A Horse Walked Into an Upper West Side Starbucks and ‘People Actually Looked Up From Their Devices for a Few Seconds’

More than a hundred years ago, horses could stop at watering holes all over the Upper West Side. These days, equines need more modern refreshments, like mocha grande frappa-pumpkin spice lattes. A service horse named Honey clip-clopped into the Starbucks on Broadway and 75th Street on Wednesday, a sight so rare that “people there actually looked up from their devices for a few seconds,” joked Gretchen, who took the photos above and below.

Miniature horses, in fact, are common and reliable service animals that aren’t much bigger than large dogs (and tend to live longer, so they can be companions for a much longer period of time). Still, it’s pretty rare to see them in Starbucks!

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    1. Ted says:

      Why the long face?

    2. geoff says:

      two regular coffees — one for me and one for the guy outside with the shovel and bucket.

    3. ileen says:

      Why is the horse wearing an equine burka & the human in flip flops & shorts?

    4. Old Judge says:

      There is a difference between service and support animals. The former is trained to do something useful and the latter, to provide comfort (basically a pet.) I do not believe that one is allowed to ask which or why.

      • Cait says:

        Disability services professional here–you are allowed to ask two questions: 1) Is this a service animal? 2) What service/task is it trained to provide?

        Unfortunately many people refer to their pets or comfort animals as “service animals,” which does a disservice to those with disabilities who rely on specially trained dogs (and yes, sometimes mini horses) for assistance with every day tasks.

    5. B says:

      So what service does the horse provide?

      • Chrigid says:

        and where does it live and is it house-broken?

        This is one of those times when satisfying reader curiosity is more important than cracking wise.

      • LLogan says:

        Manure for the garden

      • The Answer Man says:

        Re: “So what service does the horse provide?”

        1. Helps save the planet (oat-burner, not a fossil-fuel burner);

        2. on-demand transportation always available (no need to hail a cab or wait for an ooober, veeya, lyffft, etc.);

        3. pleases most kids and even some adults (if they ever look-up from their iPhones;

        4. provides great conversation starter (‘You’ll never believe what I saw today!’ and/or Instagram opportunity;

        5. AND, relieves the owner of having to play Richard the Third (a horth, a horth, my kingdom for a horth-ee).

      • TJ says:

        back rubs

      • CWR10025 says:

        Poop Fertilizer for the garden

      • Ruth Bonnet says:

        I am sure – like dogs – they are trained in a number of things, like warning the human when a seizure is about to happen, or stabilizing the human when they get light-headed and are about to fall down

    6. CWR10025 says:

      The horse is fine not a problem until it takes a poop indoors.. it should be outlawed grown men with filthy feet wearing flip-flops and Starbucks !!

    7. juanita says:

      Very cool. It’s amazing how unusual a sight has to be before folks will look up from their devices!!!! love the pix

    8. UprWst says:

      A horse walk into Starbucks and asks for Grande Mocha Latte. “You know,” says the barista “we don’t get many horses around here.” To which the horse replies, “At these prices I’m not surprised.”

    9. Joey says:

      That’s gotta be a dept. of health violation

    10. LuluT says:

      Hahahaha to #8

    11. mkmuws says:

      If that horse wasn’t in full service regalia, people never would have noticed or looked. Peripherally would have just thought it was a large dog.

    12. Susan Green says:

      Oh, and he is covered, head to hoof! So sorry I wasn’t there, just to say Neighhh