Shoprite-Owner Buys Upper West Side Fairway Store in Auction

The original Fairway at 74th Street and Broadway was sold on Wednesday to Village Supermarket, the owner of the Shoprite and Gourmet Garage ch … Read the rest of this entry >>

Where are the Open Restaurants? Generous Geniuses Convert Our List Into a Handy Map

Two enterprising and philanthropic readers each had the same idea this week -- to turn our list of restaurants that are still offering delivery and takeout into a map. … Read the rest of this entry >>

More Local Culture Goes Online: Lincoln Center Musicians Rock Out in T-Shirts, Children’s Museum Engages Kids

Lincoln Center's temporary closure has left a hole in the neighborhood, but it's starting to be partially filled by a new set of online tools and s … Read the rest of this entry >>

66-Year-Old Reported Missing from 72nd Street

The NYPD sent out a missing person alert on Tuesday night about a 66-year-old man named Robert M … Read the rest of this entry >>

20-Year-Old ‘Just Sam’ From Douglass Houses is an American Idol Star

Samantha Diaz, a 20-year-old from the Frederick Douglass Houses, is making big waves on the show American Idol, winning praise from the judges and … Read the rest of this entry >>

Silver Stars Fitness- Need Motivation & Accountability to Help You Stay Fit At Home? Get Fit On- Line Now & Save!

SPONSORED: Silver Stars Fitness is the premiere NYC fitness studio that caters and specializes in working with the baby boomer & beyond fitness enthusiast. At Silver Stars, our priority is to … Read the rest of this entry >>

Construction Continues on 200 Amsterdam Avenue; ‘It’s the Height of Arrogance’ Says Opponent

Construction continues on residential buildings on the Upper West Side even as most other activity has stopped due to coronavirus-related r … Read the rest of this entry >>

‘Conjugal Confinement’ or ‘Couples Quarantining’: Reports From The Domestic Front

It is the 10th day of our couples quarantine. We are shut-in spouses, conjugally confined, wedlocked. Twenty four is a lot of hours of marital bliss; seven is a lot of … Read the rest of this entry >>

Sign of the Times: An Outfit That Insures You’ll Practice Social Distancing

It can be tough to navigate New York without bumping into people, but one man spotted on 68th Street and Broadway made for damn sure that he'll … Read the rest of this entry >>

Tuesday and Thursday: Tune Into Virtual Info Sessions With Local Politicians, With or Without a Computer

Community Board 7 is going virtual this week, hooking Upper West Siders up with politicians who plan to explain the city's response to the coronav … Read the rest of this entry >>

More Than 100 UWS Restaurants That Are Open For Takeout and Delivery: A List

The Upper West Side would hardly be a neighborhood without its restaurants. Aside from employing hundreds of thousands of New York … Read the rest of this entry >>

Mt. Sinai Setting Up Outdoor Tents to Extend Emergency Departments; Hopeful Comments on Supplies

Mt. Sinai, the hospital chain that operates the closest major hospitals to the Upper West Side, is setting up tents outside of its hospitals on West 59th and West 114th Streets to pr … Read the rest of this entry >>

A Hungry Reporter Makes the Rounds on Sunday Night

Pio Pio? Closed. Café Luxembourg? Closed. Barney Greengrass? Open. “It’s a new normal. The earth turned on a dime. I feel like we’re going into Armageddon,” said Gary Greengrass, propr … Read the rest of this entry >>

Coronavirus Death in Graduate Student Housing Near Columbia Frightens Community; Residents Have to Quickly Leave

Panic, anger, and fear. Residents living at the International House -- a dormitory building mostly housing graduate students just off 122nd Street and Riverside D … Read the rest of this entry >>

Upper West Siders Clap for Health Care Workers; Shall We Make This a Nightly Thing?

In other countries, people have opened their windows or stood on balconies to clap and cheer for health care workers. It's a symbolic gesture, but a very poi … Read the rest of this entry >>

The City is About to ‘PAUSE’ to Contain the Virus; At Least Smoked Fish Was Deemed ‘Essential’

New York has become a strange new universe because of the coronavirus, and restrictions being put in place starting Sunday night will certify what's al … Read the rest of this entry >>

An Overheard Conversation On a Dog-Walk Leads to Fear, Worry and ‘A Side of Outrage’

Small actions today can have large consequences over the next two weeks. Dr. Anthony Fauci, America’s leading epidemiologist, said on Face the Nation, “if it … Read the rest of this entry >>

Central Park’s Decision to Open Sheep Meadow and Other Lawns Early Starts Debate on Safety

Normally, a decision by Central Park to open Sheep Meadow, the sweeping lawn around 67th Street inside the park, would be met with cheers. Bu … Read the rest of this entry >>

Signs of the Times: UWS Photographer Stephen Harmon Captures Their Diversity and Humanity

Stephen Harmon is an Upper West Sider, a retired lawyer, and a world-class photographer whose work is displayed in many of the city's mus … Read the rest of this entry >>

Upper West Side Culture Lives On, In a New Format

While New Yorkers are obeying orders, staying home and adjusting to this strange new way of life, many Upper West Side institutions are offering online op … Read the rest of this entry >>