Openings & Closings: Spaghetti Tavern, King Wang’s, Bolivian Llama Party, Elegant Barber, Vietnamese Spot

Frank Mac’s, the bar at 425 Amsterdam Avenue between 80th and 81st Street, will be replaced by Spaghetti Tavern. It’s not yet clear when the tavern will open, but they’re making a bold promise — first whiskey shot is on them. Make mine a double! Thanks to Keith for the tip.

The deluxe chicken sandwich.

King Wang’s, a new gourmet sandwich shop just relocated to the Upper West Side (522 Columbus Ave at 85th Street) from Bushwick. It’s a ghost kitchen, currently offering delivery and takeout with limited outdoor seating. The shop makes classic sandwiches with Korean, Japanese and Chinese flavors and cooking techniques. The three sandwiches they’re offering now are a fried chicken sandwich served with a Szechuan slaw and Wang’s secret Korean pepper sauce, a Japanese influenced braised pulled pork sandwich with Korean pepper aioli and a Bulgogi-inspired cheesesteak sandwich. There is also an a la carte deluxe chicken sandwich in which a sweet and tangy cilantro carrot slaw. More info here.

Tartinery, a “casual café-bar” that specializes in tartines will be replacing Bouchon in the Time Warner Center, which closed after fourteen years once PAUSE took effect last March. Tartinery serves all sorts of baked goods, as well as salads and even alcohol at some locations. Here’s the menu at its midtown location. Thanks to Upper West Sider for the tip.

Banh Vietnamese Sandwich Shop’s grand opening at 942 Amsterdam Avenue between 106th and 107th Streets is scheduled for January 15. The popular Vietnamese restaurant has been holding weekend pop-ups for more than a month.

Elegant Barber Shop has opened at 118 West 72nd Street. Elegant is a chain with other city locations. Thanks to Sarah for the tip.

The Bolivian Llama Party restaurant in the underground Turnstyle mall in the Columbus Circle train station “has come to a sad pandemic closure,” they announced on Instagram. “However! Wherever there is a sunset, there is also a sunrise! Come visit us at our NEW Sunnyside Queens Location, just a 20 minute ride by car or on the 7 train (46th st Bliss St station). Place an order online for pickup at Thank you for all of your love and support!”

It appears from building permit applications that Copy Experts will be moving from their current home at 2440 Broadway to the former Dunkin’ at 2420 Broadway (90th). Thanks to Upper West Sider for the tip.

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    1. Mark Moore says:

      Walked by Saiguette about a week ago and there was construction noise coming from inside. Stopped and looked in the through the mesh part of the gate and there were people working, though it looked like the restaurant equipment was still all in place. So who knows.

    2. Trish says:

      I’m bereft at the loss of Bolivian Llama party. I planned many downtown excursions around a stop in Columbus Circle for their excellent chimba salteñas.

      • Kayson212 says:

        Ditto that. BLP had great food and was very well-reviewed. But I just visited Turnstyle on a weekday morning and it was desolate, a bad sign for other commuter-dependent businesses.

        • Trish says:

          I’m sure that mall has been hit hard. Hopefully it comes roaring back once the virus is under control. They have/had a lot of great little ethnic food stalls but BLP was in a class of its own.

    3. LL says:

      Copy Experts has just moved. Are they scheduled to move again?

      • Cato says:

        — “Copy Experts has just moved. Are they scheduled to move again?”

        They’re copying the first move. That’s what makes them Experts.

    4. Alan says:

      It appears that Vanessa’s Dumpling House will open shortly. A sign has gone up on the old Treat House location on Amsterdam Ave in the 80’s

    5. Dan V. says:

      I went to Elegant Barber Shop just before Christmas and was VERY happy with their services. The employees are super nice and not pushy at all. Also SUPER CLEAN. Men’s haircut was $30 – higher than I used to pay down in FiDi but I also had two shots of bourbon on the house, so that was nice! Would definitely recommend.

    6. Bob says:

      RIP to Frank Macs. Trivia Wednesdays and St. Patty’s celebrations won’t be the same without you. Much love to all the staff.

    7. Chuck D says:

      Bolivian Lama Party was awesome. I used to have it for lunch back when stepping out for a quick bite at the office was a thing.

    8. Some guy says:

      You just noticed that Copy Experts just moved? They moved back in early in December. When Copy moved they closed the old place without opening the new one first. And it’s open now.

    9. Denaliboy says:

      Is it the Bouchon Cafe or Bakery which is gone?

    10. Welltravbrit says:

      We ordered the chicken sandwich from King Wang’s this evening and it was great! So delicious. Highly recommended. Right now it’s just pick up but I hope they open in the neighborhood 👍. Thanks for the heads up Westside Rag.