82-Year-Old Woman Critically Injured When Struck by a Revel Motor Scooter

Photo by Stephen Harmon.

By Carol Tannenhauser

An 82-year-old woman is in critical condition after being struck by a Revel motor scooter at West 60th Street and Broadway, at 7:50 Tuesday morning, an NYPD spokesperson told WSR. She was taken to Mt. Sinai West. The driver of the scooter remained on the scene.

Revel had returned to the streets in August, after suspending operations in July following the deaths of two riders.

The NYPD Highway division arrived at 9:05 a.m. to investigate the incident.

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    1. EdNY says:

      Need more detail. Was she crossing Broadway or West 60th Street? Who had the light? If they both did, she had the right of way. In any case, the protocols under which the Revel scooters were allowed to be returned to the streets are deficient.

      • Paul says:

        We do need more detail, much more.
        You can’t say that this crash shows Revell’s new protocols are deficient unless the facts back that up.
        In all events, some follow up on cases like this would be helpful.

        • EdNY says:

          Revel renters must take a 21-question test and a selfie showing the wearing of a helmet and watch a video. I think that is deficient when you consider that they have more in common with motorcycles than with bicycles. But I’m willing to wait until there is sufficient data on Revel-pedestrian accidents.

      • Ryan says:

        you would make a great cop

      • Carlos says:

        Agree on needing more information. The rider needed to be careful. What speed were they going? But the pedestrian might have been crossing against the light. I will not make any further generalizations. Most importantly, I hope she is OK.

        To someone’s point below, I have actually noticed more helmet wearing by Revel riders. Far from perfect, but better. Though in this situation, that isn’t really relevant.

    2. EGF says:

      These scooters are dangerous and do not belong on NYC streets! PERIOD!

    3. Anonymous says:

      Revel motor scooters are not for NYC nor are the people that are driving them‼️

    4. UWSHebrew says:

      Anyone remember the so-called unbreakable rule that Revel riders would not be allowed to ride without wearing a helmet? Without exception, since Revel scooters have been back, I have not seen one rider wearing a helmet.

      • Michael G says:

        Weird, I was about to say the opposite (all helmets and traffic laws since Revel came back). I do get the concern, though, since I’ve seen plenty of non-revel scooters and e-bikes doing all sorts of things, including weaving around pedestrians and leashed dogs on sidewalks.

      • CrankyPants says:

        Actually, I was a big anti-Revel guy but since their return I have only noticed safe-driving by helmet wearers. However, trying to cross a street with all the bikes is more dangerous than ever, so I wouldn’t mind if Revel riders decided to support the struggling MTA and opt for public transportation instead.

      • Ish Kabibble says:

        Uhm, yeah, sure.

    5. e says:

      Get these dame electric bikes off the streets of NYC before more people die.

    6. Mark P says:

      Don’t forget if you see bad behavior you can report it to Revel. I’ve done it for one rider running a light and another riding on a Riverside Park Path. License plate is best but not required, I take a photo to time stamp and geo stamp the location, they have data they can cross reference.


    7. Mike M says:

      I do think Rebel is a good idea and could be a real success, but it is crystal clear that it does not work in NYC. Too dangerous. Looks bad for Revel also. They should pull out now and forget about the big Apple. I would be interested to see how something like Lime would do on New York but fear it would be a disaster as well.

    8. Steven Barall says:

      The day that these Revel electric motorcycles returned to the streets last month I almost got hit by one as the driver ran a red light on Amsterdam at 69th St. These unregulated electric motorcycles are not necessary. And by the way, who is paying her uninsured medical expenses? Is Revel paying?

    9. joshnyc says:

      Condolences to that unfortunate woman and. Just my observation, but crossing Riverside Dr., I have cars, bikes, and scooters all blowing through red lights. Fortunately no close calls, but then again I’m very cautious and cross assuming someone’s going to ignore the signal.

    10. Adriane Miliotis says:

      We had a close call with a Revel scooter on Sunday while driving on 96 btw Columbus and Amsterdam. We had just made the right onto 96 from Columbus when one of those death machines shot out from the parking lane and crashed onto its side in the middle of the street. The young woman rider-to-be stood there aghast and then retrieved the scooter and rode off flustered while several cars and onlookers watched in disbelief. If we would have turned the corner just 2 seconds earlier, the scooter would have slammed into the side of our car. Revel needs to go away and never come back.

    11. Tam says:

      Scooters aren’t the problem – riders who don’t follow the law are. I think the issue with Revel, is it makes it easy and cheap for any idiot to use them. To get into the Vespa game, it’s several thousand dollars even for a used one. The one that can go on highways is 7k before taxes.

    12. Relax says:

      All these comments about the scooters sound like the homeless issues on the Upper West Side. OMG! Don’t you people ever catch a break!
      Relax already go for a walk in the park, just calm down.

      • lynn says:

        I took a nice stroll down to Riverside Park and decided to walk on the hill paths instead of using the stairs. It was quiet and peaceful until I a heard something coming up behind me, and sure enough it was a Revel. I’ve seen them riding on sidewalks on 72nd which is probably very stressful for them with all the pedestrians, so I guess they wanted to go to the park and chill out too.;)

        • Ish Kabibble says:

          Yeah, sure you did. On the walkways? Nonsense.

          • Josh says:

            I’ve seen it too. Havent seen it since their return, but saw it a lot during July. As mentioned above, take a picture and send it in to Revel and they will cancel the person’s account.

    13. RL says:

      I am still trying to find out if these electric scooters/motor bikes that have taken over – with no license plates – are remotely legal – and if they are allowed to be on the road – or bike paths for that matter – George Washington Bridge pedestrian lane turning into a hazard. Anyone?

      • Dan V. says:

        I do know that Revels do have license plates.

      • Ish Kabibble says:

        Revels are only allowed in certain areas, and not on the bridge. They have gps that would immediately tell if they went beyond allowed areas. I seriously doubt you saw one on the gwb. Now privately owned scooters are a different conversation.

        • RL says:

          yes it’s not the revels – it’s the privately owned ones – some look like small motor bikes

        • Josh says:

          I have a feeling he is talking about e-bikes, which are legal on all roads except highways. They are not legal on the Westside Greenway, but no one (NYPD/Parks) really pays attention to that. Out of curiosity, why do you have such a hard time finding out about their legality? Their legalization has been covered by all the major news outlets, even the Times.

          • RL says:

            no NOT ebikes that delivery people ride. I am taking about the sudden appearance this summer of mini motor bikes and scooters the site of Revels – with wing mirrors and everything. No license plates. Is no one else seeing them??

    14. Heidi says:

      These scooters should not be allowed without a motorcycle license. I’ve seen many accidents with them. If a motorcycle needs to take a test both written and driving so should anyone riding a scooter. It functions the same.

    15. marc says:

      Pedestrians always have the right of way and more so for the elderly! Details not required.

    16. Doug Garr says:

      When I was a teenager and I got my license at 16 (1965) vehicles like this were considered MC on your license. You needed to pass a motorcycle road test to operate one. And it was a pain in the ass. You had to drive the vehicle to the test site, followed by a driver in a car who already had an MC rating. So if you failed, he drove the bike home, and you drove the car. It’s beyond my comprehension why this requirement isn’t used for Revels. Why don’t we just let anybody fly a plane?

    17. Dan V. says:

      You’re essentially signing your life away on those Revels according to the fine print. People on them are as bad as those electric scooters (and most on Citi Bikes) – sit in crosswalks at a Red Light (if they stop at all). Hope she’s alright!!

    18. Jennifer says:

      All vehicles that use the street should be required to have licensed, registration, insurance .
      This would allow bicycles, scooters to be accountable and to follow traffic rules. In addition to be accountable for their actions when they injured pedestrians when they have the right of way
      How many bicycles riders do you see following the traffic rules. If you riding a vehicle in the street u should have insurance, registration!!

    19. SkateNY says:

      In my neighborhood, the ride on the sidewalks, against traffic, and through red lights and stop signs. AND YOU CANNOT HEAR THEM COMING.

      They need to be removed from the city.

    20. David says:

      Get these off the street.

      I’m at 110 btwn FDB/ACPB. I’ve seen 3 accidents involving these things since August. I mean blood on pavement and and ambulance response accidents.

      Just ridiculous

    21. Lynn says:

      That is a very dangerous intersection. Even if the cross street traffic has a red light, there are other lanes that have green lights. As New Yorkers, we never wait for the light, but here one must or risk being hit. In addition, it is against the law to ride on the sidewalk, even on a non-motorized bike, unless one is with a child of 12 or under.

    22. Lynn says:

      No surprise. Walking down the street is now dangerous. I’m waiting for someone to get killed by a bicycle tearing down the sidewalk.

    23. howard says:

      Scooters and bikes need to obey the same laws as vehicles. How can pedestrians ever figure out different laws. Get speeding bikers off the pedestrian walks.

      • Boris says:

        Pedestrians need to obey the laws that apply to them if they’re going to complain about others. Erratic pedestrian behavior distracts vehicles from operating safely and puts themselves at risk.

    24. No more knee-jerks says:

      I am no fan of Revel, but let’s put this in perspective. So far this year in NYC, 62 pedestrians have been murdered by cars, trucks and buses. Where is the call to ban them?This thread smells of white privilege. It’s OK to kill only if you can afford a multi-ton vehicle.

      • js says:

        To No More:
        NYC represents mass inequality unfortunately.
        The vast majority of bus, truck, van and Uber/taxi drivers are men of color working hard to make a living.
        Baffled about commentary suggesting vehicles relate to white privilege?
        As for Revel, I personally have no quarrel if operated safely. But Revel clearly benefit the young with sufficient money to afford….while other folks must schlep on bus and subway….

        • Ish Kabibble says:

          js, Have you looked at the pricing? It’s quite inexpensive compared to many other forms of transit. Not sure where this idea that it’s for the wealthy. Nothing could be further from the truth.

      • UWSHebrew says:

        “This thread smells of white privilege” === Marxist nonsense.

      • Boris says:

        What a ridiculous comment but I guess it’s in fashion to stoop to using the race card for every problem.

      • Dan V. says:

        This is the same argument used by uber pro-gunners.

    25. Js says:

      To West Side Rag,
      Any suggestions or guidance for readers on referencing Revel vehicles which seem like mopeds or vespas?
      vs. electric t-scooters (like Razor scooters)?

    26. John says:

      The problem I see here is the city is taking a huge liability for Revel which is under insured and the city will be paying millions in liability claims when the lawsuits start.

    27. Lauren says:

      People on Revels love to blow through red lights. Obviously I have no idea what caused the accident, but it comes as no surprise to me based on what I’ve witnessed.