Photo by Berenice Bensa.

Just a day after Equity Residential told residents that the official name at 140, 160 and 180 Boulevard would change to the street addresses rather than Trump Place, workers removed the letters. Equity, the landlord, and the Trump company said the decision was a mutual agreement that had to do with the contract, not a result of a petition signed by residents.

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    1. Wijmlet says:


    2. mamaebbes says:

      not a result of the petition? way to try to save face, DT….

      • jezbel says:

        Trump didn’t own that building. He had started to develop that property but sold out early on. But had a contract for them to keep his name. Probably one of his name-leasing fees. His name is on many buildings he doesn’t own.He just franchises his name for a fee.

    3. Robert says:

      Bye Bye!

    4. Daniel F says:

      This made my day!

    5. Markova says:

      Bravo! One less pollutant.

    6. jezbel says:

      As the late great Leonard Cohen sang: Halleluyah.

    7. Wendy says:

      The people have spoken, and clearly the majority of residents (and the building owners) don’t want to be associated with our next President. Bad for business, and bad for goodwill. Extraordinary.

    8. Cato says:

      I can’t wait to see how much discretionary Federal money New York City is going to get in the next four years.

      Talk about picking your battles….

      • dannyboy says:

        Yes,I would anticipate that NYC will be receiving a lower level of Federal funding.

        Also, US Treasury will have difficulty auctioning it’s debt to the Primary Dealers.

        Hope Trump likes the isolationism he initiated

    9. Sophia says:

      I am under the impression that Trump hasn’t owned those buildings for a number of years now. Weren’t they sold to a Chinese real estate conglomerate? Am I mistaken?

    10. Patrick Stewart says:

      America’s nightmare weakens The World to years of darkness.

    11. Rebecca says:

      Now could we get the name off the Central Park skating rink?

      • Jasper says:

        You must be new to NYC Beckie
        Donald saved that rink when liberal mayors let it languish in disgrace. Mans a hero

    12. Scott says:

      Trump: already creating jobs and he isn’t even President yet. Love this guy.

      Added bonus: no war with Russia!

    13. John says:

      Crybaby condo is happy now I bet

    14. LNP515 says:

      Love the video. Cheering to think it’s just that easy to get rid of TRUMP.

    15. pmw says:

      He doesnt own these buildings anyway. Go ahead and whine and protest outside Trump tower. Forget about all the money Killary would have given NYC. Its not coming. Wanna be a sanctuary city that hates Trump? Pay the price. As Obama told the Republicans in 2009 – Elections have consequences and I won. Trump should do the same. Really enjoying the liberal hysteria and MSM meltdown. So enjoyable.

    16. Not sure how I feel about this. It’s certainly amusing though.

    17. Lawrence says:

      Berenice Bensa, great photo!