For several years, Donald Trump has been paying to keep a section of the Henry Hudson Parkway near the West 60’s clean.

The area, next to a stretch of land developed by Trump, is marked by a sign that says “Henry Hudson Pkwy Beautification. Donald J. Trump.” (A writer from Upworthy once walked the length of it and counted the pieces of trash, which takes an impressive amount of spite!)

trump highway2
The sign as it normally looks. Photo by Adam Fagen.

On Sunday, someone pasted the word “Stop” over the Donald J., suddenly turning it into a protest sign: “Stop Trump.”

trump highway
The sign as it looked on Sunday. Photo by Sara Sprung (who notes that she was not involved in the vandalism in any way).

Upper West Siders have rejected the Trump brand before, with some petitioning for his name to be stripped off of the Trump Place buildings on Riverside Boulevard in the West 60’s. The letters were taken down in November.

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    1. wil says:

      Bravo – Then we won’t have articles like the ones below.

      • When Trump pays for the security bill because his son won’t move to DC then I’ll respect his stupid, petty sign. Until my city taxes go to my city, Trump and all his moron supporters can STFU.

        Good for the vandal for making it clear that we need Trump to stop. Shame on those that support Trump while he steals our taxes money. He took the job, he knew the consequences. When he pays there will never be respect from tax paying New Yorkers.

        • Independent says:

          When Trump pays for the security bill because his son won’t move to DC

          So you would have had First Lady Melania move into the White House with First Son Barron now? You do realize, don’t you, that doing that would effectively force the lad to change schools in the middle of the current school-year? Or perhaps you would instead have only the First Son remain here, separating him from both of his parents? Have you given any thought as to how disruptive and even traumatic either of those would likely be for a child of Barron’s tender age? Do you even care?

          Judging from your comment and, certainly, the URL for your web site, I doubt you do. Still, had the First Family forced Barron to switch schools mid-year, as you suggested that they should have, I have to wonder whether you wouldn’t now be condemning them as bad parents for it.

          And do I even need to ask how your response would differ to either of the exact same scenarios as the two I outlined above but with the difference that the First Family in question were one that enjoyed your approval? (E.g., had the Clintons, at the time Bill Clinton became President, been living in Manhattan, with instead of Barron attending school here, the then tender-aged Chelsea doing so.)

          Is it not a fact, as a recent comment in another thread pointed-out, that all Presidents and their immediate families receive special protection (Secret Service and police) at taxpayer expense?

          Trump and all his moron supporters can STFU.

          Imagine that very statement, made by someone else and with “Clinton” or “Obama” substituted for “Trump”. Do I even need to ask how you would react?

          Your statement summarily brands all of the many millions of your countrymen (assuming you are a U.S. citizen) who support our President as “morons” whose views and perspectives cannot possibly ever be worthy of consideration.

          then I’ll respect his stupid, petty sign.

          So if, say, I don’t respect your web site, that would make me justified if I were to vandalize it?

          Good for the vandal for making it clear that we need Trump to stop.

          So vandalism is justified as long as it promotes a message that you agree with? Is that your position and that of the others here who have applauded this act of vandalism?

    2. Panko R Crumb says:

      countdown to “blame de Blasio for every thing that happens in the world” in





    3. Juan says:

      I’m sure he got someone else to pay for the beautification and slap his name on it.

    4. Jeff Berger says:

      How disrespectful. You don’t have to agree with this views, but respect that he donated money to keep your public spaces clean. You would not tolerate this if it were done to a Progressive celebrity or politician. You would not allow anyone to vandalize a sign with the Obama family name. I know you are all bitter and angry that your candidate did not win, but we will all loose if we do not regain our civility and respect for each other.

      • Mark says:

        I think you are likely exaggerating.
        It seems that Trump breeds extremely thin skin even among his supporters…

      • Jennifer says:

        A Trump supporter on the UWS? Wowzers!

      • Ish Kabibble says:

        Jeff, when you cannot even spell “lose”, it’s difficult to take you seriously. In other words, don’t be a LOOSER.

        • Independent says:

          No, it absolutely is not.

          Regardless of what you or anyone else may have thought of the views that Mr. Berger expressed, his comment was clearly well-written, substantive, perfectly civil and entirely on-topic and appropriate here. In attempting to discredit it based on nothing more than a single misspelled word (that was likely a mere typo, no less), I’m afraid that you are the one who is difficult (if not impossible) to take seriously.

          Also, given the number of comments that I’ve seen here that are rife with both spelling as well grammatical errors, often quite egregious and certainly worse than the one contained in the comment that you singled-out for censure, your doing so reveals a pointed, even stunning selectivity on your part. (Though I’m sure that none of your comments, at least, have ever contained so much as a single misspelled word.)

      • allie says:

        You’re right on the money when you say “regain our civility and respect for each other.”
        Perhaps you could suggest that to the idiot Republicans assisting Drumpf in ruining the country.

    5. Zulu says:


    6. Ashley C says:

      I’m wondering if the lady who took the time to count the pieces of trash actually picked them up and threw them away or if she just left them there? Honest question.

    7. Jean says:

      Don’t think there’d be much skating at Wollman Rink if it weren’t for Trump.

      • allie says:

        Yes, it’s a good thing he did. Do you know if he actually paid any of the people he hired to do the renovation?

    8. Kathleen says:

      I seriously doubt trump cares about beautifying the highway but he LOVES to see his name in big bold letters anywhere and everywhere. Look at me! Look at me! That’s what he paid for, don’t kid yourself anything else motivated him.

    9. Debbie says:

      Love it! Trump is sickening.

      • sg says:

        What’s sickening is the hypocrisy demonstrated by liberals. Fresh speech is fine only if you agree with me, their protection of woman’s rights only if you agree with abortion…and on and on.

      • sg says:

        What’s sickening is the hypocrisy demonstrated by liberals. Free speech is fine only if you agree with me, their protection of woman’s rights only if you agree with abortion…and on and on.

        • RK says:

          Your nonsequiturs, logical inconsistencies and their intended meanings’ irrelevance to the post you’re responding to just confirms my prejudices.

    10. David says:

      A perfect illustration of UWS liberals and the “tolerance” which they are oh-so-quick to preach, but not so fast to put into practice! Like him or not, Donald Trump is to be commended for doing more than his share to help beautify the area. How many UWS liberals did anything comparable? They know how to protest… to demonstrate… to cry copious tears when things don’t go their way……when their leftist agenda is successfully challenged! But they DON’T know how to accept defeat gracefully OR to accept another political philosophy that contradicts their own! Their actions in defacing the Trump sign speak far more loudly about their own behavior than they do about Donald Trump! Quite pathetic really!

      • Zulu says:

        If dissenting and protesting what the majority see as a cancer to this nation is pathetic, yes I’m all kinds of pathetic. Who cares what you think.

        You ask for tolerance, but one can only be as tolerant as a patient is to a disease.

        You must’ve relished for eight years spewing hate with that bifurcated tongue, now it’s your turn to be on the receiving end. Enjoy.

        • UWSHebrew says:

          who cares what you think Zulu…

          • UWS_lifer says:

            Well, apparently you. And why should anyone care about your opinion then?

            And try to grow up and address people with a little more civility. Thanks.

            • UWSHebrew says:

              kettle. black.

            • Independent says:

              And try to grow up and address people with a little more civility.

              You seem to have missed the salient fact that it was Zulu who, in his reply to David’s comment, wrote, “Who cares what you think.”? UWSHebrew was merely responding to the exemplary maturity and civility exhibited by Zulu in his post, turning his own words back at him.

              In characterizing Zulu’s comments as exhibiting “exemplary maturity and civility”, I was obviously employing sarcasm. Zulu, however, who characterized not only the President but also the many millions of Americans who support the President* (at least roughly half the total population and all of whom are presumably Zulu’s fellow citizens) as, “a cancer to this nation” and declared of them that “one can only be as tolerant as a patient is to a disease.”, appears to have been dead serious.

              Those words of Zulu’s, it must be remembered, were made in direct reply to a comment (by David) that although confrontational, contained nothing like the type of venom that Zulu lashed-out with in his comment. Note the particular, direct viciousness with which Zulu concluded his reply to David, accusing him, without evidence, of “spewing hate” throughout the eight years of the Obama Presidency.

              And all this was in a post that Zulu began by dismissing the hysterical, often foul-mouthed and obscene and sometimes physically violent prolonged tantrums against our duly-elected President as mere (and venerable) “dissenting and protesting”.

              (*Even Hillary Clinton, in that infamous candid quip that she later retracted, only branded half of Trump supporters as belonging in a “basket of deplorables” (only some of whom were “irredeemable”). She was quite clear about that, quickly adding that the other half were decent people with legitimate concerns and grievances who, in supporting Trump, were merely misguided.)

              And you, UWS_lifer, castigated UWSHebrew for the relatively mild and benign response that he posted to Zulu’s vitriol.

      • Chrigid says:

        David, take a deep breath and recognize all the UWS Liberals who work tirelessly and, for all practical purposes, anonymously, in the flower gardens of Riverside Park. This is personal grunt work up to ten months a year, year in and year out.

        Who makes the greater contribution? Whose blatant, self-congratulatory sign sullies the landscape?

        Given Trump’s plans to develop the national landscape into oblivion, I would not be surprised if a tree vandalzed that sign.

        • Mark says:

          David seems to be rather hysterical while whining about how hysterical people on the Left are.
          I’m guessing that recognizing irony isn’t his strong point.

          • David says:

            How really sad it is that people like Mark and those of like “thinking” are so locked into their liberal leftist beliefs that they fail to even realize that their own INTOLERANCE is clearly on display! They profess to be so open to other points of view, but become shrill and frothing at the mouth if anyone defends President Trump. They are unwilling to accept his Presidency, and are prepared to “fight to the death” in opposition. To quote a well known movie line…….”What we have here is a failure to communicate.” And the only reason for that is that the liberal crowd is LOCKED into their viewpoint, and absolutely deaf to any other! This is fast becoming a “culture war,” in which both sides are locked in battle for the heart and soul of America…… determine the course which the nation will be moving in for the future. I, for one, support President Trump and his determination to restore the country to its former greatness!

            • allie says:

              Poor, misguided David.
              You support Drumpf in his efforts to make the country great “again”. It was pretty great already before he slithered into office.
              And just when would it be that you perceive that the country was so awesome? The 40s when we were at war? The 50s & 60s when we were at war with major riots andmurders at home and when racism was rampant and largely unchecked? The 70s with gas rationing? The 80s when St. Reagan and Daddy Bush did absolutely nothing to deal with the fast-growing AIDS epidemic? The mid 2000s when the housing market and collapsed and took much of the world’s economy with it?
              Yeah, good times!
              Or maybe you’re referring to the last 8 years when America actually WAS great and when so many enlightened and progressive changes were made (despite McConnell, Ryan and the other Right Wing Congressional psychopaths)

              Oh, yeah….America’s good old days are sure the direction I want to take.

      • Jennifer says:

        Seriously David? You think Trump would ever himself go and help pick up trash? He doesn’t give a crap about highway beautification. He PAID to have his NAME put in HUGE letters on a sign that millions of people drive by – to make himself look good. And guess what? He did it for a tax deduction – but I guess we will never know if he took that tax break, right?

      • Ken says:

        If all Trump cared about was cleaning that stretch of road he could have done it without putting his name all over a sign and in BIG print. He does nothing if it is not for his own benefit – don’t kid yourself. There are plenty of volunteers that clean up and plant the parks, etc. Just because you don’t see their name everywhere does not mean they are not doing things to beautify the city. Trump is only out for Trump – Open your eyes!

      • Leon says:

        Trump is one of the least charitable people out there – you clearly missed the stories during the campaign about his lack of donations and how he avoided actually paying up on donations he claimed to make. If he would release his taxes, we would see how few charities he has given to. So stop singing hosanas to him for the one donation he made, which was likely forced upon him in exchange for building his hideous towers.

    11. katherine says:

      Yay! Every time I drove by that sign recently I wondered why it hadn’t been vandalized yet.

    12. Lila Shoshkes says:

      What did the Trump organization have to do to get his signs on the highways of New York?

      • Riversideboulevarder says:

        Adopt a highway…

        • Juan says:

          Interestingly, the website for NYC DOT specifically states:

          “Highways can be adopted by individuals, companies, or organizations (but not political candidates and campaigns).”

          I’m sure the check was written by the Trump Organization and not Donald himself, but having his name up there was an illegal means of campaigning – it probably would have been OK if it said Trump Organization, but that would clearly be beneath him…

    13. UWS_lifer says:

      No doubt Mr. Trump paid for this through his now defunct “Trump Foundation”.

      It was shown during the election that he collected donations from OTHER people and used that money for stuff like this, donating to his kids school, lavish benefits at Mar a Lago, etc.

      It was all just a big scam and tax strategy. This guy isn’t a mench OR a macher…more like a gonif.:)

      God bless (and help) us all.

    14. Paul RL says:

      Oppose the Prez? Think he’s a dangerous, narcissistic whacko and want him out of office? Good for you – dissent is rhe American Way! But please grow up and be smart about It. Vandalizing your own city is both childish and stupid.

    15. RK says:

      Seems like the sign isn’t done. It should go from “STOP TRUMP” to “STOP THE UWS TRUMP SUPPORTERS”

      Trump supporters are much more of a threat to our way of life than terrorists! Maybe we can institute a travel ban for the UWS. Create a perimeter from, say, 59th to 155th, river to 5th ave, and submit a questionnaire to everyone who enters,
      “1. Did you vote for Trump?”
      “2. Have you studied the rise of Fascism leading to WWII?”

      #2 is directed at you, UWSHebrew. If you want to link your religion to your support of Trump, you should quickly cross-reference principles of Jewish ethics to what’s happening in Trumpworld. Here’s a refresher:
      Most translate pretty well to the modern world, and Donnie doesn’t score too well.

      • UWSHebrew says:

        RK — your hysteria is boring. G-d Bless President Trump.

        • UWS_lifer says:

          With all due respect dude…most of the hysteria is coming from your direction. On a daily basis.

          Talk about boring….hahaha…you need a new schtick my friend.

          Anyway, I understand your response. I don’t like being shown up and proved wrong either.

          Good night all. Let’s try to talk about some really important stuff tomorrow…like what the heck the Knicks are gonna do with Carmelo Anthony and Phil Jackson.:)

          • UWSHebrew says:

            unlike your sports reference, I do not employ “schtick” or “need new schtick”. I’m an American who voted for and supports Trump. Unfortunately, many Americans, shocked and hurt that their candidate lost the electoral college, are now waging a war against anything and everything Trump says and does. It is a sad, disgusting sight.

            • UWS_lifer says:

              Hahaha…do you honestly think we haven’t figured that out yet? We get it. You voted for Trump…you love Trump…You fall asleep at night thinking about Trump. Consider it stipulated for the record.:)

              We read it in every thread. Multiple times. These comments were a discussion about complex issues regarding religion and morality. I understand why you didn’t want to explore it but rather insult people and change the subject.

              Anyway, you might need to brush up on your Yiddish a little bit too. And maybe you SHOULD watch a basketball game or something to get your mind off of your Orange Crush.:) Love you

        • David says:

          Bravo, UWSHebrew!

        • Leon says:


          Trump stands against all of the fundamental values of Judaism. His pious daughter and son-in-law are too blinded by power to figure that out, but you should know better.

          • UWSHebrew says:

            You and others insistence of bringing Judaism into evaluating Trump is nauseating. I have defended Trump on the false accusations that he is a white supremacist and/or anti-semitic, not about so-called “Jewish values”. In Palm Beach, Florida, he insisted his country club be open to Jews, blacks, and gays, which horrified the locals. Trump is a patriot.

            • Mark says:

              Um, yeah, he’s willing to take money from Jews and gays.
              Yup – he’s a patriot.

            • dj says:

              Great post as always, UWSHebrew! Keep it up. The constant barrage of accusations against Trump (racist! sexist! bigot! homophobe! etc) is baseless and frankly absurd. That’s all the left has to go on these days, I guess. Still, the anti-Semitic one is particularly ridiculous. It’s good to see someone calling them out on it.

          • Independent says:

            Trump stands against all of the fundamental values of Judaism.

            That’s quite an exaggeration there.

            1.) President Trump is certainly far from exemplifying many of the fundamental values of Judaism (as well as Christianity). Only one who was incredibly ignorant or naive or, alternatively, incredibly disingenous, could dispute that much.

            2.) In some cases, President Trump has taken actual positions that are opposed to one or more “fundamental values of Judaism” (and of traditional Christianity). The area in which this is perhaps most true as well as most conspicuous and notable is that of the President’s record on “LGBTQ” issues. It is possibly even more favorable toward that lobby’s agenda than even Obama’s record was at the time he took office.

            3.) Concerning comparing the President to his opponents:

            – On point number one, above, one could perhaps argue over who, in the final analysis, is worse: President Trump or his opponents/ Hillary Clinton (though toward what purpose or end one would engage-in such a debate, I am not sure).

            – On point number two, above, it is rather abundantly clear that the President is certainly no worse than (at least the overwhelming majority of) his opponents and enemies and likely considerably better.

            4.) Accusations that the President “is a white supremacist and/or anti-semitic”, as UWS Hebrew just summarized them, are indeed not only preposterous but also downright ugly, offensive and even libelous.

            5.) I will conclude by noting that I am an observant Jew who is both strongly opposed to interventionist foreign policy as well as emphatically non-Zionist. Thus, I voted for the President in spite of his bellicose statements on Iran, etc. I would expect and hope that more than a few of my fellow Upper West Siders as well as more than a few of my fellow Jews would join me in urging the President to reject and abandon such interventionist and confrontational direction in foreign policy.

    16. Jeff says:

      Why can’t we all get along without riots like in California
      We are most of us Americans and proud of it or should be. The trouble is they don’t teach enough American history so you would understand what this country is all about and be thankful. We should back our president he was elected like Obama was.

    17. Mark says:

      Yet again we see posters on the Right, who hate “political correctness” and “safe spaces” but who are demanding political correctness and safe spaces.
      Seriously, what is it with the intellectual shortcoming of the Right that they can’t see obvious irony?

      • Independent says:

        You equate calling-out vandalism with “demanding political correctness and safe spaces”?

        Or expecting that college students should be able to hear an individual whom they legitimately and lawfully invited to speak without being violently assaulted by vicious thugs? (Yes, even a speaker as controversial and incendiary as Milo Yiannopoulos. Even if you consider such a speaker guilty of “hate speech”. As people like Noam Chomsky have famously pointed-out, it is precisely to protect that which is considered repugnant and deemed objectionable and even “hateful” that protections guaranteeing freedom of speech are necessary; no one tries to stifle speech that they find agreeable.)

        And you accuse others of “intellectual shortcoming” and an inability to see “obvious irony”?

        • Mark says:

          I know that facts are difficult for many of you on the Right, but there was plenty of outrage from peaceful protesters on the Left regarding what happened at Berkeley.
          But again, that is a fact, which means it’s untrue to you.

          So yes, the lack of intellectual heft and grasp of irony is remarkable on the Right.

    18. We Need a Mayor Who Can Stand Up to Trump

      Donald Trump is one of the worst things to happen to NYC. But to stand up to Trump we need a mayor who is up to the job.

      Watch our video:

      • Independent says:

        [replaces previous]

        How about a Mayor who will stand-up to Al Sharpton? Not pathetically grovel to him, as our current Mayor has done repeatedly.

        (For those who don’t know or don’t want to know, Sharpton’s rich record includes inciting pogroms, riots and murderous arson; tortious libel; and brazen tax evasion. I’d provide citation for my claims but doing so would hurt the chances of my comment getting past our Guardians of The Approved, Respectable Narrative.)

        At least President Trump most likely won’t be hosting Sharpton as an honored guest at the White House the way our previous President did repeatedly.

        The same individuals who have been just fine with the Democrats’ extensive elevating and legitimizing of Sharpton (and a number of other anti-white, anti-Jew and even “homophobic” [sic] fomenters of rancor) now attack our President as “hateful”, “bigoted”, “racist”, etc., etc. The blatant, rank, brazen hypocrisy is just incredible.

    19. Independent says:

      Vandalizing your own city is both childish and stupid.

      To say nothing of being unequivocally and unambiguously illegal.

      Will the perpetrator of this act of vandalism be held responsible for his crime? Is there even any effort being made to find him?

    20. Mig says:

      He pays to beautify our city and the assholes in the neighborhood still complain. Idiots here will complain no matter what you do. Take if from me, been here 20 years.

      • Independent says:

        Mig, while I certainly appreciate your disgust, I would suggest that we leave lowbrow, gratuitous vulgarity and insults like that (“a–holes”) to the left. Let them (like their “pussyhat” march spokesslut Madonna) continue to wallow in it. Those of us who support the patriotic nationalism and rule of law that our President now represents would do best to remain above such adolescent antics.

        (And yes, I am all too aware that is certainly one area in which our President himself has a record that is not exactly exemplary. The past is behind us, however, and, for better or for worse, President DJT is now the only and therefore the best that we have at this point. Let us hope and pray that now that he has taken office, he will continue to exhibit greater prudence, restraint and refinement.)