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A 20-year-old man named Shaiquisse Mont was arrested for three recent muggings of women in Central Park, according to the NYPD.

In the first instance on Jan. 19, Mont stole a woman’s cell phone before demanding that the woman perform a sex act on him, before he was scared off by people walking by, according to police.

On Jan. 27, police say he attempted to rob one woman, who reportedly said she was deaf and got away. He then attacked and robbed an 80-year-old woman, police say.

Mont was charged with three counts of robbery, assault and attempted criminal sex act.

This story has been updated with additional information from the police.

Photo by DeShaun Craddock.

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    1. Besty says:

      Crime keeps going up but you never see an actual police person anywhere.

      • HaroldSnapperOrgans says:

        If you’re trying to figure out where all the police went, look no further than Fort Trump on 5th – especially since Barron and Mel prob won’t move to DC.

      • UWS-er says:

        Crime’s not going up at all, but cool post.

      • Madd Donna says:

        Exactly!! Where are the police? Especially since there’s a precinct right smack in the middle of the park. Guess most of them are all at Trump Tower/Trump Hotel protecting the malignant narcissist over NYC’s people who do pay their taxes!!

    2. Mark says:

      Crime keeps going up?
      Where do you get your information?

      • Cato says:

        That’s right, crime is not going up.

        Let’s remember that the victims here were actually walking in Central Park. It was *their* fault they were mugged, so no crime happened.

        • UWS-er says:

          Amazingly, two things can be possible. A crime can have occurred here, AND crime in general can not be going up. Crazy, but true.

          Every crime is a bad thing and cause for concern, but every single mugging doesn’t have to be met with “OH MY GOD CRIME IS SKYROCKETING AND DE BLASIO DOESN’T CARE” comments. Crime has NOT gone up since he’s been mayor. Sorry so many seem to wish it had, but it hasn’t.

      • Barbara says:

        HE gets it from Trump. Factually, crime is down but just say it is going up enough, folks will believe it.

        • grandmasterbeta says:

          The alternate fact is crime is definitely going up! But so are flying monkeys. And just because you have no proof doesn’t mean that is not alternatively true.

    3. DenMark says:

      I bike home through the park… 2 out of 4 nights this week I’ve seen the cops in the little scooter cars parked side-by-side with their heads down looking at their phones… which is not effective policing by any standard. I wish someone would pursue a FOIA request for the data usage on cops phones…

      • Ghett Shmartt says:

        What makes you think they aren’t monitoring multiple sites on their smartpolicing phones via remote app?

    4. Mary says:

      Another day in the rotten apple with ineffective cops who only care about the broken windows theory and not real crime.

      • Mark says:

        How were the cops ineffective in this case?
        A suspect has been arrested.
        Do you want cops stationed every 50 feet or so throughout the park?

    5. NPK says:

      Every available policeman or woman in town is busy protecting Trump Tower, the Trump Hotel or Melania and Barron. And we are paying for it!!!

      • Fran says:

        Yes, I’d love to see that monthly tab for Trump buildings’ police protection and security we taxpayers finance for DT who likely pays not a nickel in taxes. I am guessing he will drag out his audit forever so he can use this excuse to not keep his promise to show his returns after the election. Is there a limit on his homes and buildings are we in for protecting?

        • robert says:

          Don’t forget the millions that the city state and federal gov have spent over the past decades for the Clintons. Bills office(s),yes plural in NYC get 24/7 from the secret service and NYPD. As does Chelsea, as “courtesy” by the NYPD. There has always been this “understanding” within city gov that certain people, some stars, some religious leaders, some politically connected, people get “assistance” from the NYPD. Its done by city gov for “community relations”

          Just think how much the tab will be if Hillary moved in with Chelsea in the next couple of months. She needs to establish legal residence here in NYC to primary de Balz. Ha Ha The chattering classes all say she will run. I don’t think she will, but I would love to be a fly on the wall when de Balz found out she was running

          • Independent says:

            Yes, exactly. Just like with the attempts to detract from the legitimacy of the election result by underscoring that President Trump “only” won the Electoral College vote, it all depends on which side of it one falls on, doesn’t it?

            Also, my understanding is that the reason for First Lady Melania remaining in New York with First Son Barron is in order to allow the young lad to at least finish the current academic year in the school that he currently attends. Considering how disruptive having to change schools at this point would almost inevitably be for a child of Barron’s age, can anyone fairly blame his parents for this decision?

            If the Trump family should have to (or at least be expected to) pick up the tab (or at least part of it) for the police protection afforded to them (and perhaps they should) then surely the Clintons and Obamas should as well.

            (I must say, though, that your use of “da Balz” to refer-to Mayor de Blasio seems no better than those who call our President “Drumpf” or the “pussyhatted”, often foul-mouthed women marchers– all are vulgar, puerile/adolescent antics that only detract from the credibility of those exhibiting them.)

    6. Rob says:

      Yay, they caught the perp!

    7. Rita Silverman says:

      Put this creep in jail and throw away the key! No one needs him in the park or on the streets. Usually it is a slap on the hand and out again. Lucky these women escaped without being badly injured but someone else may not be so lucky if there is a next time.

    8. Jean says:

      How soon before he gets out of jail and does it again?

      • Madd Donna says:

        Laws need to be changed. If all sex crimes became life sentences, bet these predators would think twice before trying to assault any woman. They let them out so they can do it all over again!!

    9. naro says:

      Why are cops allowed to use cell phone on duty? Seems very distracting. Make it illegal on duty.

    10. UWSHebrew says:

      “Shaiquisse”. Is that like Shaq? Shaq is a nice guy. Shaiquisse belongs in jail.