Two Challengers Take on Jerry Nadler; We Asked The Candidates Some Questions

Michael Madrid, Cathy Bernstein and Jerry Nadler.

By Amelia Roth-Dishy

After emerging unscathed from the June 23 Democratic primary, Congressman Jerrold Nadler (D-NY) faces two challengers in the upcoming general election for New York’s 10th Congressional District, which covers the western reaches of Manhattan (including, of course, the Upper West Side) and parts of central Brooklyn. Nadler, a fifteen-term representative with a significant national profile, retained his seat with 82.1% of the vote in 2018.

The other candidates on the ballot are Cathy Bernstein, running on both the Republican and Conservative Party line, and Michael Madrid, representing the Libertarian party. (The Independent candidate, Jeanne Nigro, did not make the ballot and withdrew from the race.)

The Rag sent the following short questionnaire to all three candidates:

Why are you running? 

If elected, what would you do differently than the incumbent?/(For the incumbent) What are you planning for your next term? 

Who are you voting for in the presidential election? 

Their answers are below. Madrid did not respond to multiple requests for comment.

Jerrold Nadler (Democrat/Working Families Party)

Why are you running?

“In America today, there is so much hurt and pain and anger. More than 225,000 lives have been lost in a pandemic.  40 million people and counting have lost their jobs and, as a result, their health care, too.  And the murder of George Floyd by the brutal force of a Minneapolis police officer’s knee ignited rage and protests all across the country. As well it should.

While the headlines may be new, the underlying issues are not. And we have a President in Donald Trump who is unfit for office, who disgraces the country, undermines our values, fuels divisions and displays cruelty and immorality in his words and deeds.

But important as it is that we defeat Donald Trump the change we need goes far beyond that.

It’s going to take all of us, together, to demand policies that get workers the wages they deserve and Medicare for All, because health care should be a human right.

It’s going to take all of us to counter racism — to show that black lives truly matter.

It’s going to take all of us to ensure that our government deals with climate change as the existential threat it is.

And it’s going to take all of us to protect and defend the rights of our neighbors, regardless of race, age, ethnicity, religion, sexuality or gender identity.

For all of us who care about creating a more just and more a progressive America, there’s so much work to do. I hope you’ll give me the chance to keep leading the fight and vote for me for re-election on November 3rd.”

Who are you voting for in the presidential election? 

“I’ll be voting for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris of course.  But I ask that you join me in voting for them and me on the Working Families Party (WFP) line. I’m a loyal member of the Democratic Party. But as a WFP candidate myself, I also recognize that keeping the Working Families Party (WFP) strong is part of our fight to ensure New York leads on progressive issues in Washington and Albany.”

Cathy Bernstein (Republican/Conservative)

“I am running for Congress in the 10th Congressional to raise awareness on issues directly affecting the UWS in terms of housing affordability and the pressing issue of the homeless.

Building in New York, and promoting growth in our city, should not come at the steep cost of preventing working class families from living in and engaging with our community. We must find the intersection between promoting positive and uplifting development for our community while balancing the negative externalities of increased prices and general unaffordability.

Eliminate the $10,000 Cap on SALT Taxes that hurt New Yorkers and erode property value. Residents of NYC already pay some of the highest tax rates in the country. Those in Congress should be arguing for what is best for his or her constituents, regardless of party affiliation.

Promoting (10%) Federal Rent Tax Deduction for families making under $100,000 adjusted gross income in the current tax year to help with the ever-increasing cost of living in the city. In the 10th Congressional, more than half of the population are renters. A permanent Federal Rent Tax Deduction of 10% will offer the same benefits to renters as to homeowners, and help aid the poor, working and middle class to save for the American dream of home ownership.

The pressing issue facing our community is homelessness. NYC has the largest homeless population in the country with estimates per July 2020 of over 58,000 children, women, and men. The UWS has two exceptionally large homeless populations.

The first population lives on the street and are suffering from mental illness and/or substance abuse issues. While every homeless person is offered assistance, many of them refuse help. Self-medicating to drown out the voices, they live in an endless cycle of drugs and psychosis.

The second large homeless population is housed in shelters and hotels. Regarding hotels, we now have the game of hot potato and the moving hotels.

Homeless who suffer from substance abuse issues require a closed hospital setting where they can get proper treatment to detox.  Putting men with severe drug issues into hotels where they are not required to attend any drug treatment does not help them overcome their addiction and the senseless deaths from overdoses at the hotel bears that out. It also hurts a neighborhood community where children have witnessed shooting up and drug deals.

The city has spent $299 million so far on housing the homeless in hotels averaging around $31,000 per person.  For those who need affordable housing, those dollars could have been better spent on an apartment.


A significant increase in federal funding for the 10th Congressional. Work immediately with HUD/FEMA for special emergency measures to increase the budget for the homeless.

Compassionately help the Homeless to move off the streets to affordable housing, drug and alcoholic treatment centers, and psychiatric hospitalization for those who suffer from schizophrenia and bipolar episodes.

Eliminate the IMD Exclusion Rule of Medicaid Permanently which restricts any use of Federal Medicaid funds to pay for psychiatric care hospitals known as “Institutions for Mental Disease” for individuals from the age of 22 to 64 unless the facility has 16 beds or less and/or the stay is 15 days and less).

Enforce Kendra’s Law – Courts can order individuals with serious mental illness who are a danger to others or themselves to stay in treatment.

The Rag did not receive a response on who Ms. Bernstein will be voting for in the presidential election.

Michael Madrid (Libertarian)

(Updated: after initially not responding, Madrid has since sent us the answers below)

Why are you running? 

I’m running because I’m fed up with regulations, often coupled with cronyism, which makes life difficult for ordinary Americans.  Housing regulations, such as zoning, make it impossible to build the housing the community needs and leads to high rents and homelessness.  Drug laws and over-policing lead to unnecessary incarceration and ruins people’s lives over victimless acts.  We even throw people in jail for jay-walking —  great for the prison-industrial complex, horrible for everyone else.  Occupational licensing laws, such as African hair-braiders needing superfluous cosmetology licenses, means talented individuals are denied work opportunities.

During Covid, we’ve seen unnecessary restrictions on hospital beds, telemedicine, and state licensing requirements for out-of-state workers being set aside so we can save lives.  I will fight to make these changes permanent and remove similar restrictions that strangle our economic well-being.

If elected, what would you do differently than the incumbent? 

I’m a software developer and in software developments, we take small steps so we can make continual progress.  I’d like to bring this approach to congress, instead of what we see with things like the stimulus bills: both sides have huge bills designed to please their partisans, they can’t agree, so they give up in a huff.  Instead, how about passing the parts you agree on, then debate the remainder.  Had this been done, ordinary Americans who have at least had some stimulus over the summer, and maybe a second bill could have landed before the election.

I would also take a much more economic and development-friendly approach to help New York recover from the pandemic.  Jerrold Nadler just helped kill the Industry City development which would have created thousands of jobs and generated millions in tax revenue.  In our current crisis, can we afford to pass up opportunities like this?  I will support projects like this 100%.

Who are you voting for in the presidential election? 

I am voting for Libertarian candidate Jo Jorgensen.  She has the best plan to unleash the economy and keep it open to the world.  Trump’s MAGA-based tariff economy clearly hasn’t helped the people it’s supposed to, and I worry that Biden’s Buy American Build Back Better is just MAGA-lite.  We should welcome the best the world has to offer, and use it to produce the best America can offer, both for our citizens and to export to the world.

Voting for a Libertarian or other third-party candidate has special significance in New York.  No, your vote won’t change the result.  But because Gov. Cuomo just imposed the strictest ballot access laws in the country (to get back at the Working Families Party for endorsing Cynthia Nixon), 3rd-parties getting less than 2% of the presidential ballot will lose ballot access.  Which will stifle democracy in New York. Please vote 3rd-party.

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    1. UpperWest says:

      It’s striking that while of the first two candidates running to represent this district one speaks almost entirely about the country in broad terms, and one is focused on specific issues of the neighborhood itself.

      • TruthSayer says:

        Which sounds better to you?

        • UpperWest says:

          Well, that is the choice one needs to make 🙂 It is an interesting choice. One seems nearly 100% in-step with the national focus points of a political party, expressed generally. One sounds like an Upper West Sider. One sounds NYT, the other WSR. You choose who you want to represent you.

      • Lisa says:

        Sadly, she does not support a national mask mandate.

    2. chris says:

      As a lifelong Democrat, I have to say I am liking what Cathy Bernstein as to say about the situation on the UWS. It makes sense. I don’t want another broad-talking bs-ing politician who will pretend to be on my side then dump problems on me and my neighbors while talking about smaller prisons and the broader good.

    3. b says:

      YES TO CATHY BERNSTEIN. Enough of do nothing Nadler and no to Michael Madrid.

    4. Leon says:

      Bernstein actually has some good ideas that should appeal to both sides. I like a lot of her solutions to issues that are impacting us (though some are likely more in the jurisdiction of city council).

      But her failure to answer the question about who she is voting for in the presidential election makes her candidacy Dead on Arrival. We can’t risk giving the Republicans the majority in the House. But hopefully Nadler will adopt some of her ideas.

      • TruthSayer says:

        Strong disagree. What she does for the neighborhood is what matters, not her vote.

      • Joanne - Live Free or Die! says:

        I actually wrote to her campaign when I stood in line today to vote and asked if she was supporting Trump and there was not even a response so I voted Libertarian.

      • Johns33 says:

        Spot on Leon. Nadlers not perfect by far but can’t risk another repub. Homelessness is a local problem, and not the most pressing as far as the issues taken up in the house.. her harping on it is a dog whistle in my opinion.

      • Truth and Reason says:

        “I really like what the woman has to say but she didn’t answer that one single question, so hopefully the man who helped create the problems she wants to fix will steal her ideas.”


      • Mrsb says:

        Well said Leon.

      • Fidimom says:

        I completely agree; that was my first thought as well. I like and respect what she has to say about issues that her potential future constituents are facing, but if she’s voting for trump, her judgment is questionable and her candidacy dead on arrival in my book. Most of my diehard republican friends are voting for Bide/Harris this year partly because they are so appalled at trump and the establishment Republican Party; so this election is really not about voting the party line, it’s about who can bring back some respect and dignity and compassion back to the government

        • Marc says:

          She spoke at my synagogue ( we have an outdoor space in the back). Unusually polite and respectful for a candidate, she did start by pointing to her mask and talking about the need for everyone to wear one. Reminded me of my mother.

    5. luke says:

      I bet I know who wins? Same old same old

    6. Otis says:

      Nadler has to go. He’s pushing tired and failed “progressive” policies and he talks like he’s AOC. I happen to have a couple of friends who approached him on the streets and asked him what he can do about the homeless shelters and he literally turned his head and walked away.

      This is not leadership. It is cowardice.

      Bernstein, at least, is addressing the issue.

      Unfortunately, Nadler has a hard core following and will likely get reelected.

      However, I’m voting for Bernstein for no other reason then to send a message.

    7. Katherine says:

      I’ve never voted Republican before, but I happily cast a vote for Cathy Bernstein. Nadler offers dreamy platitudes, Bernstein offers reality and solutions.

    8. Vincent says:

      I honestly can’t decide which one is worse.

    9. John McDonald says:

      Please can we get rid of Nadler. Come on neighbors. This guy is a waste. He can’t even get the FAA to stop the helicopters from flying over us let alone stand up tp Pelosi and push through a compromise bill to get us all COVID relief. Vote Bernstein. It’s two years. Let’s send a message

    10. UWS-er says:

      Cathy Bernstein doesn’t even mention the pandemic. It’s as though it doesn’t exist.

      • Dave K. says:

        She doen’t mention the pandemic? She is always wearing a mask. Not sure what you are talking bout. Bernstein has my vote for sure.

        • Lisa says:

          She might personally wear a mask – after all she’s not stupid and doesn’t want to die. But she’s against a national mask mandate. If you look on her campaign website, Covid is not even mentioned as an issue !!

          Check out her twitter feed and you’ll see she’s a classic Trump apologist.

          • World Peacenik says:

            Her retweets include one from Donald Trump that she supports and another referring to Nadler as “vermin”. Any Jews here understand that reference?

            Cathy Bernstein #NY10 vs Jerry Nadler Retweeted
            James Woods
            Sep 25
            We’ve got to support candidates who are running against the super vermin like Nadler.

    11. GaryGlitter says:

      I like what Ms. Bernstein has to say. I’m a traditional normal/crazy/liberal wealthy rent stabilized subway riding registered Democrat who has never missed an election on the UWS. But, I never vote just for my party to keep the same people in office every other year. I vote based on fresh new ideas. I like change and new folks in office. I believe in America and the promise of better days. Joe for President and Cathy for Congress! Please get out and vote!

    12. CheckTheTape says:

      Cathy, your party passed the SALT cap in the first place, and we’re supposed to believe you’d get it removed? Do you expect credit for fixing problems you created? Stop the pandering.

    13. UWSider says:

      Nadler is smugly comfortable and feels untouchable in his position. It’s time for a change in this district. I agree with UpperWest, Ms. Bernstein is focused on our community.

    14. UWS78 says:

      Biden voter and registered D here who will absolutely be voting for Bernstein in this election, despite her 0% chance of winning. Her platform is exactly where the Republican party should go in a post-Trump world, and one I’m happy to support.

    15. George says:

      I met Bernstein in front of Fairway palm carding last night. She is incredible polite and respectful for a candidate. Her palm card has a picture of her wearing a mask!

    16. Debbie says:

      Bernstein has been on top of keeping the Level 3 sex offenders out of the neighborhood! She has my vote!

    17. NaRobb says:

      Isn’t Cathy Bernstein really Cathy Wasserman, who supported Ted Cruz in 2016 & other far right conservatives?

    18. Joey says:

      Congressman Nadler has a long distinguished history in politics especially the Congress. He has become a poster boy for term limits. My vote and wishes for success in her quest to become a Congresswoman go to Cathy Bernstein.

    19. blacklikeu says:

      Have been voting for the past 50 years.
      Always voted democrat.
      Until now.
      Nadler has got to go away. Far away.
      He’s a do nothing fat cat that term limits is a word built around him.
      What has he really done for the UWS and the country?
      Not much to think and write about.
      Vote him out!

    20. Dana says:

      As a lifelong democrat I am sad to say I can no longer support Jerry Nadler who seems tone deaf to all of our local issues and seems to think he’s above responding to constituents when they asked to meet about serious local concerns like crime and homelessness. Jerry Nadler has grown complacent and entitled. I fully support Bernstein‘s candidacy as a moderate no nonsense Candidate. Vote for Bernstein. Time for a change!

    21. AntifaMyth says:

      It would be nice to have a candidate who actually shares an interest of our city. Nadler has become a do-nothing politician worried more about issues investigating Trump and downplaying ANTIFA. The city has issues that need to be dealt with, Nadler has shown he is not willing to fight for NYC.

    22. UWS-Dad-18 says:

      Just check the Candidates answers (above) Powerful Jerry Nadler has done ZERO FOR OUR COMMUNITY- I saw Cathy Bernstein at a meeting with the police last week regarding the homeless situation and increase in neighborhood crime- Cathy spoke well and did a great job representing me and other concerned people at the meeting- Where was Jerry ??? He has the power to clean up our neighborhood in a heartbeat but is too concerned with national politics to worry about the NY people that put him in office- I’ve been a lifelong Democrat but am tired of politicians more concerned with a utopian ideology than actually helping people. Check the answers above and it’s not difficult to figure out which candidate is going to be more responsive to our immediate issues. Vote for safety- Vote for Cathy Bernstein !!!

    23. Daniela says:

      Yes to Cathy B! Look beyond party lines! We all know what we can expect from Jerry N by now ( which is next to nothing).

    24. SG says:

      What impresses me about Cathy Bernstein is that she has concrete, implementable solutions to the problems this community is facing today. Her background as a CPA, gives her a fiscal skill that is essential if we are going to solve our problems locally while the city is suffering massive deficits. This community is in dire need of a problem solver with compassion for all who live here.

    25. Kate says:

      Some UWSers are voting Adam Herbst instead of Linda Rosenthal. West Side Rag can you do a post on that race?!

    26. Rob G. says:

      This registered Dem is voting for Bernstein for sure. She certainly understands the problems we face as a community. Nadler on the other hand took his eye off our neighborhood a long time ago.

    27. Julia says:

      The Libertarian Party is at it again. I’m sick of them@ They function as spoilers. Why not appeal to the right@. Why siphon off votes from the left. Leave us alone. With the help of your party, Biden will lose and we’l have Trump again- just as you siphoned off Hillary votes last round.

    28. JerryV says:

      Most of what Cathy Bernstein supports is opposed by her Republican/Conservative Party. As a single example, she argues, ” Eliminate the $10,000 Cap on SALT Taxes that hurt New Yorkers and erode property value.” But this is a cap that was put forward by her President and Congresspeople against Blue States. She needs to explain how she is going to get her party to change. Or she should become a Democrat.

    29. anonLincoln says:

      Cathy Bernstein! Have never heard of her til now and look forward to voting her in!

    30. UWS says:

      Cathy Bernstein sounds like she has a brain and a plan. I hope she gets elected.

    31. Life long Dem, but says:

      Life long Democrat, but all the party cares about is going more and more left. Nadler doesn’t seem to represent our every day interests anymore. Voting for Bernstein.

    32. Aida says:

      Watched her video on Twitter about the Sex Offenders at the Belleclaire. She seems to be the only one who cares about our kids. Wish she could replace our city council woman!

      • Bruce Bernstein says:

        reply to Aida:

        that video was appalling demagogy! She blames sex offenders at the Belleclaire on Nadler? What the hell did Nadler have to do with that?

        Do people who are supporting the unfortunately-named Cathy Bernstein even realize what a Congressperson does, what their jurisdiction is? It’s a national-level office.

        • GeezLouise says:

          No, Bruce. None of us ever went to school. Please educate us.

          “unfortunately named” – you are a piece of work.

    33. UWS 90’s says:

      Bernstein is actually like a Democrat from 30 years ago.
      Moderate and reasonable.

      The Democratic Party has moved so far left in defunding the police they are losing our votes.

    34. Daniel says:

      Well, she is definitely pro mask for NY. I received her palm card in a mailing and the picture is her wearing a mask.
      Interesting platform for a Republican with the Renters Tax Deduction. She sounds like someone who’s looking after the little guy.

    35. Tired says:

      Tired of all these politics. I just want someone in Congress who cares about their district. Voting for Bernstein. Long shot, but at least I can send a message.

    36. Juan says:

      A vote for any Republican for national office is a vote for Trump as it moves the Republicans closer to a majority and that is what’s key.

      I think she has a lot of great ideas locally and would I would like for her to replace Helen Rosenthal next year. Locally, party doesn’t matter nearly as much.

      Dems need to find someone to replace Nadler.

      • LisaH says:

        Dems need to find some one? When exactly? Jerry Nadler has done nothing Cathy has been out in the neighborhood fighting our fight. We need to vote for someone who will protect us. You cant be a Democrat in this town without owing favors, e.g. Sheldon Silver. I am crossing the line and voting for my neighbor!
        Cathy Bernstein!

    37. Jim Bourke says:

      I’m an upper west side liberal but I’m crossing party lines to vote for Cathy Bernstein. We need leaders now more than ever who don’t take their constituents for granted. We have pressing needs in our district that Cathy is offering thoughtful solutions to. Nadler has forgotten those who elected him as he pursues his national career. Thank you, WestSideRag, for the above information!

    38. Lindy says:

      Checked out Bernstein’s website.
      Her section on the homeless is what’s needed.
      Letting mentally ill live on the street is inhumane.

    39. Sick of the pandering says:

      FEMA $ was used to pay for the hotels, but Nadler can’t even address it except when he’s at the Lucerne with all the other progressive politicians.

    40. Louis says:

      Bernstein spoke on the steps of our synagogue after service this summer. Very knowledgeable about the issues. She has my vote.

    41. Ben says:

      She appears to be a Democrat who supports Israel =
      Called a Pro Israel Republican.
      It explains why she is so moderate.

    42. Fed up on the UWS says:

      Sadly, I think she will lose.
      This district is as blue as it gets.

      It would be great though if Nadler could read her homeless platform and do SOMETHING!

      Every block now has homeless individuals aggressively panhandling for money. The tax base is getting fed up and is going to leave!

    43. Susan says:

      Bernstein has been at every police community board meeting advocating for the safety of the elderly and children. She notified the police about child rapists/ our guests at the Belleclaire and stayed on top of it.

      At the police meetings, the NYPD keep saying the same statement over and over again, reach out to your elected officials bc our budgets were cut, summer cadet classes and plainclothes police are gone.

      Nadler said in this paper’s June interview that he agreed the NYPD budget should be cut.

      Not one local politician has shown up to listen to our concerns.

      Nadler’s response about the homeless hotels was you can’t please everyone. What kind of response is that? He can’t please his constituents who pay taxes and his salary?

      Our elected politicians are completely out of touch with the community or they don’t care. I’m not sure what’s worse.

    44. Rob says:

      Madrid’s website is “I like, I like, I like.”
      Does he have any clue how this works?

    45. Richard says:

      Bernstein’s explanation of the IMD Exclusion Rule seems like an idea that Congress should pass immediately.

      I get that NY and California have the two worst homeless populations in the country, but is Nadler aware how bad it is in the UWS? Does he ever leave the bubble of DC to see what’s going on in his own neighborhood?

    46. Ray says:

      I actually met Cathy at the Harlem dog shelter.
      She came once a week to help walk the dogs.
      Never talked politics though.
      Good for her! Hope she wins!

    47. Ross says:

      It appears that she knows she’s not going to win.
      She starts with – running to raise awareness.
      Kudos to her! It’s rare to have a candidate running because she cares about her community!

      Her homeless section finally gives some solutions to a problem that our politicians refuse to deal with and yet, we in the neighborhood have to deal with everyday.

    48. Sherry says:

      How is it that a person with no political experience, Bernstein, can articulate a solution to the homeless problem.

      And Jerry Nadler, a lifelong Congressman, doesn’t even know we have a homeless problem?

    49. Tom says:

      I’ve heard Bernstein speak about the inequities in the IRS tax code, and how it needs to be changed.

      Understand that she has a background in accounting,
      but I think she might secretly be a Democrat?

    50. DANA IVEY says:

      Jerry Nadler worked his way up to Congress thru the Upper West Side and NY state legislature. Candidates who run for Congress would be well advised to have local government experience in office before running for a federal level job.

      • StephUWS says:

        Wow candidates need to work their way up?, exactly what are you talking about? Jerry Nadler has done nothing and I mean nothing to help us and if he wins it is a referendum to do more of nothing. As a life ling Democrat Cathy has my vote. I have seen her in the neighborhood speaking to people like me about the critical challenges we have, where is Jerry? Go Cathy Bernstein, please win for all of us and help us!

      • robert says:

        Worker his way up?????
        You most have a short memory when Ted Weiss died in office her cut back room deals for other offices and appointments with the “community to fill vacancies” that each part has.
        Most leaders at the time said there should be a primary and then special election. Not just a candidate hand picked by the establishment. They also picked Stringer to replace him in the assmbly

    51. Marcia Kaye says:

      Ah, but how is Mr. Madrid going to make all these things easier, when everything costs so
      much and we’re so deeply in debt. Everybody would like things to be easier. Where’s the plan for accomplishing it in the next ten years?

    52. NotImpressed says:

      Lot’s of Bernstein staffers who never post on WSR are here.

      • Juan says:

        LOL. I was thinking the same thing. I think she will have more supportive posts here than actual votes. I think she has a lot of good ideas. But the R in front of her name ruins the whole thing, especially when running for federal office.

        • Greg says:

          She should run for city council, but the R would ruin it for her too. There hasn’t been a Republican elected here for over 100 years in this district. It seems apparent she ran just to raise awareness of the homeless issue.

      • TruthSayer says:

        That’s what you think. People are fed up with Nadler. I’m hoping Bernstein somehow shocks us all with the upset win.

    53. Jack St. Mary says:

      Only Congressman Nadler addresses the COVID pandemic and it’s scourge on our nation. He addresses the Black Lives Matter movement, income inequality, AHA, and our soul as a nation threatened by the policies, ideas, and inflammatory rhetoric of Trump and his followers. Mr. Nadler has always been a vocal, sincere representative for the UWS. His re-election is guaranteed for good reason. He’s a good man dedicated to insuring our democratic republic survives. And he has always worn and encouraged masks, enforcing , social distancing, and staying focused on this growing threat.

      • DarcyS says:

        Are you taking about someone else? I don’t recognize the comment about Jerry Nadler who has done absolutely nothing. Google his name with the word pandemic ZERO, come on and get real. I just want to be safe. I want my neighborhood back. I want to be safe.

    54. AngelaC says:

      Cathy talks the talk and walks the walk. She is smart, articulate, intelligent and pragmatic. She lives here and cares about the neighborhood. Vote for the person, not the party. That is what has gotten us to this point – we need change and voting for the same candidates because of party affiliation or name recognition is the definition of insanity.

    55. Maria Berens says:

      Ms Bernstein takes a very reasonabke position on current afflictions New York City is experiencing mostly due to DeBlasio’s incompetence and messed up ideology. Hard to believe how booming the city was when he inherited the reigns of power from Bloomberg and how ineptly he dealt with them. We also need to support merit based education and create more G&T programs in schools, especially in low income neighborhoods, to have a well educated civil society that can parse through the drivel expelled by most political candidates and choose one on substance rather than rhetoric.

    56. Gerry Brown says:

      Nadler doesn’t seem to care about anything besides polishing his reputation. The impeachment was a huge waste of time and effort when everyone knew it was going to get shot down in the Senate.

      Madrid just wants everything to be easier, sounds like he is interested in a siesta…

      Cathy Bernstein is interested in practical solutions for local issues and doesn’t seem to be tied to party dogma. Let’s get someone in who will work for us!

    57. Lenore says:

      Bernstein should switch parties for one that will actually listen to her, the Democrats. Then run against Nadler in the primary. Perhaps he will retire then.

      • Sarah says:

        Agree, she probably would have won the Dem primary. It ended up who could out woke the other. No one actually represented the person who lives here.

      • JohnUWS says:

        Agree that she should switch party and primary him if he runs again. Now is not the time I am going to support anyone with an R.

    58. Marc Lavietes says:

      The GOP candidate presents herself here as someone who would be more at home in the Working Families party. She needs to explain why she has identified herself as a Republican.
      Meanwhile, I will be voting for Mr Nadler.

      • StephUWS says:

        She needs to explain why she is a republican? If you do not take favors or work your way up through a party that controls New York you really can’t be a Democratic (winning) candidate. Think of Sheldon Silver. So you are voting for Jerry Nadler because he is a Democrat?….what does that even mean? Elizabeth Warren, started life as a conservative who voted Republican because of the party’s pro-business stance, and she didn’t switch to the Democratic Party until the mid-1990. Hello? Vote Cathy Bernstein because she cares about us or vote for anyone who has shown an interest in helping us.

      • davidaron60 says:

        Agree. Looking at the bigger picture here means keeping the WFP and all the greater good they stand for, on future NYS ballots. This is our first chance to do that.

      • TruthSayer says:

        Too basic of an approach to the situation.

    59. Tired UWSer says:

      Time for a change that will HELP the UWS. We need help. Businesses are leaving and part of it is due to all of the problems with the mentally ill/drug users who need HELP. The back to normal is ruining the businesses which leads to the decline of the neighborhood further. Please vote for Cathy and let’s get our neighborhood some real progress and assistance.

    60. robert says:

      One more vote here for Ms. Bernstein
      Nadler was as must of an embracement as Schiff was with there fake Russia/Ukraine
      BS He should retire gracefully as in 2022 redistricting is not join to be kind to him as NYS is losing 2 seat If he were a real leader he would bow out and let one of the younger members stay. The non Manhattan parts of his district can not stand him

    61. UWS Democrat says:

      As a younger voter I don’t get how some can blindly vote party especially when candidates have become so far removed from the party’s core values. Perhaps it’s because my generation has been taught to ignore labels and focus on actions to see the true person. Nadler has proved to represent Stagnation not progress- he must go! Gladly voted against the establishment of career politicians that are all talk and no walk. You got this Cathy! #Democrats4CathyB #women4Bernstein

      • BenT says:

        Just took a walk on Broadway, so sad. I am just hopeful that whoever is our next mayor he/she has the gumption of making difficult decisions. We need retail back and we need to stop defining people by their party we just need anyone who is willing to help us. Since this is a congressional news piece I would say vote out the old and bring in the new. Cathy Bernstein seems like a path forward…we need people who connect with us.

    62. Ella says:

      Nadler needs to go. The city is a mess and he is part of the problem. I am sick of the one party rule in NYC that is destroying us.


    63. UWS1991 says:

      Nadler, nor Bernstein, has been out campaigning nearly as much as Madrid-if it all. Never seen either of them even once, I see Madrid constantly cleaning up the sidewalks in Hell’s Kitchen, and frequently outside Fairway. If you’re voting to send a message, I think choice is clear.