Voting Lines Vary on UWS as Uncle Sam Makes an Appearance

Photo by Alec Barrett.

An Uncle Sam on stilts lightened the mood at a polling place on 95th Street and West End Avenue the Upper West Side on Tuesday at 7 a.m., as people waited to vote in the presidential election.

Photo by Elizabeth Lang.

Polls are open until 9 p.m., and you can also drop absentee ballots at the polls. Find out how and where to vote here.

Lines varied at different polling places on Tuesday morning. Outside PS 199 on 70th, people waited in a line stretching two blocks — spread out because of social distancing rules.

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    1. Chris says:

      Wish everyone the best on the uws. Nov 4th we still all have to go back to work and about our lives. End of the day, we have only 2 choices of politicians where we should have at least 4.

    2. Chris says:

      NY state will show a strong republican vote, Trump will easily carry the election

    3. Ellen says:

      I, along with Lots of other of UWSers, did early voting in person, waiting in line for hours last week so that voting would be smooth and feasible for voters on Election Day (realizing that COVID precautions would make everything slower…). The payoff is that voting lines today are reasonable — so glad we were able to do that

      • Sue says:

        Thank you! I went prepared for 4-5 hours wait. Has water, snacks, phone charger, reading material….I was in and out in about 3 minutes… It was great!

    4. Daddy warbucks says:

      No line at w109

    5. good humor says:

      At PS 75 on 96th and West End Ave, the first people arrived at 5:15am, I arrived at 5:30am, the doors opened around 6:10am, and I was home by 6:30am. One hour, round trip. No tears.

    6. Carlos says:

      No line at Mickey Mantle School (82 and West End). Thank you very much to those who voted early and made it easy for the rest of us. There were many poll workers who were all pleasant and helpful. If only we were allowed to staff battleground states like PA to help voters there…

    7. Nelson says:

      Uncle Sam was exceedingly cheerful and made everyone passing by feel better about this stressful day & optimistic for the preservation of democracy. Thanks for being out there, sir!

    8. Terry says:

      No lines at all at PS 87 (W.77th St.) when I voted at 2 pm. I was in and out in 5 mins. The election workers were friendly, helpful, and upbeat. Thank you all!

    9. LivableCity says:

      I wish Election Day were a national holiday and high school juniors and seniors routinely paid to work (under supervision) as poll workers and Board of Elections tabulators so they knew how to exercise their First Vote in their year of coming of age!

      After watching youth voting rates disappoint in election after election since the 1980s (except 2008), am once again hoping the polls this year will feel their strength and it won’t go unused.

    10. Gretchen says:

      Just voted around 4pm at PS199 on 70th. NO LINES!! In and out in minutes! Polling site is very organized. I had walked by there earlier this afternoon, around 2 and 3pm, and there were no lines then either. Kudos to all the poll workers!

    11. Thank you to everyone who voted yesterday! Many of the poll workers on Election Day (including myself) were younger, first time poll workers. The positive energy from the voters really carried us through a very long day. Everyone I worker with had a great experience and plans to sign up for future elections.

      • Not Impressed says:

        Thank you for being a poll worker!
        I voted early at the Rubenstein Atrium and the workers were friendly and helpful.

      • Mary Banerian says:

        All poll workers should receive commendations for their efficient, hard work, upbeat attitudes and courtesy. Some at the W 102nd Street early voting station were getting around on walkers, such dedication!

    12. Paul on W 67 says:

      I walked by my usual polling place on Tuesday (LaGuardia High) and there was no line. Makes me wonder why I stood on line for 2 hours to early vote the previous Monday. Next time, I think I’ll wait and vote on election day