Upcoming Paper-Shredding and Composting Events, and How to Stay Updated on More Eco-News

Photo by Itmostt.

There are some upcoming events that help Upper West Siders dispose of their waste in an eco-friendly way. We’ve already highlighted two greenmarkets (97th and 77th) where you can dump your compost every week now that city budget cuts have limited building compost pickups.

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Here are two more events to look forward to, from the UWSR newsletter:

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    1. Lianna says:

      I believe the West Side Community Garden compost dropoff is now closed – per their website: https://www.westsidecommunitygarden.org/2020/09/17/compost-drop-off/

    2. Jeff Twine says:

      Thanks for the correction Lianne.

      Another alternative for food-scrap drop-off is: Reclaimed Organics, (347) 395-6377; http://www.reclaimedorganics.org/;
      info@ReclaimedOrganics.org. (Food-scrap drop-off site at 107th and Columbus Avenue, Wednesdays 4-6 pm.

    3. Jane says:

      Does anyone know about any upcoming electronics recycling events scheduled?

    4. Judy Robinson says:

      Yes, Lianna is correct — the West Side Community Garden compost dropoff is now closed for the season. Thanks to all who contributed! Please check the Garden’s website (westsidecommunitygarden.org) for possible reopening in the spring.