Pupper West Side: Mousse Has An Independent Streak, Loves Interval Training

Name: Mousse

Age: Almost 2 – my birthday is on Christmas Day!

Breed: Shiba Inu

Profile/history: My parents decided they loved floofy dogs with thick, soft coats. They looked into Shiba Inus and read that we’re an “independent” breed. As it happens, “independent” translates to strong-willed rather than actually, you know, happy doing things on my own.

Daily routine: Our routine has changed since Covid hit, but it’s all been positive for me. I get lots of personal attention each day. My Dad graduated law school in the spring and both my parents are now working from home. I love to sleep in, so that means I have to be peeled off the bed in the mornings for my early exercise. Dad and I will take a long morning walk together and then I’ll do some luxuriating and playing with toys throughout the afternoon. Sometimes Mom and I will go for a short jog together in the park. Every tenth of a mile or so, I’ll come to a screeching halt to sniff out a squirrel or another dog, so it’s really more interval training for us, rather than long-distance running. On the weekends, we’ll hang out at the dog run on 72nd and Riverside Drive. I love to travel with my parents, exploring outside the city and taking hikes or trips to the beach.


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Loves: Meeting other dogs and people. I have a keen sense for people who want to pet me, but who might be a little shy or unsure whether to do so. I’ll walk right up to them and say “Hello!”

Does not love: Being held like a baby. Must. Struggle. To. Freedom. If I want to cuddle, it will be on my own terms. Hmmph.


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Favorite store or business on the UWS: The Sensuous Bean, a coffee shop on 70th and Columbus Avenue. The folks there are very kind and dog-friendly. I never leave without a treat! Then we might head over to The Muffins Cafe across the street and hang out with the fun crew that gathers on the benches outside.

Favorite treat: Popcorn and freeze dried salmon. De-lish!

Favorite park spot: There’s a creek that runs through The Ramble in Central Park. It’s very tranquil. I like to wade into the water and paw at the bubbles that form on the surface. Bloop, bloop, bloop!

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    1. Sarah says:

      Who would not feel safe with Mousse on lifeguard duty?

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      I cannot get enough of these!!

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      These stories make my day.

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      Adorable and oh so true!

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      Thank you for the Pupper stories. They are a moment of niceness in a world that doesn’t have much these days.