Jerry Nadler Projected to Win Another Term, With Substantial Votes Still Being Counted

Rep. Jerry Nadler at a press conference this year.

Democratic Congressman Jerry Nadler was projected to win reelection to the House on Tuesday, handily beating Republican Cathy Bernstein and Libertarian Michael Madrid.

Nadler’s margin of victory so far appears narrower than in his previous two elections, but tens of thousands of votes still need to be counted. Absentee ballots are not expected to be tabulated for several days.

With 61% of the vote counted, Nadler had amassed 120,273 votes, or 68.6% of the total, with Bernstein receiving 52,842 votes, or 30.1%. Madrid has received 2,156, or 1.2%.

In 2018, — when turnout was much lighter — Nadler’s opponent Naomi Levin got 37,619 votes, or 17.9%. And in 2016, his opponent Philip Rosenthal got 53,857 votes, or 21.9%.

Nadler tweeted on Tuesday night that he’s “incredibly proud to represent you for another term.”

Not enough House races have been called to determine if Democrats won the majority again, but it’s leaning in that direction.

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    1. Amy Cook says:


    2. UpperWest says:

      If we’re honest, 30% is a very strong showing for Bernstein, a Republican, in this district. Biden wins Manhattan overall something like 85%-15%, but Nadler only gets 68% in this district? We’ll see how the rest of the votes come in but it sounds like there was more ticket splitting on the UWS than I can ever remember.

      • Westsider says:

        I believe Obama won Manhattan by 90% in 2008.

      • Watching Pennsylvania and Georgia says:

        To understand the Republican share of the vote you have to keep in mind that Nadler’s District extends into Brooklyn, where it includes several neighborhoods that lean Republican or worse.

    3. CrankyPants says:

      Ugh. He is past his Sell By date.

    4. Peter says:

      What a winner. Here he is, in the picture, after the massive win against the evil tall
      building that ruins the quality of life in this city, empties its coffers, and doesn’t help make any poor people richer overnight.

    5. Madd Donna says:

      You know what we really need to help our city heal??? TERM LIMITS!! Not only were most of the candidates on the ballot uncontested, they should not be allowed to serve in Congress for their entire lives!! What’s the difference between them and the Supreme Court justices?? Not a damn thing. Step off and let someone else have a chance to truly represent the PEOPLE’s interests not their own.

      • B.B. says:

        Term limits accomplishes very little. We’ve had them for city offices and thus far it has produced nothing but a game of political musical chairs.

        Ritche Torres got lucky a House seat opened up and he was able to carry that district, so he’s out of the loop. Every other council member, borough president, the comptroller, etc.. who are term limited out next year are running for another office.

        If people would just turn out and vote instead of mostly whine, term limits aren’t necessary.

    6. John says:

      Just Horrible newsw

    7. Paul says:

      A lot of mail voting, none of which will be counted until next week.
      When those are in the percentage will be close to 2018 levels.

    8. Bob Lamm says:

      Great news. Nadler, was lucky, though, that voting wasn’t limited to the anonymous reactionaries who constantly post on the West Side Rag. Then again, it’s difficult for anonymous people to vote. 🙂

    9. Jerome36 says:

      Please Lord, give us term limits!

    10. GeezLouise says:

      What a clown. Good job by Cathy to pull in what she did. You can’t overcome people who vote solely by party lines.

    11. Tag Gross says:

      People will never learn.

    12. Leon says:

      If Bernstein was a Dem I would have chosen her over Nadler in the primary. But I can’t risk the majority in the House. Hope she runs for city office, like Helen’s seat.

      • StephUWS says:

        Thank you Cathy for all of your help, Nadler has no interest in helping us and I crossed party lines to try to find someone like you to work with us for a better New York. We never learn do we? Thanks again Cathy Bernstein…please run again.

      • charles becker says:

        “. But I can’t risk the majority in the House.”
        Please clarify are you a Democrat or a Republican?

        • Leon says:

          It is self-explanatory. I’m a Democrat. I want us to keep the majority in the House, so I had to vote for a Democrat. Because having the majority is critical, as McConnell unfortunately demonstrates in the Senate.

    13. Susan says:

      He’s utterly useless. Who does he represent? Not this neighborhood, that’s for sure.

      Too bad about Cathy Bernstein. At least she had concrete ideas and plans.

      Sick of old men dominating politics.

      • Leon says:

        A middle aged woman just got put on the supreme court and I think she will be influencing policy for many years to come, if that makes you feel better…

    14. Chris says:

      I hope he understands his relatively weak win (compared to other years) is for his ignoring our local problems.

    15. ST says:

      Nadler has valiantly fought the good fight against Trump’s madness. I sincerely hope that with a Biden win, he can get back to getting things done for his district, like the air tourism helicopter ban.

      • Andy says:

        Biden will be shutting down the economy for 4 years, so you don’t have to worry about helicopter tourism – or any tourism at all – for the foreseeable future.

      • Boris says:

        The air tourism helicopter ban is your biggest issue with our representation in Washington?

        • ST says:

          One of many. It keeps getting shunted off. Meanwhile I have forty flights a day over my apartment. Then there is the fact that the the Jersey based choppers all poach on the solace and serenity of the people of New York’s parks, Central Park and Riverside Park. And that more and more Helis are buzzing around up there flying low and fast and don’t even have their transponders on. We don’t even know who or what some of them are. Think 9/11.

    16. Dave says:

      And note Helen Rosenthal standing in line to be next. Gawd, I hope not.

    17. Pepper says:

      Thanks to bail reform in New York I voted for a Republican for the House the first time ever. Too bad more people did not do the same.

    18. lilian says:

      Masks anyone? Don’t tell me they are all in the same social bubble.

      • Sherlock says:

        The caption says the photo was taken “this year,” so it was quite possibly taken before the coronavirus hit.

    19. Bruce Bernstein says:

      the absentee ballots will be overwhelmingly Democratic and for Nadler, and the final vote total for the Republican will be about the same as it was in 2016 and 2018.

      Which shows that despite all the fuss on this blog, the right wingers represent a very small portion of the UWS. Those of us who are progressives are the large majority.

      oh, and guess what? Curtis Sliwa is not going to be the next mayor.

      • GeezLouise says:

        I’m far from a right-winger but voted for your namesake, so things are not as simplistic as you make them out to be.

        No, of course Sliwa won’t be mayor, but neither will Maya Wiley or another BDB type of your choosing. Here’s hoping for Ray Mcguire!

        • Juan says:

          Agree. McGuire is a moderate Democrat with business experience. He might not be super-woke but we can’t take anymore of that. As an African-American man who grew up with limited means he understands the issues facing minorities, but he is also realistic.

      • Otis says:

        Nadler ran against a political novice who was unknown outside of some FB pages and declared her candidacy late in the game. I’m also certain she was tainted by the idiot Republican in the WH.

        Still, she received a somewhat impressive vote of about 30%.

        Nadler has a hard core following and everyone else is basically resigned to the fact we can’t get rid of him.

        Don’t mistake indifference for support. And not everyone on the UWS is a “progressive”.

      • ST says:

        You seem to forget that Nadler’s district is not just the UWS. He has a large chunk of Brooklyn too.

        • Ed says:

          Bernstein is the first Republican to win Brooklyn.
          Very few mail in ballots, and she overwhelmingly won.
          The problem is the rest of the district is Manhattan and it’s 90% Democrat

    20. I care says:

      Too bad…
      It’s really time for him to go!
      It’s time for him and Rosenthal to make room for people
      without agendas, who care about the UWS.

    21. Marcy Wolf says:

      Too bad about Nader possibly being re-elected. He’s done nothing for the people in his district. Wake up west side. You should have voted him out and given someone new a chance. We’re going backwards instead of moving towards a brighter future!

    22. Chrigid says:

      Term limits is just plain lazy and risks turning good reps out of office. If you want better candidates, find them, or be them, and organize.

    23. West 90th Street Jeff says:

      Jerry Nadler represent us on the federal level, not on the state level and not on the local city level. He helps form legislation to create federal programs that help New York City and New York State. As you well know, the Republican leadership has failed to act on any of the legislation that the house of representatives has sent over to it. Hundreds of pieces of legislation sit on Mitch McConnell‘s desk. Jerry and his fellow Democrats have done their job to help their states and their cities. The Senate is responsible for the deplorable neglect. Don’t blame Jerry. He has done all that could be done to bring Donald Trump to justice, but the Republican senators shielded the president. Jerry and his team did everything that could be done. He has devoted his life to helping his city his state and his country. He deserves our heartfelt thanks.

      • Dave K. says:

        What a lovely comment but the reality is Jerry is our neighbor and should have stepped up to help us stay safe. He did nothing..I am not sure why what I am saying doesn’t resonate. He is part of the hypocrisy and I am sorry Cathy Bernstein lost. For all of the editorializing on this board I can’t imagine making excuses about a political hack who has nothing to help his neighborhood.

    24. Barb says:

      I wish any of these politicians would do anything to get our unemployment down, our economy going. Our city is crumbling and they really do nothing but ask for $ from government. That won’t solve any of these problems. Here is the NYC recovery index and we are in ver bad shape.

    25. William Pearlman says:

      You could run a pig in this district. Call it Horace the pig. Put it on the campaign literature. And in the NY 10th. If it was the Democratic candidate. It would win going away. Nadler will die in office and then the next one will be in for 30 years

      • Fran Cohn says:

        So we are where we started, politicians who want to win by doing nothing. Does anyone remember the New Deal – Franklin Roosevelt, or grass roots movements? Jerry is not this. Meet the new boss same as the old boss —Cathy Bernstein please run for mayor

      • Dan says:

        The only sightings of Nadler prior to Covid were late at night on an eating expedition. He is arrogant and out of touch. He knows he’s going to get elected by people who vote straight party lines. Well, I broke with the tradition and voted for Bernstein. I live off W. 76th St. and she was the only one who was worried when 14 new sex offenders released from jail ended up in our neighborhood at the Hotel Belleclaire. Thanks Jerry for pushing to release prisoners early!

    26. Sue says:

      I am a lifelong Democrat, and I crossed party lines to vote for Bernstein. She’s a fixture in the neighborhood, and has been actively involved in many different charities. I met her at the Jewish Council for Women at West 72nd Street doing a back to School drive clothing for underprivileged kids. Hard worker. Never mentioned politics though.

    27. Sarah says:

      When Jerry was asked about the homeless shelters in crime on the UWS, his response was you can’t please everyone.

      Unfortunately, I don’t have a private bodyguard like him, nor do I live in a doorman building like him. My building was recently robbed. All of the packages were stolen, including my mother’s medicine.

      I voted for Bernstein because she actually cares about the neighborhood, and I’m a Democrat.

    28. B.B. says:

      People should stop complaining and realize how things on the ground work in New York politics. Primaries are where real action takes place for most local, federal and state NY elections. Once someone wins primary election for their party’s nomination, rest is in the bag.

      Yes, in competitive districts a democrat or republican might loose in general election to candidate from other party, but outside of governor, attorney general, state comptroller and a few other offices, how many left are competitive districts?

      AOC, Ritchie Torres, Bowman, and others all won their recent elections by winning primary.

      You want Nadler gone? Then work with someone that can take him out on primary election day, not wait for general. The UWS/Brooklyn district that Nadler represents is never going to vote majority GOP.

      • UWS_lifer says:

        Once again, B.B. with the words of wisdom.

        This is exactly right and why we have the new verb “primaried”.

        As in AOC primaried Joe Crowley, the ten term incumbent Democrat, in the 2018 midterm Congressional elections.

    29. Ray says:

      I hope they count all the mail in ballots because I voted for Cathy. Intriguing candidate, she used her platform solely to talk about the homeless and safety issues.

    30. Fay says:

      It would be great if this local newspaper could advocate for candidates that actually want to help the neighborhood instead of the same old tired politicians who do nothing.

      Nadler is a disgrace. He cares nothing for the elderly.
      I am a senior citizen in this district and I reached out to his office as FEMA $$$ is paying for the homeless hotels. $175 a night per person, $350 a room. I explained that the men do not wear masks and are constantly asking me for money. I never received a response back, and I called several times.

      Taxpayers pay for the hotel rooms, And in return we get belligerent guests who demand more $ from us to buy drugs. Three men have died at that hotel from drug overdoses at the Lucerne, but you’ll never print this comment

    31. Tired UWSer says:

      Anyone who votes just for the “party” and does not vote on common sense, deserves what he gets. The Democratic party is full of nonsensical ideals that just don’t work, make sense and are causing businesses to leave while the neighborhood has been dying a slow death of homelessness and garbage. People – vote for who makes sense and not the party. This is why we continue to be in this situation. Our elected officials have lost their sanity.

    32. Will says:

      Jesus Christ can you all just tone it down already. The neighborhood is not sinking into the abyss. I have not seen anything outside that justifies the kind of alarm you see in these comments and family has been here since the 60’s. Just stop.

      • Steve says:

        Yea it kinda is. My car has been broken into, I have been threatened while I walk in the morning around 79th and Broadway and many of the retail stores are empty so unfortunately it is dark on some blocks with folks that I would say I am concerned about and concerned for them, so yes I would say the neighborhood is truly challenged. I also cant stand the people who are in power in NYC…sorry. I don’t see the direct nexus between the corona virus and my own safety.