Video: Actor Rick Moranis Punched in Random Attack on Central Park West

Rick Moranis, star of such movies as Honey I Shrunk the Kids, was punched on Thursday morning in what police say was an unprovoked attack on Central Park West near 70th Street.

He was walking south on CPW “when an unidentified male struck him in the head with a closed fist, knocking the victim to the ground,” police said.

Police released the surveillance video below.

The initial police release about the crime did not mention the victim, but CBS News and the Post reported it was Moranis. The actor went to the hospital and had pain in his head, back and right hip, police said. After going to the hospital he reported the incident to the 20th precinct.

Moranis in 1990. Photo by Alan Light.

Anyone with information in regard to this incident is asked to call the NYPD’s Crime Stoppers Hotline at 1-800-577-TIPS (8477) or for Spanish, 1-888-57-PISTA (74782). The public can also submit their tips by logging onto the CrimeStoppers website at WWW.NYPDCRIMESTOPPERS.COM, or on Twitter @ NYPDTips.

All calls are strictly confidential.

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    1. Nadine Kellogg says:

      This sort of random violence should not happen to anyone. Very sorry it happened to Rick Moranis, whom I had had the pleasure to know as a good dad attending his son’s baseball games. As an actor he worked hard to bring joy to other people and he is highly successful achieving that goal. I hope he has a speedy recovery. My empathy goes out to Rick and his family.

      • ActNow says:

        This is horrific and frightening news. Sadly, not an isolated incident in the neighborhood. Best wishes for a speedy recovery to Rick Moranis.

        This act of violence by this individual reinforces trump’s message that cities are being overtaken by mobs and criminals.

      • ActNow says:

        This act of violence reinforces the idea that cities are being overtaken by mobs and criminals.

    2. Dumbfounded says:

      Does everyone really believe law and order, and enforcing those laws, is such a bad thing? Let’s continue with defunding those who protect us.. duh.

    3. Hambone says:

      This man just punched a comedic gem and national treasure (yeah I know he’s Canadian but he’s ours until Canada takes Justin Bieber back…oh and we are keeping Pamela Anderson too!)

    4. Paul says:

      they’ll get this guy…if it was you or me they WOULDN’T get this guy

    5. ST says:

      Why so many folks are leaving. Who wants to be the random victim of a lunatic.

      • UWSHebrew says:

        incorrect to label random unprovoked violence as mental illness. you’re not a psychiatrist.

        • RCP says:

          What do you call “random unprovoked violence?” Look up the definition of psychopath.

          • UWSHebrew says:

            Again, you or I or anyone else who is not a licensed psychiatrist that has examined him cannot just wave the “lunatic” or “psychopath” label on him or anyone else. it’s an easy cop out. Were the tens of thousands (or more), of SS who killed elderly people, women and babies psychopaths? Maybe a tiny percentage. But the overwhelming majority were well-adjusted “normal” men, many married with children.

            • GG says:

              It never ceases to amaze me how quick you are to pull the Holocaust card on almost every issue.

              And then how quickly you are to deny it.

              Also, are you suggesting that this perp is part of some organized movement or something? I’m not sure what your point is. Please clarify…without the WWII imagery please.

            • Phoebe says:

              I agree, that it was probably racism, anti-semitism, possibly class-based jealousy, or anger, that is fanned by the current political atmosphere-“from both sides.” But not what we usually label mental illness. It should not happen to anyone—right!

            • UWSHebrew says:

              @GG — “Holocaust card”? I was responding to a query regarding “psychopath”, and gave an example regarding behavior some would consider to fall in that category that was done by very sane men. Would referencing the atrocities in Rwanda be more acceptable to you? Unlike Rwanda, I had a grandmother who told me what it was like to stand in the morning lineup before Dr. Mengele, so I have a personal connection to the event that makes you so upset that you degrade it be labeling it a “Holocaust card”. What is wrong with you?

            • GG says:

              My favorite part is when you doubled down on the Holocaust imagery. Well done, UWSHebrew! Way to prove me wrong…do you have any self-awareness at all?

              And by the way, you are not the only one with survivors in their family. My grandparents would be horrified to see that their nightmare is now casually used as a political talking point for weak minded right wingers.

          • Phoebe says:

            Racist?Anti-white? Anti Semitic? Class-based warfare, egged on by current times/politics?

        • ST says:

          What do you want to call it UWSHebrew? A racially motivates hate crime?

          • UWSHebrew says:

            I don’t want to call it anything, because the man did not say anything to indicate his “reasoning” for this disgusting attack that could have happened to any of us, as it was not a mugging, it was raw, brutal violence. I want him caught and let the police interviewing him get him to reveal his motive.

        • nemo paradise says:

          Why do you say the “attack” was “random and unprovoked?” Is there any evidence?

          Maybe this guy and Moranis have a history, and the action was retaliation.

          Don’t jump to conclusions and label this guy as a thug before you have the facts.

    6. JL says:

      Speedy recovery to Rick Moranis. Ghost Busters was one of my favorites growing up.

    7. SD says:

      How many videos of this happening do we have to see before one of our representatives or the police start talking about this as an issue of concern for the community?

    8. Deni says:

      Oh man! This is so scary! I really hope they find this person !
      Very disturbing indeed.

    9. JY says:

      Two weeks ago me and my friend left central park sheep meadow around 7pm, it’s a little bit dark and we are trying to cross central park west on 72nd street, a guy was crossing 72nd street and he suddenly stop and stared at us, I don’t know what happend, he continued staring at us as we are getting closer, I got really scared. Luckily nothing happened, we ignored his stare and quickly passed him. It’s right next to dakota building. It’s the first time in new york I did feel dangerous.

    10. Glen says:

      I came across an incident on 79th/Broadway on Wednesday night around 7pm; the police were just leaving. One of the people standing around said, “a white guy was just knocked out.” I have not seen anything else about this, but since the purported victim was likely not Rick Moranis I have seen no report on it.

    11. Larry Lox says:

      Does anyone know if Rick is still single? The article in the New York Post makes him seem lonely. My cousin Sarah lives nearby and could be a nice match. She is intelligent and beautiful but her ex-husband had an affair with one of his dental hygienists (a younger woman). Too bad for him, maybe good for Rick!

      • Catherine Holmes says:

        As you may know, Rick Moranis lost his wife a long time ago to cancer, I believe, leaving him with 2 or 3 young children. I think that’s when he became a stay at home dad and gave up making movies. I respect him so much for doing that.

        • lynn says:

          In February it will be 30 years. I’ll never forget him bringing his daughter to ballet class (the only dad who was ever there). Everyone was so touched by this. He made the right decision to be there for his kids. Living a private life doesn’t mean he’s a recluse.

      • Jo says:

        This is an astoundingly inappropriate comment. This isn’t “Match-Game.” This is an assault.

        • Larry lox says:

          Love actually is all around- Hugh grant from love actually. Rick moranis is a Canadian I’m sure he can take a punch. hockey tough.

    12. John E. says:

      Lunatic deserves a severe jail sentence.

      Doesn’t matter who was assaulted but I for one love Rick Moranis. I hope he wasn’t seriously hurt.

      You wonder why New Yorkers are leaving the city in droves…

      • UWSHebrew says:

        incorrect to label random unprovoked violence as mental illness. you’re not a psychiatrist.

        • John E. says:

          What would you call him? I guess only a mentally stable person would randomly punch some stranger in the face.
          Are you the resident expert on mental illness?

          • UWSHebrew says:

            Unless he is examined by a psychiatrist, it is a COP OUT to wave your hand and label him mentally ill.

    13. bfbb says:

      There are usually less people on CPW so I try to take it to social distance…guess not as safe as I thought

    14. haywood says:

      looks like he was walking west on w 79th not s on cpw

    15. haywood says:

      70 not 79

    16. He is walking west on West 70 Street in this video. Please correct the article. Thanks.

      • Ish Kabibble says:

        Sounds like you should move out of the city. You never have anything positive to say about it. Might be good for you to leave. And take your comments with you!

    17. Carol says:

      Location is the side street, not Central Park West. The video shows the north side of West 70 Street near the corner of CPW.

    18. TY says:

      What a weird contrast between the suspect’s “I love NY” sweatshirt and his violent action. Wish I knew what motivates someone to such a senselessly violent act. This behavior is on the rise and the Police need to be more engaged on this. Btw, as I understand it, the NYC police have not been defunded yet as the budget process is a long one and 2020 funds were likely appropriated some time ago. There’s no excuse here for their lack of engagement other than peevishness and an extremely aggressive Police Officer’s Union. Shame on them.

      • Blue says:

        Oh yeah, if im a cop in NYC, Im definitely giving it 100% when you have ppl calling 4 defunding my livelihood, spitting in my face & insulting me, & a mayor betraying me every chance he gets. Shame on the cops? Shame on you 4 blaming them & for a community that doesn’t appreciate them.

        • Abdul Sayeed says:

          When I was a high school teacher and I was criticized by a student or a parent, I stopped teaching all my classes.
          When I collected garbage for a summer and was criticized by a homeowner because I left a few scraps of garbage on his property, I stopped collecting garbage for the whole neighborhood.
          But when I became a policeman and my fellow officers and I were criticized, I REALLY DID IT, I DID, I STOPPED POLICING – BECAUSE WE HAVE THE GUNS AND THE POWER AND THE UNION!

          Who do these people think they are to walk away from their jobs, their responsibilities, and their oaths?
Start all over. Raise their starting salaries enormously. Require them to live in the neighborhoods they serve for five years. Too many live in the suburbs — the root of so many problems. And require a four year degree.

        • TY says:

          Seriously? I don’t think we’re living in the same city. 1) the mayor has rolled over every time the police union has expressed its ire. 2) Calls for defunding & “spitting in my face,” as you so colorfully put it are a reference to a handful of angry protesters earlier in the summer. They do NOT reflect the majority of NYers who want to work WITH the police to address inequities in policing. As for “appreciation,” my own encounters with NY’s finest have left a sour taste in my mouth. On one occasion I was the victim of petty theft, but I couldn’t get the cop assigned to my case to even return my calls. And when I was injured in Central Park & needed assistance, they couldn’t be bothered to even drive me to the nearest park entrance so I could get a cab. My taxes — and yours — pay for their salary & benefits. Talk about contempt.

      • Dave K. says:

        What a peculiar comment, what you should be thinking about is the no bail reform law which means this person will probably be arrested and let go..a bunch of fools you are, keep voting for Shumer, Nadler, et. al. silly, shame on you. If I was a cop i would quit.

        • EdNY says:

          Bail is not waived in the case of violent felonies, only in cases of misdemeanors with no serious injury.

      • John E. says:

        TY, not exactly the act of a “normal” person if he put on an “I Love NY” hoodie and then punched out a fellow New Yorker later in the day. A real lunatic, wouldn’t you say?

    19. C says:

      What time of day? Night?

    20. Anna says:

      Why is this not being called a suspected hate crime?

      There’s a pattern we’ve all been seeing for several years now, but no one is saying anything about it.

    21. Elder says:

      I witnessed someone sucker punched Tuesday around 6 pm on W. 76 between Columbus and Amsterdam. I was also followed down the street on the same day walking a child home from school. Very Scary.
      One would think you would be safe going out during daylight hours.
      So many of these people who want to make the hotels into permanent shelters are not mental health professionals and refuse to acknowledge the past history of this failed solution or consider the humane services the homeless residents really require for rehabilitation &/or to get back on their feet.

    22. Frank says:

      Hi Rick I’ve heard what happened to you in CPW, I wish for your speedy recovery. You’re a good friend for 25 years .God bless you.Frankie the doorman 88CPW.

    23. jimbo says:

      Rick should have shrunk the perp.

    24. Chris says:

      The New York Post has clear video of the thug. I hope they get him soon:

    25. SD says:

      What I would like to know is WHERE ARE THE POLICE? You can’t see them. Where are they? You can walk all up and down broadway and they are nowhere in site except for a couple of specific locations (Col circle and 72nd) and all they do is sit in their cars or talk outside of their cars often in a group. Other than that, you can’t find a copy in sight. So much of what is happening would not be happening if there were police around. Get out of your cars and start walking the streets. What good is it to wait for these things to happen? The police need to start having a major visible presence imo.