TV-Filming Returns to Central Park, as Ewan MacGregor Struts His Stuff in ‘Halston’

Ewan McGregor is starring in a five-part Netflix series about New York fashion designer Halston, and he was filming at The Mall in Central Park on Thursday.

Photos by Jackie L. show McGregor on the set, and the masked-up crew taking care of business. Vogue calls the show “a 70s fashion dream.”

“More than 20 years in the making, American Crime Story’s Daniel Minahan will direct the project, with The Affair’s Sharr White writing the script. Due out in 2021, the drama series will chart Halston’s journey from designing Jackie Kennedy’s now-iconic pillbox hat for JFK’s presidential inauguration in 1961 to becoming the darling of Manhattan’s glamorous fashion scene in the 1970s, his boutique on Madison Avenue a hub for the greatest stars of the decade, from Anjelica Huston to Margaux Hemingway and Bianca Jagger. The Studio 54 crowd – including Andy Warhol and Edie Sedgwick – are also expected to feature prominently in the series, as is the designer’s loss of control of his brand and his eventual death from AIDS-related complications in 1990.”

Stars, fashion and Central Park in the fall? This show’s going to be a hit.

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    1. UpperWest says:

      Strolling through Central Park in autumn is such a good setting for films. Still urban, of course, yet the park is beautiful, actors can be well-dressed (easier than mid-summer) yet comfortable (unlike dead of winter). Those kinds of shots are exactly the kind to make people long to be here.

    2. leia says:

      help me, obi wan kenobi, you’re my only hope.

    3. Amanda Petersen says:

      I’m curious- can a crew “legally” stop people in a public park? I’m a photographer and came across the filming- a set employee told me and others approaching that weren’t able to get close, and needed to walk to the terrace to bypass their film. Thankfully my clients were ok skipping their photos along the mall (which is STUNNING now), but in cases like this (no signage, no police), can they really just take over an entire section of a public park? Always wondered. Never sure if I’d ever really push back. On Broadway I’ve certainly heard many-a-New-Yorker just say, “NOPE!” then push through. Always makes me laugh.

      • lynn says:

        If they paid for a permit to be there then yes, they can tell you to stay out of their ‘space,’ while they are filming.

      • MaryC says:

        They take over public streets and don’t allow people to pass all the time. I’m assuming that the filming permits allow that for a reasonable amount of time, as long as they are not blocking emergency or disabled access or the only way to get to a specific spot. I’ve also seen photographers monopolize public spaces for personal or commercial photo shoots, so I’m assuming you are also as considerate as you hope others will be!

    4. Peddie J says:

      Great to see production companies getting back to work. Such a vital economic engine for NYC. Ewan, feel free to pop over for a tea anytime.

    5. Kitty says:

      Good news when movie makers come back to our City. Lots of work for lots of folks. Bravo!

    6. ST says:

      Since Central Park is overrun by people these days given that it is our main place to congregate, exercise and let kids play, filming there is the last thing anyone needs.

      • Anthony says:

        Central Park is far less crowded now than usual, and it’s good that films are still made in NYC.

        it’s part of the allure of living here. I always love to catch areas I personally know in film, and there is a minimal inconvenience of moving around a shoot. move around construction site cones, and all sorts of other annoyances all the time.

        Having NYC still be attractive to filmmakers isn’t the last thing we need, it’s important, and many people like it.

    7. Chameleon says:

      I don’t see any people of color. What’s up with that Netflix?

    8. Joanne Imohiosen says:

      The food trucks parked on CPW for the film crews have been leaving huge piles of garbage in front of our building . They are supposed to to remove it, but they don’t.