Police Post Reward and Release New Images in Rick Moranis Assault Case

Photograph by Dan Tanner.

Police have been putting up signs around the Upper West Side with an image of the suspect wanted for allegedly assaulting Rick Moranis on Central Park West and 70th Street on Thursday morning.

The assault was caught on video that we posted earlier. It was an unprovoked attack, police said. Moranis went to the hospital, but has since told the media he’s feeling okay now.

Police released the photo below as well.

Note: We screen our comments carefully and constantly, but somehow an overtly racist comment slipped through and was posted for about a minute, before three eagle-eyed readers let us know. We apologize to anyone else who saw it. -WSR

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    1. John E. says:

      This brings back horrible memories of the night John Lennon was killed in front of the Dakota in 1980. He too was a stay at home dad, out of the limelight for years and just about to make a comeback. Two beloved celebrities who kept to themselves and just wanted to enjoy a NYC life with their families.

      Fortunately this latest incident had a better outcome. I’m so glad Rick Moranis is doing better.

      Two psychopaths; one doing time and one hopefully will be caught very soon before he does further damage.

      • Jay says:

        John E,

        Except John Lennon was killed by a stalker of sorts. And Moranis was assaulted, which is something that is known to happen once in a while in the West 70s.

        • John E. says:

          Yes, Mark David Chapman was indeed a deranged stalker. But this latest attack was still carried out by a deranged person. Doesn’t matter one bit if he’s a stalker or not.

    2. Tim says:

      If this perp is caught, what are the odds he’ll be released without bail?

      • Jerry says:

        I don’t understand why people post nonsensical comments. Do they do it on purpose, or are they that badly misinformed? Defendants accused of a violent crime are not released without bail.

        • Al says:

          Well Jerry hate to tell you this but your comment is nonsense. Do your homework before posting. Violent criminals are being released due to Covid. In New York and elsewhere. A simple google search will tell you the truth. I question how a bail will help other stay safe but that is probably nonsense as well.

        • Boris says:

          I don’t understand why people post this knee-jerk comment ALL the time. Do they think they’re the first and only one to think of this? We’re all familiar with the bail reform situation and some are obviously more informed how it actually works.

        • ben says:

          Because people are frustrated with the consequences of bail reform. Plus it’s a legitimate question, not everyone is expected to be an expert in the new bail reform.

        • Think first says:

          You are the misinformed in this case. Most assaults are classified as misdemeanors and “non violent,” not felonies. Which means most perps are sent straight back to the streets

          • Lesley Achitoff says:

            Totally not true.

          • Jerry says:

            That is only true for assault without a serious injury. Moreover, recent revisions to the bail reform law specifically cite any Class A misdemeanor where harm occurs to an identifiable person or property (assault 3, criminal mischief) while out on a separate felony or Class A misdemeanor where harm occurred to an identifiable person or property.

          • Bruce Bernstein says:

            thank you Lesley and Jerry for providing actual facts about Bail Reform.

            the cash bail system is almost unique to the US and clearly is prejudicial towards the poor, who are overwhelmingly people of color in NYC. if someone is a danger to the community they should be kept in jail, not based on how much money they have access to. Similarly if someone is not a danger, they should be given a court appointment and be let out.

            People who are against Bail Reform should address how they would deal with the issue of mass incarceration.

    3. Vic says:

      Events like this, i.e. unprovoked violence on a sidewalk, has a universally consistent template and yet, the meta-narrative is the opposite on who’s the victim and who’s the perpetrator. Does that seem logical ? it’s almost as if, no one is courageous enough to say “Emperor has no clothes”.

    4. Robin says:

      The comment from “Adolf” does NOT or certainly should NOT adhere to community guidelines and should have been censored. Why and how was it allowed to be published?!?!
      Please remove this highly insensitive and offensive comment ASAP before the s*#! starts flying.

    5. rita says:

      Bail reform has only benefitted the criminals!! No bail = more criminals who are not responsible for their crimes. Thanks you NY State and NYC!

    6. say-moi says:

      Be interesting to know how these two images could have been collected? The alleged attacker is shown in these pictures in the subway? The attack took place under a ‘sidewalk shed’ close to Central Park.. Dangerous place to be at at 7.30 am in the morning. Numerous muggings have occurred in these dark passageways. Important to avoid walking under them at night.
      Very sad that unprovoked violence is becoming so prevalent.

      • Ish Kabibble says:

        That area is hardly what I would call dangerous, per se. This can happen anywhere.

    7. Farnham maxwell says:

      Read “STAMPED from the beginning”..
      Ibram X ZENDI…Read James Baldwin..READ

      • sg says:

        This deflection is not helpful…this was one man attacking another unprovoked. Period!

      • UWSHebrew says:

        “Ibram X ZENDI” —- never.

        • Bruce E. Bernstein says:

          reply to UWSHebrew:

          it doesn’t surprise me that you would react in such a way to books with titles like “How to Be an Anti-racist.” How dare Dr. Zendi write this.

          I’m sure you’ll be outraged to find out that the entire school at Brooklyn Tech (NYC’s largest HS), including faculty, was assigned that book over the summer.

          The younger generation is not falling for “the Southern Strategy”, which used to work here in the North as well.

          • UWSHebrew says:

            Incredible revelation: A New York City school district, run by extremely far left progressives (CARRANZA et al), assigned a book to their students whose author and topic the far left reveres.

            • Bruce E. Bernstein says:

              reply to UWSHebrew:

              UWSHebrew said:

              ” … assigned a book to their students whose author and topic the far left reveres.”

              So you don’t “revere” the topic of overcoming and combating racism? This should not be an issue for the left only. And, to be fair, most moderates and centrists, such as Biden, are disgusted by the prevalence of structural racism in this society, and want to figure out a way to do something about it.

              And then there is the Trump/Giuliani faction, which promotes and uses racism every chance they get. They are holding the country back; it is an obvious political tactic, “divide and conquer.”

          • sg says:

            Caranzza is a virulent racist and disgraceful School Chancellor! Enjoy the city Bruce as it backslides to the bad old days.

          • UWSHebrew says:

            Ibram X. Kendi called the next Supreme Court Judge, Amy Coney Barrett, a “white colonizer” for adopting two black children (orphans from Haiti). The fact that you lionize the book this man wrote is all anyone needs to know about Bruce Bernstein.

            • Bruce E. Bernstein says:

              reply to UWSHebrew:

              This is a total distortion of what Kendi tweeted, and the point he was making. he never called Barrett a “white colonizer” or a racist. He was making the point that just because one adopts Black children does not mean one is not a racist. More importantly, she is lined up to make damaging rulings to women, Blacks, labor, poor people. What difference does it make if she has Black children if she wants to further cripple the voting rights act?

              Of course the right wing media went ballistic, taking this out of context.

        • NYYgirl says:


    8. Maleek Shabaaz says:

      There was a report that a comment about the need to wear a mask properly was made prior to the assault.

    9. LarryK says:

      I have nothing against Moranis but why is he being treated so differently than an ordinary citizen being mugged or held up. The police should treat every incident as importantly as this one

      • Jo says:

        There is no evidence that the assault on
        Mr. Moranis is being handled differently.

      • chris says:

        LarryK– the man who was sucker punched while eating at a restaurant on the uws (i think it was papparadella?) is the closest thing which comes to mind and they DID catch that perp but the victim declined to press charges.

    10. Arlene says:

      IMO, it’s disgraceful that the NYPD is offering a $2,500 reward for the guy who attacked Rick Moranis, a so called “celebrity.” I don’t remember seeing any rewards offered for the many more, and much older and infirm, people that have been randomly attacked — and much more injured.

      Do it for everyone or do it for no one. Selective rewards are obscene.

      • lynn says:

        You don’t see a name mentioned or photo of Rick Moranis on the poster do you? Crime Stoppers starts by offering $2500 for everyone. Take a look at the website.

      • Jay says:


        Pretty sure the cops have offered rewards in other assault cases in the West 70s over the last 2 years.

        No, I can’t cite an example off the top of my head, though do seem to remember one involving the theft of an iPhone, and one which involved an older person being knocked to the ground on West 74th street.

      • Truth and Reason says:

        Actually, no, it’s not disgraceful. It might actually help them catch the guy! Is it fair to non-celebrity victims that they’re putting more work into catching this perpetrator because he assaulted a celebrity? No. But whatever gets him off the street is fine with me. Better they offer the reward and catch him then not offer rewards at all and leave him out on the street. If he hit Rick Moranis, he could hit me or you or anyone. Quit b*tching about the reward and let’s get this sicko off the streets, I say. Benefits us all.

      • Balebusta says:

        LOL this same comment was written the last time a white person was a victim of a crime — I believe it was when the 13 yo son of a police office was robbed in broad daylight. Gd forbid the police do there jobs. There’s always a $2500 reward! Stop with the identity politics and focus on the real issues.

    11. Grady says:

      Hope rick is ok and hope this coward gets what’s coming to him

    12. Bill says:

      New York City and other liberal Democrat states reaping their harvest. Crime, liberal government for criminals, high taxes, government corruption. No wonder so many people are getting out. My family all got out High city taxes, high state taxes; they felt they were working for the government.

    13. William Pearlman says:

      I have a $100 that says this miscreant has been arrested and released multiple times. The blame lies with the Democrats. And the idiot voters that elect them. Anyone willing to take me up on this.

    14. Zome says:

      Don’t think it is the same guy in the second photo

    15. Jay Noem says:

      Who is Rick Moranis?

      Is he with the Mayor’s ThriveNYC office?

    16. Grady says:

      Well over the word count, but take a look at this woman’s account of a close call last night in the lower west 90s:


    17. Lorene Farnsworth says:

      Sadly, we have a lot of people wandering the streets who have significant mental health issues. Until we get a handle on our healthcare system we can expect more of the same.