Flying Tiger Sale Still Attracts Droves as Prices Fall to 50 Cents and Customers Start Petition

Photo by Steven.

Upper West Siders are clearly obsessed with Flying Tiger, the gift, household item and trinket shop on Columbus and 81st that’s been having a going-out-of-business sale for the past few weeks.

Our tipster Amy Robbins tells us the final day is November 30. “Yesterday there was a long line outside the store—as there has been every day since announcement of the closing—and every single item was marked down to 50 cents!”

Flying Tiger announced last month that it would be closing all its US stores in late November because of struggles related to Covid-19.

She directed us to a petition to keep at least one or two Flying Tiger stores open in the U.S.

As we’ve seen with other petitions directed at chain stores, however, it’s hard to get corporate headquarters on board with a “please don’t close” campaign. The latest example of that was a Starbucks on 75th Street.

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    1. MaryC says:

      I saw the line today going around the block. Is there anything left in the store? Do people really need so much random stuff so much of it is plastic. I know they have some items that are wood etc but surely the higher end things have been bought up already

      • HelenD says:

        Cute store but I can’t imagine why people would line up there, or even invest time/money trying to keep it open when the company is closing ALL of the stores in the USA. Not to mention there are so many other things we should be focusing on right now. 🙁

        • Amy says:

          For what it’s worth, many of Flying Tiger’s products are eco-friendly, made from renewable and recycled materials, and the company has steadily reduced the use of plastic in their products and packaging.
          The neighborhood branch happens to be a uniquely spirited and whimsical place, it’s fun for kids, and for some provides sorely needed moments of cheer right now.
          (As indicated in the article, the petition is a long shot; the effort to save one or two stores required no significant/misplaced expenditure of time/money.)

          • Nancy says:

            I agree with Amy. The occasional shopping trip to Flying Tiger has provided some good cheer to my family during the pandemic. I’d also like to compliment the management and staff who have been consistently courteous and responsible in maintaining a safe environment for customers.

    2. Naomi Serviss says:

      “What Would Jesus Buy?” is my family’s go-to movie this time of year. If you’re of the “Less is More” school of thought, you will be shocked, amused and entertained. Starring Reverend Billy & the Stop Shopping Choir, “WWJB?” is produced by Morgan Spurlock.

    3. Chris says:

      Maybe they had paper products , need to prepare for December’s lock down

    4. Jenny W says:

      I think I must go attend Flying Tiger Copenhagen Anonymous after they close🥺! I’m usually the first on line way before the store opens. I’m going to really miss this store. Frilly but relevant considering what’s going on in this world. We all need alittle schlock in our lives.

    5. Le Tigre Volador says:

      Just wish they’d wrap it up and close already. Their line combined with the scaffolding makes that corner so crowded. So tired of having to weave in and out of people looking to save a buck or two on stuff that’s destined for a landfill.

      • Colleen says:

        Sour grapes… they’re not “looking to save a buck or two”. They’re there to get stuff before it’s closed. Poor you have to weave in and out for 30 seconds on the block.

      • Iamwhoiam says:

        A company is closing all of its doors in the US and you complain about weaving sidewalk?Walk across the street or stay home.

    6. Margo Schab says:


    7. Gina H. says:

      I have lots of organizers, art supplies, some exercise equipment, tote bags, holiday decorations from Flying Tiger. Last go round I purchased Christmas elf tins to use as gift kits. It’s a great cheerful little shop. Will miss it.

    8. Ladybug says:

      This was my regular port-of-call upon returning from various East Side doctor visits on the M79 bus depositing me nearly in front of the store. The staff and merchandise always educed a smile on my face. Cheaper than a therapist!

      • Erin says:

        As many have commented it was a fun little store to stop in with my kids and kill some time browsing while waiting for a siblings’ class to end. Also one of the few clean bathroom spots, especially important when you have young children.

        Line wasn’t too bad midday today (less than 15 min wait) and they are re-stocking. But I probably wouldn’t wait more than 20 min…. and don’t forget to bring a bag. They don’t have any.