Man Struck by Train at 103rd Street

Photo by Gryffindor.

A man was hit by a northbound train at the 103rd Street stop on the 1 line on Thursday morning just before 9 a.m., suffering serious injuries and causing service to temporarily shut down, according to Pix11.

Police told Pix11 that the man apparently jumped in front of the train. The police didn’t have more detailed information on his injuries.

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    1. charles becker says:

      re: contradictory news reports
      Which one is it a north or south bound train which hit this man?

    2. susan says:

      I can think of 20 questions to be asked before which direction the train was headed. Why did the man jump? Had he been exposed to Covid-19 or fearful Trump would be reelected? Was he unable to find help for his depression/addiction/mental illness?
      Does Uptown/Downtown really matter here???

    3. Farnham Maxwell says:

      Despair..when someone feels there is no way out..I see it on the streets every day…

    4. Drew Kopf says:

      Let’s try this a different way.
      “An “attractive nuisance” is something on your property that draws children in but threatens them with harm. These types of things can be considered a premises liability. A premises liability is when you allow a dangerous condition to occur on your property. These are under the umbrella of personal injury law.”
      So, can’t we apply this kind of thinking to subway train tracks that allow kids or people who aren’t thinking right for some reason to jump in or to push someone in or even just to fall in front of an incoming train? Come on. Let’s get some walls up along the tracks.

      • EdNY says:

        And then put fencing up along every street so no one can run out in the middle of the block to get hit by a car or truck.

        Re: “walls” along the tracks – there are technical issues having to do with the different door spacings on rolling stock on “B” Division (the so-called lettered lines). Also, the expense (multi billions) can arguably be used for greater benefit. Especially now.