New Vietnamese Spot Already So Popular It’s Turning Some Orders Away

Crowds lining up outside of Banh Vitenamese Shop House. Photo courtesy of Scott Lynch/Gothamist.

Banh Vietnamese Shop House at 942 Amsterdam Avenue, between 106th and 107th Streets has been “soft-opened” for about three weeks, just serving food on the weekends. But apparently the buzz about this place has already spread far and wide, according to a recent review in Gothamist. In fact, they’ve had to stop accepting online orders because they can’t keep up with them. (They’re working on a new online ordering system to make things smoother.)

John Nguyen, the co-owner of Banh Shop House, tries to explain the restaurant’s instant success. “For one thing, the Vietnamese community in this city is tight, and everyone shares on social media, so word got around fast. For another, we’re making things that you can’t really get anywhere else in the city, not even at our other restaurant, Cơm Tấm Ninh Kiều in the Bronx.”

Apparently Shop House serves Vietnamese dishes you can’t get elsewhere. Reviewer Scott Lynch tried much of the menu and picked some favorites. “I would definitely recommend getting the Xoai Xanh Mam Ruoc, or Green Mango Salad, for the table to share as a starter,” he wrote. “It’s a deceptively simple-looking dish—slices of unripe fruit and a crock of thick, almost clumpy, fish sauce for dipping—but it’s sublime in its contrast of tang and funk.” He also liked the “Ton’s Pha Lau, a wonderfully rich and hearty stew, packed with braised beef and pork intestines, strips of tripe, and chunks of liver.”

They’re doing both indoor and outdoor dining now and expect to have regular full-time hours starting next month. See the menu here.


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    1. UWS-er says:

      I’m sure it’s also popular because everyone desperately misses Saiguette.

      • Lora G says:

        Do you know if Saiguette plans to reopen? I can’t find information anywhere! They are sorely missed.

        • UWS-er says:

          No idea! The message on the web site saying they’ll be open soon hasn’t been updated since they closed. For a long time Yelp claimed they’d be opening Nov. 2, which came and went. No one seems to have heard anything from the owners at all….

          • Dana says:

            Vietnaam 88 (on 88th & 2nd) is owned by the same people as Saiguette. They have everything from the Saiguette menu (and more!), and they’ve been open for pickup and delivery for the last few months.

            I’m also desperately missing Saiguette, so Vietnaam 88 is absolutely worth the trip across town!

      • Diane says:

        Yes, I also desperately miss Saiguette. Hearing of a new Vietnamese place making a go of it so close to Saiguette only has me missing them more!
        If Shop House can do so well, why is Saiguette still closed?
        I’ve searched NYC Yelp and no one has the same menu items in one place as Saiguette. And, of course, they wouldn’t have the love that’s in everything they do.
        Hope everyone who works there is well and that they can re-open soon!

    2. Gretchen says:

      Wow! I sorely miss the great Saigon Grill, so this will be a great addition. Imagine if they opened an In-N-Out Burger around here –it would be bedlam!!! They just opened one in Aurora, Colorado and there was a 14-hour wait and fights breaking out!

    3. Steen says:

      I have to say, we are getting so lucky with the restaurants opening up around here. Just off the top of my head, I can eat excellent Indian, Mexican, Thai, Barbecue, Chinese, Japanese, Italian, French and now Vietnamese without going more than 7 blocks.

    4. Kim says:

      And don’t forget Two Wheels!

    5. Paula says:

      Looks good, what are the foods posted in picture? Is it easy to make at home?