Covid Service Updates: Free Daily Dinners and Quarantine Kit Including Dog-Walks

The city is beefing up its services as Covid-19 rates ticks higher. Those who test positive for Covid can get all sorts of services, and people who are having trouble putting food on the table can get dinners even though schools have closed.

There are “take care packages” with enough personal protective equipment for a family of three to use for two weeks. “This includes a medical grade mask, sanitizing wipes, hand sanitizer, thermometer, two at home testing kits for contacts, and a pulse oximeter to help those who test positive for COVID-19 monitor their oxygen levels,” according to the New York Health + Hospitals Test and Trace Corps. Learn more here.

And people who need to separate from their families to recover ad not infect others can get a free room in a hotel. Learn more here.

New York Health and Hospitals will even walk your dog, as part of a partnership with dogwalking app Wag.

Also, even though schools are closed, they’re still preparing meals for students and parents. And everyone (including those who aren’t students or parents) can get free dinners at various grab-and-go locations. Manhattan Borough President Gale Brewer sent the update below:

Free Grab & Go meals are still available to students and their families at any school building Monday – Friday, 9 am – noon. From 3 – 5 pm, members of the community can pick up meals at Grab & Go locations across the city. See for more details.

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    1. Steve says:

      These are all really smart and goods way to make it easy for people who get sick to stay away from their loved ones and limit COVID’s spread. We should also be paying small businesses like restaurants and bars to close to all but take out services and pay their staffs so we still have businesses and an economy when this is all over!

    2. Morgan says:

      Hi! I’m on team that sends the “take care packages.” We reach out to every person in NYC who tests positive for covid-19 or is exposed to the virus by a close contact. Thanks for the mention! (But then name is a bit off — we are New York City Health + Hospitals Test and Trace Corps.)

    3. Janice Horowitz says:

      our tax dollars at work! Social contract at its finest!