Watch: Upper West Siders Dance in the Streets to Celebrate Biden-Harris Victory

Photo by Kochan Kleps.

Celebrations broke out throughout the Upper West Side on Saturday just before noon, after the Associated Press called the 2020 presidential election for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris.

Photo by Stephen Harmon.

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    1. GG says:

      They won some battles, but they lost the war.

      Trumpism will now fade into obscurity and irrelevance.

      Believe it or not, Biden and McConnell actually have some rapport after decades together in the Senate.

      Things should return to somewhat normal. I guess what I am trying to say is Thank God this circus is over and this guy is out of our lives!

    2. enjoy golfing says:

      THANK GOD. It’s a new day. Hatred is out. Civility is in. To detractors, I offer two words: sore. Losers.

    3. Ben Jade says:

      Never did the words “You are fired” sound that sweet.
      And, dear loser (yes, yes, I said LOSER), please go to Florida and stay in Florida.

    4. Edgar, A Poe...ett says:

      As is being repeated on so many websites:
      Gerald Ford’s reference to President Nixon’s 1974 resignation after the Watergate scandal, “Our long national nightmare is over”.
      Or, to adapt the famed ditty from 1939’s “The Wizard of Oz”:
      “Ding dong, the witch is dead”
      Okay, okay…the Warlock is dead.

    5. What About The Constitution? says:

      When happens when someone, anyone wakes up and realizes that nowhere in the Constitution is it written that the media certifies an election? That’s what each Secretary of State does for each of their States or Commonwealth. The latest date is 12/11/20 and that’s for California. NYS is 12/7/20.

      Votes are still be counted and re-counts are expected.

      ~~Not registered (by-the-way)

      • EdNY says:

        Of course the media doesn’t certify an election. But it is almost never wrong in calling state results. Recounts rarely result in meaningful shifts when candidates are separated by >1000 votes.

    6. Lisa Dryman-Rice says:

      I miss the UWS!!!! Love you guys!

    7. blacklikeu says:

      Meet the new boss –
      Same as the old boss –

      The new boss ain’t named Joe.
      The new boss named is Kamala.

      All the negative things orange created will be doubled by the new boss.
      Wait until your tax is going up & a gallon
      of gas is $5. Years from now 45 will be remembered in a lighter and more positive way than it is now.
      Wish to be here when “years from now” will arrive.

      • Paul says:

        Look at the name this person chose and ask yourself why the Rag posted this nonsensical and racist comment.

      • tenortwelve says:

        Gallon of gas should be
        more like $10 or 12.

        • charles becker says:

          Gas should be $12/gallon is easy because you live in nyc and have good public transportation. People in rural areas need a car to survive, People in rural areas give up their homes in many cases before they will give up their cars.

    8. Tam says:

      I hope he goes straight to Florida. We don’t want him back in NYC. I suspect Melania will take the Trump Tower apartment and he’ll stay in Florida where he can surround his delusions by having Trumptards rally at his property gates.

    9. Koko23 says:

      Where was the police ? Protesters were blocking traffic. I get it that this is historic day but we need orders in our streets.

      • nycityny says:

        They weren’t protesters – they were celebrants. The police watched. The “traffic” honked their horns in fellowship with the celebrants. Lots of happiness all around.

      • Pru Freeder says:

        Re: “we need ORDERS in our streets”
        Ummm…if anyone is taking ORDERS I’d like a BLT with free-range bacon and organic lettuce/tomato on lightly-toasted real whole wheat, and, then, for dessert some gluten-free pancakes with real maple syrup and ….

    10. good humor says:

      As an apolitical person, I smirk at the hateful anti-hate rhetoric. You are all part of the problem. You are either gloating or resentful prime movers of partisanship.

      Immature Giants fans paint themselves blue. And then they turn 24 and enjoy the game.

      Voting is only a small part of good citizenship.

    11. brandonsos says:

      All politics is local. While Gale Brewer was opposed to Trump’s Muslim ban, she told City & State that James Oddo, who supported profiling Muslims and was hostile to mosques being opened, is “a first rate human being” and a “first rate public servant” who should be NYC Deputy Mayor. These are NOT Upper West Side values and Gale Brewer should answer for that and the city council candidates running should denounce this.

    12. GeezLouise says:

      Imagine being this excited for Joe Biden. I was genuinely excited to vote in 2008. The last two elections…well, let’s just say that we are trending the wrong way.

    13. Beverly Druck says:

      a day to remember

    14. Eric Wilson says:

      Wonderful! I thought people might dance in the streets metaphorically, but here they are, physically in the streets! What a joyous time this is!

    15. uws_tanya says:

      For the sake of our friends families and neighbors health and livelihoods, I hope those ridiculous celebrations don’t help spark this second wave. I already regret my vote, bc a change in COVID policy is what many of us voted for… instead we got the realization that the left is just as, if not more, irresponsible on the issue and a governor who continues to talk down a vaccine that could save many many lives.

    16. UWSider says:

      Let’s hope that Kamala won’t ruin this incredible country same way as DeBlasio ruined this incredible city.