Actually, Bareburger is Now Opening Two Upper West Side Locations

Bareburger is preparing to reopen a restaurant at 795 Columbus Avenue at 98th Street, and recently applied for a liquor license there. But that’s apparently not the only spot where the restaurant wants to open on the UWS.

A new Bareburger sign appeared on Wednesday at 2233 Broadway between 79th and 80th Streets, the former short-lived home of Ikinari Steak. It says that the restaurant will be “coming soon.” Bareburger hasn’t responded to our inquiries in recent days.

The chain, known for a unique selection of burgers from bison to ostrich, had been embroiled in a dispute with a franchisee who owned the former 795 Columbus location.

Thanks to Kevin, Evan, Karen and Richard Blakely for the tips and photos.

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    1. Susan H Llewellyn says:

      You couldn’t’ve chosen a better word for Bareburger’s involvement in a dispute than “embroiled”!
      Hold the onion…

    2. Ponald Plump says:

      2233 Broadway is cursed.

      • Mark P says:

        Agree…nothing seems to last there…

      • Anonymous says:

        It’s the universe’s revenge for the closure of a perfectly servicable Korean “deli” many years ago. I believe the first store to go into the space afterwards sold novelty clocks at high prices. Thereby setting the tone for the evolution of retail on the UWS: when a store goes out of business, seldom is it replaced by anything remotely as useful. As a result the nearest “Korean Deli” is now six blocks North on Broadway.

    3. Steven says:

      So, prior to Ikinari Steak, that space was occupied by “brgr.” I guess that space is zoned specifically for meat.

      • Cato says:

        — “I guess that space is zoned specifically for meat.”

        So what’s your beef with that?

        • Steven says:

          Well, you’d think that such a prime location along that New York strip would provide a juicy opportunity for a place that is a cut above.

    4. phyllis says:

      yippee, I love the Impossible Burger. I now take the bus over to First Ave to get one!

    5. Irv says:

      If it is successful, we’re likely to have some clogged arteries…