A Unique No-Touch Halloween That Still Lets You Parade Around the Neighborhood

All decked out for the season. Photo by @cynstahgram.

A group of Upper West Side families found a new way to celebrate Halloween without the stress of social-distanced candy-grabbing.

The Halloween Character Scavenger Hunt involves 57 participating schools, businesses, apartment buildings and public service agencies have volunteered to hide one of the 5 characters (Pat the Pumpkin, Ben the Bat, Cal the Cat, Sally the Spider, Gabby the Ghost) in their windows. The images will be visible from the street.

“To participate, you do not (should not) have to go into the store,” one organizer, Elizabeth F., tells us. “The fun is on Halloween — put on your costumes (and masks) and go hunting for the characters this Saturday on October 31st!”

Here is a list of participating UWS stores and organizations.

And here is a list with the characters that can be printed so the kids can circle who they see.

Lastly, here is a suggestion for how many “points” each character is worth.

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    1. Linda says:

      where is the beautiful pictured store? name?

    2. CL says:

      And. Wait for it. Scaffolding!

    3. Albert says:

      What a lovely idea!

    4. Nancy Wolfe says:

      Great idea!

    5. Melissa says:

      What a GREAT idea! Thanks for your creativity, caring, and effort! Happy Halloween!

    6. Robert Iulo says:

      Q Florist always does nice displays and the make good decorative use of the sidewalk shed.

    7. Grateful parent says:

      I want to heartily thank the families who put this scavenger hunt together. Our 7-year-old *loved it* and it has made his Halloween. Deep gratitude to all of the volunteers who organized and put the characters out. 🙂

    8. michele says:

      We just did scavenger hunt with kiddos and between the scavenger hunt candy and a few stores that were giving candy-we had two very happy girls. Thank you so much!

    9. Erica DePiero says:

      My kids and I did this and had so much fun! Thank you so much to the families who organized this and the businesses who participated. It also gave us the playful feeling of doing something WITH the community, even though we’re we not entering the stores. Well done!

    10. UWS Dad says:

      Thanks WSR for highlighting this, and to the local businesses who participated. Our kids had a lot of fun!

    11. Swati says:

      Thanks so much to Elizabeth and any other organizers – this helped save Halloween for our littles and their friends this year. We are grateful!