A Spicy Survey of Chinese Restaurants Near Columbia That Have Reopened

A section of the Upper West Side and Morningside Heights known for Chinese restaurants is mostly back up and running, and the Columbia Spectator took a tour of the offerings. The Spectator reports that Uncle Luoyang has closed permanently (though it is still listed on Google as temporarily closed). They’ve updated the article to say that Szechuan Garden is temporarily closed, after initially saying the restaurant had closed for good.

For the full reviews and details on their current operations, check out the article.

The Tang, 920 Amsterdam Ave

“modern interpretations of spicy and fragrant Sichuan and Beijing dishes”

Yu Kitchen, 2656 Broadway

“an extensive menu of cold and hot starters, hot pot, regional specialties, and nine varieties of dumplings”

Grain House, 929 Amsterdam Ave

“dishes like minced pork with string beans, double-cooked pork, and the creatively-named lamb wrapped in tinfoil”

Atlas Kitchen, 258 W 109th St

“an inventive, contemporary Chinese restaurant that fuses many regional cuisines into an elevated pan-Chinese menu”

Happy Hot Hunan, 969 Amsterdam Ave

“known for its hot and spicy flavors accented by dried red chiles, as well as black and white peppercorns”

Dun Huang, 1268 Amsterdam Ave

“known for thin noodles, lamb and mutton, and fragrant and spicy dishes”

108 Food Dried Hot Pot, 2794 Broadway

“16 different styles of hot pot, ranging from clam to oyster mushroom to shrimp ball”

Ollie’s Noodle Shop and Grille, 2705 Broadway

“one of the largest menus of any Chinese restaurant near Columbia with a modern ambience”

La Salle Dumpling Room, 3141 Broadway

“perhaps best known for its handmade dumplings, from savory soup dumplings with pork, crabmeat, and, surprisingly, kimchi to steamed and pan-fried pork, chicken, shrimp, or vegetable dumplings”

Flor de Mayo, 2651 Broadway

“one of a handful of Manhattan eateries serving Chinese-Latin American fusion”

No, we didn’t include the cross streets but if these are making your mouth water, you should look them up!

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    1. Merrick Dean says:

      Malaysia grill never closed and is doing deliveries. West 104th street right across from the post office. Very good food and not too expensive.

    2. Mark Moore says:

      Two thumbs up for Yu Kitchen.

    3. UWS Asian says:

      Great list! There’s also Tri-Dim West and Legend 72!

    4. chris says:

      So sad about Szechuan Garden. They had amazing, authentic food.

      • Andrew says:

        There seems to be a pulse at Szechuan Garden. They first estimated reopening on 10/15 but nothing happened. Over the past week, signs in the window appeared stating that they’re waiting for the gas to be turned on.

    5. Pam says:

      There is a new sign in the window of Szechuan Garden that says “Sorry, still waiting for gas”. Anyone have a friend at Con Ed?

      Also the La Salle Dumpling Room has partnered with Wu & Nusbaum and they are cooking there too.

    6. Michele says:


      Yelp says open but they’re not 🙁

      • Zanarkand says:

        Same here…Been waiting so long. It lived on takeout even before the lockdown. I don’t understand why they shutdown and more so why it’s taking so long to reopen? I hope all is well with the owners… 🙁

    7. Quan Lee says:

      Love it!!!

    8. ben says:

      Dun Huang is lackluster at best. Happy Hot Hunan is the way to go! Grain House is OK. Atlas kitchen tries to be too cute with twists on traditional dishes that sometimes don’t come off. 108 Dried Hot Pot is surprisingly good for not a lot of money.

      • Jay says:

        What do you order at Happy Hot Hunan?

        • Katie says:

          Their wonton soup is perfect for the colder nights! If you can handle spice, highly highly recommend their Hunan chicken and three pepper chicken. They also have a pork belly dish with long hot green peppers that are melt in your mouth delicious!

    9. Bobby says:

      Nice recon, thank you

    10. UWS_lifer says:

      Hold your chopsticks, folks!!

      Until I hear from UWSHebrew about all this I’m not making a move.

      Although a little Lo Mein and a few TsingTaos could really hit the spot right about now.:)

    11. mysterious westsider says:

      It would be great if the WSR author posted the cross streets with the addresses — i.e. 969 Amsterdam at xxth and 2656 Broadway at XXst. Thanks. Sort of makes it hard when we don’t know where you are talking about.

      • Michael G says:

        There’s a handy trick for finding cross streets. Just sit down at your letter-writing desk, open the directory that comes with your wired landline telephone workstation, and turn to the street locator page in the third introductory index before the glossary (the grey one not the green one). The simple algorithm for Broadway, for example, is to add twenty, divide by pi, and subtract the square of the gravitational constant. You’ll never complain about meaningless street addresses again!

    12. chris says:

      Columbia Spectator will be correcting the part about Szechuan Garden’s *permanent* closure.
      The author did not cite a source and did not explain how he came to that conclusion but he now says it is not right.

    13. Marcia says:

      Yes when will Saiguette reopen??? They made the absolute best pork dishes with very generous portions for a reasonable price. I miss them sooooo much!!!

    14. bill liberman says:

      Cross Streets – Is it really too much to ask?