Takeda Reopens, With the Same Great Sushi Selection and Exciting New Options


Takeda, the Upper West Side’s much-anticipated edo-style sushi restaurant which originally opened in November 2019 has now reopened to the public. After shuttering her business for a handful of months during the height of the Covid-19 pandemic, the owner, Satomi, is delighted to welcome hungry patrons back to the acclaimed eatery located at 566 Amsterdam Avenue. She shared that not only is Takeda now offering two versions of an omakase menu – a 16-course menu and a 21-course menu – the restaurant is also now offering takeout and delivery.

In order to ensure the health, safety, and comfort of diners, the staff have reconfigured indoor seating, thoughtfully placing partitions along the sushi bar. Based on the dinner reservation system, the omakase menus, and the physical space, the restaurant will only allow 6 to 8 diners inside at one time.

Those lucky enough to snag a reservation are blessed with the opportunity to watch in awe as the restaurant’s namesake, Chef Takeda Yukihiro, deftly prepares beautiful pieces of brightly colored sashimi and sushi. After growing up in Osaka, Japan, Chef Takeda has spent the past 36 years rigorously training and working as a chef. He takes pride in selecting and offering the freshest and most tantalizing fish to his guests.

Hours before his first customer even steps foot into the restaurant, Chef Takeda has spent his entire morning and afternoon choosing and busily preparing the various fishes. His unique eye for beauty, craftsmanship, and minimalist artistry is evident each time he sets a new mouthful of red sea bream, fluke, fatty tuna, or eel in front of a guest. Light peachy rainbows of striped jack, vivid pink cuts of tuna, and glittering slices of Pacific saury are lovingly served one by one. Inside the restaurant, the mood is warm, calm, and modern. Couples or small groups of guests are distanced from one another, providing a sense of privacy and intimacy with Chef Takeda as they observe his exacting and detail-oriented preparation.

Currently, Takeda is open for dinner and takeout every day of the week except Wednesdays. The restaurant even plans to offer a 23-course Thanksgiving menu on Thursday, November 26th. Reservations can be made by visiting www.takedanyc.com and Takeda at 566 Amsterdam Avenue between W. 87th and W. 88th streets.

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