Three Vaccine Spots Open Nearby as City Creates Vaccine Phone Number

Brandeis High School on 84th will be a vaccination center for city workers.

Vaccine information is coming in fast and furious as the state expands eligibility to people over 75 and certain essential workers. Along with the online signup options, the city has now created a phone number people can call to sign up. It’s 877-VAX-4NYC or 877-829-4692. For now it will work from 8 a.m until 9 p.m., though it’s expected to go 24/7 soon.

There are vaccination spots all over the city, and at least three now open on the Upper West Side. This site allows you to search for sites by zip code.

GoHealth Urgent Care West 69 at 199 Amsterdam Avenue is offering vaccines. To sign up go here.

There is an NYC Health & Hospitals Corp. Site at 264 West 118th Street called Gotham Health, Sydenham Hospital-Based Health Center/Clinic. To sign up (for this or other Health & Hospitals sites) go here.

And Brandeis High School at 145 West 84th Street will be a vaccine site for city workers, with vaccines delivered by the nonprofit Somos Care. We have not found a website dedicated to it, but Somos Care’s site is here.

We have much more on the process in our prior post here.

Apparently there are lots of slots still available for this week. The rollout remains a work-in-progress  — the websites are not user-friendly and there hasn’t been enough outreach, according to Comptroller Scott Stringer.

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    1. West 90th Street Jeff says:

      If you follow link below you can get an appointment even tomorrow for vaccine. My wife and I went to mt. Sinai West and got our shots today (Monday)

      • Jackie says:

        Where do you schedule at Mt Sinai west? I dont see anything on that link with a booking link.

        • West 90th Street Jeff says:

          @Jackie: Mt. Sinai West is at 1000 10th Avenue. That’s how it’s listed on the site I provided in my letter no. 1. Years ago it was called Roosevelt Hospital.

      • MF says:

        WOW! You are an angel in disguise…I’ve been on websites all day that don’t work…I clicked on your link and was able to make my 2 appts. at Mt Sinai immediately. No sweat!
        Thank you so much.

        • lynn says:

          I also don’t see a link for appointments at any of the Mt. Sinai links posted today (in either thread). MY GP is at Mt. Sinai and even that office couldn’t direct me to an appt. So frustrating. What the heck am I missing?! 🙁

      • J N says:

        Thank you!! So helpful. Was not getting anywhere with the city link.

      • sophia says:

        Must you have a Mt. Sinai doctor or be a MS patient to make an appointment? Or just be 75+?

      • Phyllis says:

        Thank you so much! Took all morning, but am now booked for both shots.
        You’re an angel.

    2. MF says:

      I am at a loss to understand. I keep getting emails and seeing posts of all kinds including this one, giving information about COVID vaccine locations around the city, however, when you go to the website of ANY of them to make an appt. there are no times available anywhere on the calendar anywhere. I don’t get it.

    3. Marilyn Sulzbacker says:

      69 street does not have available dates. Suggest going to Mount Sinai – many steps but easy to do and can sign on for both doses.

      • Alan UWS says:

        Many thanks to Marilyn Sulzbacker. The link she recommends is the only one that worked for me after an entire day of searching. Got my appointment at Mount Sinai West for January 20 for the first dose and for February 11 for the second. The sites listed in the article above proved to be fruitless.

        • Sam says:

          How do you know when to make the appt for the 2nd dose? Is it 21 days after or 28 days after if you don’t know if you are getting the Pfizer one or the Moderna one?

    4. C says:

      I have seen sites with zero appointments available, and other sites across NYC with, as Stringer said, what looks like full availability. I did not make an appointment for one of the many open spots because it was not in my borough and I’m unclear on whether we need to go by zip code or if we can go to another borough as long as they have availability. As a teacher, I want to get the vaccine as soon as the state decides that I can — but I certainly don’t want to cut in line, either!

      • Linda says:

        our daughter registered my husband yesterday and said the online process was a beast. there were no spots open on uws, so he’s going to brooklyn tomorrow.

        so yes, you can go outside your zip code, etc.

    5. Danny says:

      I tried to register at the a urgent care on 69th street and filled out the form but it won’t let me finish and send. Outrageous does anyone any one have any suggestions? Thank you

    6. MF says:


      • lynn says:

        I couldn’t find anything with the Mt. Sinai links but I used the city site and was able to get a confirmation code to set up an account and then the site wouldn’t accept my address. I hope someone is able to work out all the glitches soon. I think I have a lot of patience but this is too much. 🙁

    7. Stacy says:

      I just went to as per Marilyn Sulzbacker and scheduled two appointments. Thank you so much, Marilyn S!!

    8. J N says:

      Your info on available vaccine slots seems to be incorrect. Nothing was available for now or anytime in the near future. Sites and phones seem to be dysfunctional at this point. Very disturbing.

    9. dannyb says:

      while having a dedicated phone number kind of, almost, makes sense… (Tevye Voice) No, there is No Sense there! It would have been much, MUCH, simpler (to callers) to just add an option to the screen at the “311” receiving desks.

    10. Amelia Weiss says:

      I would like to have my earlier comment deleted. One can schdedule a New York Presbyterian/Columbia vaccine through their Connect portal. Connect will tell patients when OK to schedule. My earlier comment was based on what I was definitely told re scheduling a vaccine. When I called again to verify, that information was corrected. So sorry, all.

    11. Susan Yankowitz says:

      I was able to book appointments for both doses this afternoon via the Mt. Sinai website at the center on W. 114th St – first dose on Jan. 23, and there was quite a bit of availability. TIP: Don’t say you’re a Mt. Sinai patient even if you are: check Other.

    12. Mary jones says:

      Someone above already gave this link, it’s what Mt Sinai sent us this morning in an email. ..easy to make appointments for both shots. Don’t have to have a relationship with Mt. Sinai. Highly recommend.

    13. Fadedc says:

      I got my first dose today at the Somos site at Brandeis on 85th. They had plenty of available slots as of last night but you do have to work for the city to go there. Was quick and easy.

      • Michele says:

        @Fadedc Glad to hear it went well! I have an appointment for the first dose at SOMOS/Brandeis on Friday. What information did they have about booking the second dose? I’m just concerned that I won’t be able to get an appointment for the second dose on the appropriate date. Thanks!

        • Fadedc says:

          Sorry for the delay. They told me that I was automatically registered for my second dose at the same time four weeks from then. Still, I don’t have any documentation of this or way to confirm it, and they were still figuring a lot of things out because I was one of their first patients. So I may try calling them just to 100% confirm.

        • Michele says:

          Update: Went to Brandeis today. Super-efficient. In and out in 30 minutes. Your Vaccination Record Card has the date for your second dose and you just have to show that on your assigned day. As the original poster said, the site is for city employees but if you qualify, I high recommend.

          • Fadedc says:

            Great! Exact same with me, glad nothing has changed. Hopefully we are all set for our second appointments.

    14. Chris says:

      I’ve been trying to get an appointment for my husband who is 77. The sites may be open, the websites are up, but so far there are no appointments available anywhere that I can see all the way through May. Is there a trick that I’m missing?

      • Mary Jones says:

        Click on the link I provided, there are appointments available this month. Numerous locations. I just checked…Tuesday morning

    15. Karen says:

      Mt. sinai has appointments at Mt Sinai west and whatever St Lukes is called now. About a week out at this point

      • Sam says:

        Anyone having issues making the appointment for the second dose with Mount Sinai West (formerly St Luke’s on 10th Avenue). After making the appointment for the first dose, it tells me to make an appointment for the 2nd dose but there are no available dates/times listed for 21-28 days (week of Feb 15th or Feb 22) and when I called, it consistently said “call failed.”

        • Bill says:

          @Sam … I had the same problem when I booked shot #1 last night. I’ll just keep checking back at regular intervals and book online when the calendar expands. Even one shot is better than none. (Thanks for saving me time on the phone.)

    16. Judy says:

      You can’t make an appointment at the moment unless you are a health worker or 75 or over

    17. Truns says:

      I understand the convenience of being on the UWS but I scheduled mine for the South Bronx Educational Complex (701 St Ann) yesterday morning for last night. Very easy. You don’t have to be a city worker. Essential health are and 75 and over. 75 and over can go right to the front of the line.

    18. dobydigital says:

      Here is the SOMOS link to make an appointment at Brandeis. I went to the site yesterday and was able to make an appointment for today.

      • Michele says:

        @dobydigital thanks for the info! I have an appt at SOMOS/Brandeis on Friday but haven’t been able to find any information about booking the second dose? Do they do that while you’re on-site or do you have to book it online when new dates become available? Thanks!

    19. dobydigital says:

      Whoops I posted a “here is the link” without giving the link:

    20. Lee Ryder says:

      There are no timeslots available at GoHealth Urgent Care West 69 at 199 Amsterdam Avenue is offering vaccines through June or July.

    21. Mark says:

      Cuomo just opened it to 65+ per new CDC guidelines. The sites may not have caught up to this yet, but I’m gonna try and make an appt.

      • drg says:

        I just made an appt for my wife (65) with the NYHHC site.They took the info even though the site still said 75.

    22. Emily says:

      You can also get the vaccine at Rite Aid! I was able to schedule an appt for this Thursday at the West 125th location (although I am not longer seeing it on their website)

    23. Janet W. says:

      MOUNT SINAI and its vendor ZOCDOC.COM should hang their heads in shame. I am a MT Sinai OP – 85 & immunecompromised. NO ONE is looking out for us. It’s a mad scramble to find an appointment. I’ve passed a dozen eligibility tests for an appointment – yet there is NOTHING and NO WHERE for me to go.

      Well, there is the Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens and SI – on the subway, ferry and bus. On the Upper West Side, nada. Friends have gotten appointments. Will I even LIVE long enough to get the vax?

      • Mindy Osansky says:

        I went to the Somos site yesterday at Wingate and the process was flawless. However they did not schedule a second dose on site and when I go back to their website, their are not future dates to schedule it. I also contacted other providers but they only allow you to schedule a second does if you had your first dose administered there. Any advice to getting the second dose (Moderna) would be greatly appreciated.

        • Michele says:

          Hi Mindy, thanks for posting about your experience. I have an appointment at a SOMOS site tomorrow and haven’t been able to find information about the second dose. Did you ever find an answer? Thanks!

        • Michele says:

          Hi Mindy, I went to a SOMOS site today. Check the back of your Vaccination Record Card. For the Brandeis site, they wrote the date of the second dose there. They said just bring the card, ID, etc… on the assigned date (no specific time) and get the second dose.

          • Mindy says:

            To get some clarification, I went back to the Somos site @Wingate, and they said they would be contacting us what time to come back on the date on the card. They said that they are still automating their system but that the appt on our card is guaranteed as our next appointment date at the same location.

      • Becca says:

        Janet, I am not sure what you’re seeing but as others have posted above, Mt. Sinai is almost the only site with appointments available and a functioning website. I got both of mine set up easily and Zocdoc confirmed them within minutes. Maybe you are using the wrong link?

    24. sandra says:

      I don’t know where you are getting your info- I have spent the entire day trying to get an appointment

    25. Carol Friedman says:

      My husband and I both are 77. Love in Orange County. Unable to get an appt. both of us have comorbidity issues. Where can we get the vaccines. We can travel into the city

      • JL says:

        @Carol, check closer to home. I have relatives in Westchester, both teachers and young parents. My nephew got an appointment (near home) within the month and his wife was vaccinated yesterday in Rockland county.

        Good luck and stay well, keep loving in Orange.

        • Michele says:

          @JL I’ve been trying to find an appointment for my 74-year old mother in Westchester and haven’t been having any luck. Where did your family end up having luck? Thanks!

          • JL says:

            @Michele, He got an appointment at the Westchester County Center near White Plains in a couple of weeks.

            I’m also hearing Bronx residents are having an easier time than Manhattanites. No details there, as I myself will join the search probably in the second wave. Hopefully things will have calmed down a bit in a couple of months with an early Spring.

            • Michele says:

              @JL thanks for the reply. Unfortunately I tried the site for Westchester County Center yesterday and it was too late. Zero availability on all posted dates through mid-April. No luck in the Northwell Health affiliates in Westchester either. Hopefully spots will open as more vaccine becomes available but it seems like you have to catch lightning in a bottle and be on the site at precisely the right time!

    26. Kathleen says:

      @ West 90th Street Jeff thanks so much for that link. That’s probably the best site for me and though they don’t have any slots left now (or anywhere since they opened it up to people over 65, of which I am one) but I bookmarked the page and will keep checking. Much obliged.

    27. JL says:

      NY1 just announced MT. Sinai cancelled a bunch of Covid19 appointments because they are short on vaccine. Don’t know the details.

      • melanie wilken says:

        Yes I had an appointment for this morning. I was ON THE TRAIN trying to call because no one contacted me. After being on hold for 15 min the woman told me I should have known it was cancelled because it was “on the news”!!!!