Comments of the Week: Food for Thought

Here are some thought-provoking comments gleaned from this week’s abundant crop. Feel free to join the conversations, bearing in mind the fervent desire of commenter “cma”: “I wish people responding here would be more thoughtful and not so ‘reactive’ in their comments. Picking up on one thing in someone’s comment and targeting it with anger doesn’t really contribute to diversity of CONVERSATION that is needed between all points of view. May we all put our energies towards a better more inclusive UWS and country!”

re: Monday Bulletin: Garbage Story, Nerd from the Neighborhood, Trader Joe’s Meltdown

Michael P Muscaro says:

There are 2 UWS’s. The “Original” one with a mix of races and cultures, and economic diversity, and the “New” one where the UWS was a “Neighborhood” with all of the amenities of Suburbia at their doorsteps. The new folks never signed up for diversity, economic or otherwise. The Veterans of the neighborhood know better.

re: Lucerne Residents Are Supposed to Move Downtown, But Residents There Are Starting to Push Back Too

Elizabeth Shackelford says:
I consider myself a conservative, a tiny red dot in a sea of blue—However, I believe we have to help people in need. I live 20 blocks north. Therefore, I did not see any of the activity causing offense. Nevertheless, the reds and the blues both care for the poor. We just disagree on how to do it. That is the American way.

re:  82-Year-Old Woman Critically Injured When Struck by a Revel Motor Scooter

js says:
NYC represents mass inequality unfortunately.
The vast majority of bus, truck, van and Uber/taxi drivers are men of color working hard to make a living.
Baffled about commentary suggesting vehicles relate to white privilege?
As for Revel, I personally have no quarrel if operated safely. But Revel clearly benefit the young with sufficient money to afford, while other folks must schlep on bus and subway…

re: Restaurants Can Reopen Indoor Dining on Wednesday; Here’s How Some Local Spots are Preparing

GaryGlitter says:
I love the Metro Diner! They always treat me warmly when I dine there solo! I usually get the broiled pork chops with apple sauce with a cup of chicken soup. And, they make the best homemade potato salad! Them’s some good eatin’! You can usually see your UWS neighbors dining there along with students and tourists. So please stop in and patronize The Metro Diner during these crazy/strange/normal times!

re: Pet Owners Stress About Sharp Rocks in Newly Renovated Dog Run

Nicholas Heilbut says:
The entire situation is incredibly pathetic. How can a dog-run cost $600k? And then to screw up something as basic as making the ground safe for dogs is beyond the pale. It’s so sad that nothing can be done in New York without excessive costs and 7 uninformed bureaucrats making poor decisions. What a shame.

re: Old John’s Luncheonette Appears to Have Served Its Last Waffle After About 70 Years on the UWS

Maggie Nunez says:
I was the original waitress when Old John’s opened at this location in the Summer of 1998. Emmanuel Kambouris, Luis Skivar and the chef Frank Casas gave me opportunities that I would have never had, they allowed me to study in between tables so I could achieve upward mobility. That was my family, my home, my everything. I made friendships that I still have to this date and received so much love from the locals who kind of adopted me. I am today a successful person with advanced degrees who was able to change her life and that of her children because of Old John’s, I was looking forward to going back after the pandemic to fill the void in my heart and support them. I am truly sad.

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    1. daniel malisky says:

      I took my kids and dogs and partner and beat a hasty retreat to the east end of long island….I am lucky I could do that….it isn’t covid….these were signs long before….it was unraveling….the gates were opened…it wasn’t ours anymore…covid just made it easier to get my partner to agree.

      • Jim Cash says:

        There’s going to be a real period of adjustment for those who remain. Some areas less than others so maybe UWS won’t be the worst off but there will be pain and few will admit to voting for who they did.

      • sg says:

        Agree about the signs…I retired out of NYC at the onset of COVID. After 2+ decades of prosperity, the liberals took total control (communist mayor) of the city and the decline began. Shame on the older folks who don’t recall the pre-Giuliani NYC. As for the young, they just assumed the NYC they knew was the norm…hopefully sanity will prevail before the slide back into the ‘70’s era.

        • Josh says:

          I remember the Koch and Dinkins years. Glad to hear you are happier not being here. Good luck wherever you are. NYC has its issues, but I still think it is better than wherever you are. Cheers.

          • Daniel Malisky says:

            we drop the kids off at school in the village…the school is an old corinthian columned WPA grand dame…I excercise and then do yard work fixing things I never had time to fix coming on weekend….I collect firewood…the dogs run around the yard the kids jump in the heated pool…ride bikes…feel safe… nite the fire is lit…dinner is finished and the wine is fresh…and then we watch PBS news hour and Netflix with an occasion HULU thrown in……NYC is not better than where I am….no…sorry….dream on