grand Opening of Pastrami Queen 2 months ago offering a comfortable and safe outdoor dining experience would have been a sensible strategic business objective.

    7. R. Ari says:

      The seating is for FUMO not family Mart. I live across the street

    8. Lizzie says:

      It’s really so heartening to see ANY new business opening during this time, especially restaurants. Bravo to these intrepid entrepreneurs. Let’s wish them well. And patronize them!

    9. Sam Katz says:

      I am very excited about Pastrami Queen!

    10. Craig S says:

      Can’t wait for Pastrami Queen to open!!!!

    11. UWSSurfer says:

      I just looked at Fumo’s lunch menu online.
      Their food looks delicious, especially the eggplant parmigiana and baked ziti. It’s affordable too.

    12. Roger Wolfe says:

      I have lived on the YWS since 1973 and have seen many changes to the area.
      Fine and Shapiro and Artie’s were mediocre at best. When I need a some Jewish “soul food” I look forward to the opening of Pastrami Queen. It is a good deli!

    13. Hector says:

      Just tried Miss Saigon on Amsterdam and it is fantastic.
      Saiguette is missed and there’s no sign they plan to reopen so Miss Saigon is a great alternative.
      Their menu is huge and the prices seem reasonable. A welcome addition to our neighborhood.

    14. Miriam says:

      Thanks to all who responded. I see now that I was thinking of the east side of Broadway at 108th. I wish something would open up where Westside Diner used to be. It’s a great spot.

      • Tom D. says:

        I’m a bit confused as to where you mean by where Westside Diner used to be. Do you mean the NE corner of Broadway and 108th? That was most recently the Manchester Diner, but I cannot remember what the diner previously in that spot was called. That corner location is becoming a Dunkin Donuts.

        The only other location on the east of Broadway close to 108th that is empty at the moment is where the Mattress Firm closed recently.

        • Miriam says:

          Yes,the Manchester Diner! It was the Westside Diner before becoming Manchester. I’ve been on lock down too long. Thanks!

          • Tom D. says:

            “Westside” didn’t sound right to me, so I got into Google Streetview’s time machine and found that it was the West Way Cafe.

    15. Alison says:

      Is this the same Miss Saigon that used to be in the 80s on Columbus? 🙂