Openings & Closings: Babeth’s Feast, Goldenlight Visions, Bareburger, Dos Toros

Babeth’s Feast , the gourmet frozen foods store on Amsterdam between 74th and 75th will be closing the first or second week of November. It’s not the rent, though Frank Matz, CEO of the company (which also had a store on the UES and a website, both already closed), did mention the high cost of doing business in NYC. In fact, Babeth’s Feast was bought by a Miami-based corporation called Wild Fork Foods. From now until they close their doors, there are sales—storewide, 25% off; 50% off on selected items. Babeth’s nearly closed once before. Thanks to Mitchell for the tip.

Goldenlight Visions, a store that helps people print photos and turn them into larger pieces of art is opening at 2543 Broadway, between 95th and 96th Streets. The website says they’ll open in late October. Thanks to Celeste and Karen for the tips.

Bareburger was supposed to open on Monday at 795 Columbus Avenue (99th), the company told us last week. But a spokesperson did not respond to questions about the location, it’s not listed on the company website, and the number listed for the location goes straight to a voicemail that’s not yet activated. If you live nearby, let us know if it’s actually open! It’s one of two Bareburgers expected to open in the neighborhood. And this one is supposed to have at least 50% vegan options.

Dos Toros, a Taqueria-style restaurant chain, is opening soon at 2911 Broadway between 113th and 114th Street, next to the old Aerosol store. It’s a “tiny space,” writes Nancy. “Looks like it will mostly be to-go.” Check out the menu.

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    1. UWSHebrew says:

      Bareburger opened yesterday. They have a sign outside that says “SOFT OPENING”. People are inside eating.

    2. Leslie says:

      Yes! Bareburger is serving and only for dine-in. They still have signs that say it’s a ‘soft opening’. Half of the menu is vegan.

    3. Nancie March says:

      Yes I passed your and Bareburger did a soft opening (their words not mine) on Tuesday

    4. ben says:

      Bareburger @ 795 Columbus actually has soft opened as of a couple of days ago!

    5. Bareburger opened for a “soft” opening on 10/14/19. I ate there on 10/15/19 with a friend,. it was much better than the original version of bareburger. My salad was much bigger andwell priced. The management and servers were so on top of everything, Good luck,

    6. Marie Bissmann says:

      Bareburger is also opening a stoRe at bway & W 79th St. Former location of the Japanese steak rrstaurant. No opening date announced as yet.

    7. Tom D. says:

      “next to the old Aerosol store” = “where Amir’s used to be”.

      • Stuart says:

        Is the Aerosol store where they sell hairspray, paint, and other items that destroy our environment?

        • lisa vangelas says:

          it was a shoe store

        • F(r)ed Upp says:

          RE: “hairspray, paint, and other items that destroy our environment?”

          O.M.G.x 10

          Hope others are also getting upset with the self-appointed environmental-crusaders advocating that we totally stop EVERYTHING.

          Okay, Hairspray may/may not be necessary, but:
          1. shall we dispense with paint…leaving all outdoor surfaces bare and exposed to the elements?

          2. Shall we dispense with raising cattle for milk and meat, because belching cows create methane?

          3. Shall we eliminate agriculture because produce has to be transported by CO2-emitting trucks?

          4. Shall we eliminate all vehicles (CO2 again) and revert to horse-drawn transportation?

          5. And, shall we eliminate jet airliners because jet exhaust produces high-altitude CO2. Why not just sail across the ocean. It took our ancestors only SIX WEEKS to cross the Atlantic by sail…but NO CO2 emissions!

    8. Keith says:

      Dos Toros > Chipotle … by a lot.

      PS: Beware their hot sauce is wicked. Tasty, but molten.