Alleged Knifepoint Robbers Arrested Are 14 and 16 Years Old

Officers involved in the arrest.

By Carol Tannenhauser

Through a coordinated effort by the NYPD 20th and 24th Precincts, two alleged perpetrators of a pair of knifepoint robberies that occurred last week on Riverside Drive in the West 70s were arrested on Sunday evening, according to Captain Neil Zuber, commander of the 20th Precinct. The alleged robbers were 14 and 16 years old, with over 25 prior arrests between them. Captain Zuber sent an email to WSR, describing the events leading to their capture.

Because each of the crimes happened around 5 pm, and in close proximity to Riverside Park, we established a deployment plan to saturate that area at that time. Deputy Inspector [Naoki] Yaguchi, and the 24th Pct mirrored our deployment on their side of the border [86th Street].

Yesterday, our sectors observed two individuals fitting the exact description, including clothing and footwear, as the perpetrators in our wanted flyers from one of the robberies. The officers were able to keep them under surveillance until they observed them commit a violation, at which point they moved in to stop them. The coordination amongst the officers, including patrol units from the 24th Pct, prevented them from escaping, and they were stopped without incident. At that point each was found to be in possession of a knife. They were each charged with Criminal Possession of a Weapon, and debriefed by the Detective Squad, where probable cause was established and they were arrested for the Robbery Pattern. [They] are 14 and 16 years old….”

According to Captain Zuber, the juveniles have both been arrested before, with 15 charges between them in the last seven months. “We are trying our best to have them remanded into custody this time,” he said.

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