Open Restaurant Street Gets Shortened; Here’s Who Is Participating

The Open Restaurant Street on Amsterdam Avenue from 97th to 110th Street will now be a little shorter, but still delicious. It now runs from 106th to 110th on Amsterdam, and will take place on Saturdays and Sunday from 11 a.m. until 8 p.m. The streets are blocked off to all but essential vehicles so restaurants can put more seating outside.

The following restaurants will be participating:
  • Dive 106
  • Awash
  • Nobody Told me
  • Tropical Sensation
  • Thai Market
  • Amity Hall
  • Lions Head Tavern
  • Mugi Pottery
The Columbus-Amsterdam BID tells us that it expects to expand the program again in the spring. “Even though we no longer will be opening 96-106 for the remainder of the winter months, we do hope to reopen them in the spring. The following 14 restaurants are in that strip and will be having open restaurants allowing for sidewalk seating.”
  • Ozen
  • Malecon
  • Avocado
  • Moonrise Izakaya
  • Pearl
  • Noche Mexicana II
  • Cafe Roma
  • Bosino
  • Arco Cafe
  • Casa Mexicana
  • Grainhouse
  • Living Thai
  • El Ranchito
  • Acosta
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    1. js says:

      Will M7 and M11 bus service resume on Amsterdam?

      As the weather is colder the rerouting of vital M7 and M11 buses is more of a problem for elderly and also for workers coming home at night

      Bus mass transit is vital

      • Josh says:

        The bus was rerouted to Broadway. It’s not a big deal. Used to happen all the time when Amsterdam was closed for street fairs. It’s not like it is very far, equivalent of about a block.

        • js says:

          Hi Josh,
          Actually it is a hardship for elderly, people with mobility issues, NYCHA residents, workers at local nursing homes coming/leaving when it is dark etc.
          Previously the bus was rerouted through 120th Street impacting on folks who needed to get to Mt. Sinai/St. Luke’s.

          Also raises issue IMO – being denied regular mass transit on weekends for months jus so others get more space to dine…

          • Kathleen says:

            @js It’s not just so people can have more space to dine. It’s to help restaurants stay in business, people keep their jobs, keep the economy moving at least somewhat. This is hard on everyone. And people really do need to be able to eat out safely outdoors, it’s one of the few social activities left to do as this pandemic goes on and on. It’s all important. I’m not saying it’s not a hardship on seniors, I am one, but I get that there are hardships all around.

    2. Brett Mann says:

      Where is “AVOCADO” restaurant on Amsterdam Avenue?

      • Josh says:

        Wasnt that one of the previous names of Guacamole? It has had so many names in the past few years, how do you keep track?

      • John P says:

        It’s called Guacamole. There’s just an avocado in its signage. It is on Amsterdam btw 97 and 98th on the west side of the street. V good restaurant with nice staff. Should be on the list above, they have a backyard patio and seating on the sidewalk/avenue parking lane

        • Janis says:

          We love Guacamole, and stopped in for an early dinner last week. They were working on the back patio installing heat lamps so diners will still be able to enjoy their massive chimichangas and tasty margaritas and still remain toasty warm.

    3. MaryC says:

      This makes so much more sense. The restaurants above 106th were using some of the streets but none of the ones below were. Also, there were big traffic backups at 96th street which is a dangerous intersection anyway. This should help.

    4. gina says:

      Huge public nuisance. Horns honking throughout the weekend day and night on 96 st and Amsterdam- and there aren’t even any restaurants on this block. Please reconsider. The whole enterprise did not work. Maybe try in the 80s for a few of the busy rest. blocks? Also, was wildly dangerous to be on the street and delivery people rode very quickly up and down the avenue- very poorly organized and bad plan